His Uncle Turned Him Out

My old buddy “Rex” invited “Van” and me to a small after-holiday party last Friday night in D.C.

It was a great party. Good food. Good drinks. And a great group of handsome black men.

And all the apple and cranberry martinis loosened us up and “Dell,” one of the guests, told this story of how his uncle turned him out when he was just 16 years old:

Dell was the oldest of his cousins and was in charge of babysitting his aunt’s children all day during the summer  while she worked.

He would make the children breakfast in the morning and send them off to the neighborhood pool, where they splashed in the water all day.

And Dell would stay home all day in the cool basement, watching “All My Children,” “As the World Turns,” and the other soaps.

But Dell was not alone. “Paul,” his uncle by marriage, worked at night and would come home every morning, shower and sleep all day.

He was tall, dark skinned and had a chiseled body. Dell, a slightly effeminate child, couldn’t help stealing glances at him.

One morning Uncle Paul took a shower and walked past Dell as he watched TV. The towel slipped off. And Dell caught a look out of the corner of his eye at his naked uncle and his big dick in all their glory.

He turned his head quickly but Uncle Paul saw him.

“You liked what you saw,” he said quietly.

Dell was silent and tried to act like he didn’t hear the question. But Uncle Paul repeated it more loudly the second time.

“No,” Dell answered, shaking his head. He thought his uncle would tease him or tell the other relatives his nephew was a sissy.

His answer surprised Dell.

“It’s okay, you can look if you want.”

And Dell turned and looked.

And that’s how it started. The two of them alone in the cool, dark house while his aunt was at work and the younger cousins played at the pool.

First Uncle Paul let him play with his dick. Then kiss it. Then he taught him how to suck it.

Before long Dell graduated to more advanced lessons.

Uncle Paul got the Vaseline one day and lubed up Dell’s tight teen asshole with it and slicked it on his long dick till it glistened. And he starting fucking Dell.

“He would do it gently and would lick and play with my nipples to relax me so I could take that big dick,”  Dell recalled.

No one ever found out their secret. And the liason continued. They would get naked and lay in bed together all day watching TV like lovers.

Eventually Uncle Paul divorced Dell’s aunt but it wasn’t because she found out he played with men.

Dell is middle aged now and I don’t remember whether he kept it contact with Uncle Paul. But he did say his uncle died just a few years ago.

Q: Readers was your first sexual experience with a relative?

57 thoughts on “His Uncle Turned Him Out

  1. Yipes. Immanuel, communicate with your children to be sure they are not being taken advantage of sexually or in any other way. It is your DUTY to make sure they are not sexually active UNTIL they can deal with all of the ramifications and consequences of being sexually active, including HIV/ AIDS.

      • Would you be ok with your children’s uncle having sex with one of your children? One is an adult, the other is a minor child – YOUR minor child. If your children’s uncle was gay he could find someone 21 year old plus who is of the age of consent and ‘get busy’ with him. Minors should not be EXPECTED to be sexual with family. That is not the role of family members. It does happen in some families (like in the movie ‘Precious’), but its not really appropriate and might have a detrimental effect on one or both parties. Children when playing together will sometime be curious about each other’s bodies, but they are minors, curious about each other. With adults and children having sexual play there could be some unintended psychological scarring And it’s the possible negative affect that we want to avoid. Once folks hit 21 they can do all of the sexual exploring they want.

      • Of course I’m not for molestation. But Dell was 16 which is legal age in some states. And my children are over 18 and dating and we’re educated about avoiding predators when they were younger. So relax dude lol. I’m merely relating someone’s tuth without judgment. Dell found the relationship with his uncle satisfying not exploitative.

  2. Anonymous chill out! I don’t know where you are from, I feel like it must be out of the country, you keep talking about 21…we not talking about drinking or gambling. I sorta get where you are coming from, but you need to turn it down a couple notches…Immanuel is not promoting child molestation, he’s telling a story he heard at a party. Don’t know your story, but it isn’t this one.

    • Oh, I am not crying tears for the guy in the story. But the uncle should have realized that any type of sexual activity was ‘not appropriate’ and the uncle’s JOB was not make sure that it did not happen and that he did not start, promote or encourage sexual activity. I am talking about what is ‘appropriate.’ The uncle’s job was to love, nurture, advise, and guide his nephew. We are talking about what is APPROPRIATE here. The mother of the guy “Rex” might be very disappointed to hear that “Rex’s” uncle was intimate with her son. She might wonder if HER CHILD was negatively affected by relations with his uncle. I have heard a story before of a black gay guy who was intimate with an older male relative while very, very young himself and as he shared the story he was still shaken by the experience. I am glad that he felt comfortable enough to confide in me about it.

      • Oh girl…I’m sure you are a guy, and I don’t usually talk, like this…but sis, have several seats.
        There was things I deleted from, my comments to you earlier Anonymous, because I thought I haven’t commented in awhile and I don’t want to start the new year being mean, but I should have edited myself for you.

        First let me say, I’m glad you are an advocate for youth and protecting our boys and girls from child predators; and the people who prey and use children, who can’t say no or know no better. HOWEVER, this is not the situation at hand. This is Not Precious!

        Reading comprehension, is a real thing. Just because you have the ability to read, doesn’t mean you understand what you are reading. Sometimes you have to read between the lines and understand the tone of the story. This is not a story of a little boy who was raped or manipulate into doing something he didn’t want to do with a man. This is a story of an adult man, looking back fondly, at a holiday party…by the way, that let’s you know the tone right there. If I was at a holiday or after holiday party, any party, and friend decides to open up about when they were molested or raped; I’m going to have to tell them to go home, save that for a somber brunch…anyway like I was saying, an adult man telling a fond story about when he was a little effeminate 16 year older, wanting some dick; an older man, not blood related, seeing he wanted some dick, and subsequently giving him that Big Ole School dick. This was a happy, my first time, how I lost my virginity story, not Precious and not your poor friend, who got molested as a child.

        It’s Dell, not Rex. Rex gave the party, This is Dell’s story…reading comprehension. Of course Dell’s mother and Aunt would be upset. I think a lot of our parents would be upset about the way we lost our virginity, or most of our sexual experiences, if they knew. His aunt would be upset, because her husband was cheating on her with a young man. And yes, I use the term young man, for a reason. 16 and 17, can be a very gray area. I recently went to a funeral of a man, who got married at 16, and was married for 75 years. Some 16 year olders, know what they are doing. The only difference between, when I first got with a man at 18, and me at 16, was lack of opportunity.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful comment. And yes reading is very fundamental. Many people lose their virginity to someone older. And my grandparents were married at 16…some people are mature,at that age and others are not.

      • He was 16 with a hairy dick and ass and busting nuts. He said he like it and it’s in the past. Who cares . I which my uncle would of tried me and I damn sure wish I was more hip to when my Aunt ex was coming on to me. Cause I would of sucked the black off his dick Ctfu.

    • Yep anonymous comments from time to time. He tends to take things out of context. I don’t censor comments. I just quit commenting when the answers are just stupid and misinformed. He was acting like I was promoting molestation. If he read my blog he would know that several years ago I wrote about higher rates of molestation of gay males and the ramifications of that. I also conveyed the story of a friend who started having gay sex with his gym teacher. Several readers shared that they knew of similar experiences. So this type of sex, good or bad, happens in life. Dell is a successful professional who looks back on the affair fondly. For him It was a positive experience. For others that could be traumatic whether they were gay or not. If anonymous was a knowledgeable person he would know this. Life is not black and white.

  3. Immanuel, there’s not an uncle by marriage or by blood, that I would do. I think the order I get the more I’m realizing I’m the weird gay relative, of my relatives…the only one. I have never got with a relative, but I once had a terrific wet dream (as an adult ) about a cousin’s other cousin. It sorta freaked me out, because he looked so much like my cousin, and it made feel like…well like a perv.
    One of the best blow jobs I ever got, came from a guy, who said I was the second guy he was ever with. I remember asking him, how was that even possible, with his ability and skills. He told me his uncle, was a pimp (of women). I didn’t completely understand the logic, behind this explanation, and was to scared to hear the clarification. Man I miss him!

    • I had two cousins hit on me. One had just gotten out of prison and slipped me his phone number under the table while we played spades. It weirded me out and was a total turn off. So I don’t think I would have done what Dell did.

  4. I wish!! I had a cousin that was hot. I have had several friends that told me that their uncle or an older cousin turned them out. They all enjoyed the experience!!

  5. I’d really like to know how people respond to this blog post. We have a huge double standard when it comes to molesting boys compared to molesting girls. As I read the story all I could think of was what if this was the Uncle’s niece instead of his nephew. I take it the nephew was still under the age of 18 when this happened and the uncle was over 18. I don’t particularly care how much older the uncle was. The uncle was still in a position of authority. Luckily I’ve never been molested (and thank god not from a family member) but I do have friends (both male and female – straight and gay) who were. They suffer long term effects from the molestation. Usually manifesting itself with messed up relationship, sexual promiscuity, and substance abuse. I’d like to hear other’s thoughts. What if this was your son and your brother?

    • From the way Dell related the story he was glad it happened. I’m not going to judge him. For others it could be traumatic. I just know as a gay middle aged man there is no way I would have sex with a 17 year old.

      • I don’t think Dell should be judged either. It’s just that most people would find it disturbing if it was a niece and her uncle even if the niece said she enjoyed it. And I also don’t think you were supporting incest or molestation you were relaying a story.

    • Yup it’s a double standard and that’s life. The same thing if u had a daughter and caught her fucking another boy u would flip out but if you caught your 16 year old boy fucking a girl the shock would not be the same.

  6. I can thankfully say that no family member has tried anything even remotely sexual with me. I don’t even like talking about sex with my peoples. Gross. That uncle knew better, period. He, too, was 16 once, and probably recognized Dell as a target from the get-go. Dell’s judgement was most likely clouded by the overwhelming curiosity, and his uncle exploited it. Dell’s affections were not only manipulated and perverted by what was clearly a predatory man, but Dell still believes to this day that their situation was somehow romantic and platonic.
    Stockholm syndrome? I’m no Psychiatrist.

    What alarms me the most is the possibility that Dell wasn’t the first underage boy his uncle messed with.

    Oh, and, I kinda think Anonymous is so turnt up b/c he ‘s speaking from experience.

    • Happy New Year Cogito! Thanks for the comment. All I can say is Dell looked pretty well adjusted to me. I can only record what I hear — I don’t know whether he is traumatized or not. I guess it depends on how things went down. It is really situational.

      I know men who were molested by their uncles and cousins and even their brothers and today they are really fucked up sexually and psychologically, including having intimacy issues. I know others who had sex with relatives, loved the experience and are okay. It depends on whether there was coercion, violence, mutual agreement etc.

      Personally, as I wrote under Brad’s comment, there is no way I would have sex with a minor and the uncle did not have to have sex with Dell. he could have acknowledged he thought Dell was gay and been supportive of him in MANY more ways than sex.

      I’m glad this post has raised this discussion. When I wrote it I endeavored to record it as I heard it without judgement. Trust and believe the dining room was silent as he told it.

      Take care! And enjoy the posts on your blog.

  7. Luckily I have never been molested but I do have 3 male cousins who shared stories with me of when they were sexually molested when they were children. Two were molested by older male cousins and one was molested by our uncle. Neither one of them told anyone back then of the molestation because of guilt. My two cousins that were molested by older cousins didn’t share with me the names of the predators but my cousin that was molested by our uncle did share with me the name of our uncle. He made me promise never to tell anyone. He (cousin) is married and he is a Bishop. He have 4 churches under him. He is doing well. He have sex with men in his office at his church after hours. My uncle is 82 years old now and been with his wife, my aunt for over 60 years. My family have no idea. All 3 of my cousins are bisexual. One of my cousins have a masters degree, PHD and doing well.. He is married to a Doctor and they have 4 kids and a lovely home.. My other cousin is a mess. He drinks a lot and uses drugs. He’s unemployed and dependent on other people. He has 3 kids that he don’t support and is about to move out of his home state to another state chasing the man of his dream….The difference is that Uncle Paul and Dell agreed to have sex after the first time. They laid in bed watching tv like a regular couple. Yes morally that is wrong being they are related but I don’t see it as molestation. If it was a 16 year old female I would feel the same way.

    • Wow Marcus that’s deep. Families are complicated and many have deep dark secrets. I pray your cousin who uses drugs find himself before he wastes his youth.

      What you wrote reminds me of one of my previous blogs about molestation and how frequently young gay and bi men are molested. Here it is: https://dlconfessionssequel.com/2010/06/14/molestation-and-being-gay-what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg/.

      In the case of Dell I don’t get that he was molested. He was already attracted to his uncle. His uncle invited him and he accepted…he was not coerced or threatened. He was also 16. If he was a younger children of course the situation would have been terribly wrong but i believe in several states 16 is the age of consent.

      However the uncle cheating on his wife and messing with a nephew by marriage is a whole other crazy.

  8. Did not even read all the comments but incest is not okay ever. And while 16 may be a consenting age it someone who is older can still manipulate them. And it doesn’t matter if people enjoy it. There are kids and adults who have been molested by their parents and siblings and made to think it is okay until the 20/20, Dr. Phil, or Nancy Grace session comes out. And even then they are still in the trance, still brainwashed to think it was okay, and are disappointed when that older family member was reported to the authorities. I am 29 and I have meet 22 year olds who were easily manipulated. Incest is incest. But the real issue would be the most likely age barrier. If this was some 16 year old with his 19 year old Uncle that would still be disgusting. I have cousins and friends that are YOUNGER than their nieces and nephews. Again sex with family is a no no. The (assumed) age difference makes it even worse.
    This is a low for you.

    • I don’t see it as a low. I related someone’s reality. He is a 50 year professional black man who runs public affairs for a government agency. He fondly looks back on the experience. To him, 40 years later, it was not incest. However I’m not saying incest is not wrong and doesn’t exist and young people are not being exploited. Dell doesn’t believe he was exploited so I can’t judge. If you ready blog you would see I have written about people harmed by incest and violence. Take care.

      • I would add to my statement to sort of clarify, not everyone will think it is wrong or have some traumatic experience from being taken advantage by someone older or more cunning and/or a family member. However, incest is still wrong. I been messing around with dudes since I was 13-14. I have always liked guys older than me 28+. At 15 and 16 I met up with older dudes and married always being honest at my age. Was it traumatic for me? No not at all. Should it have happened. No not at all. These older dudes should have said no. Incest is incest. That is not what family is for at all. And when I say it is a low for you, I was kind of hinting that I have read your past posts and found you credible/respectable (after all I took the time to read and post). While I don’t agree with everything you post or found a few posts odd (one from few years back when you showed a body pic of someone who was supposed to be discreet), you are better than this. Especially since you are a parent, and have posted about abuse and all that.

  9. I one last question to ask the majority of you guys…
    And I mean that sincerely and from the heart, I’m confused what story were you guys reading, because the story I read was obviously not the one you guys read. Now Immanuel has mentioned, in this particular comment section about writing about a friend, who told him a story of him having sex with his gym teacher. I remember that story vividly. His name was Arthur; Arthur with the big dick, whose daddy played in the Negro League. Now Arthur was 13, when his gym teacher started to suck his big dick, because at 13, he already had 9 inches. Which leads us to believe it only got bigger as he got older…now Immanuel didn’t say that part, but… Anyway, Arthur graduated; to not only getting his dick suck, by his gym teacher, but a few other men, his gym teacher introduced Arthur to. This escalated to Arthur going to these Down Low /Closeted sex parties in the 50s, where all these influential and prominent men attended. Even though Arthur wanted to have sax and be apart of the orgies, he was told no. That he have a lifetime to be a freak, and that the hardcore sex was for grown folk. This didn’t stop the men from continuing to suck his dick. Now molestation was only mentioned like twice in that post. One by a commenter, who was a high school teacher. He talked about how hot and sexy some of the boys, in his class were, but the fact that some of his fellow teachers, at the school,.. men and women…had been arrested and charged with molestation charges, and that is what stops him. Not a moral dilemma or anything, just the fact that, as he put it no ass was worth his job and career. The other time molestation was mentioned, was in a message Arthur, now in his 60s, wanted Immanuel to relay to his readers at the end of the story, That he didn’t feel like he was molested. That those men, taught him manners, about culture, music, and life. (This I’M Assuming to mean, how to be a man.) Things his mother and his grandmother couldn’t. I guess he wanted to nip any molestation talk, right from the start.

    Is that what you guys needed here, a message from Dell telling you guys that he wasn’t molested, by this man?

    Well I read that, even if y’all didn’t.

    I was told, from jump, that it was a great party, with good food, good fruity drinks, and everybody was having a good time. To me that suggest a fun environment, to tell fun stories. A “Guess what happen to me, one summer, when I was 16.” That right there told you he was not molested. I said it once I will say it again. If I was at the great fabulous party, and someone decided to tell a sad molestation story, I would tell them to, “Go home Roger!” Save that story for lunch, the next day; over Unsweetened Tea or a Virgin Mary, because a story like that, doesn’t deserve sugar or alcohol. Obviously this wasn’t that tone.

    If that wasn’t enough, you got Immanuel, the creator and writer of this blog, you are reading, walking the tightrope, trying to convey to you guys that he doesn’t support molestation and Incest. That he has written, in the past, about how molestation and rape, can have lasting effects on Gay and Bi Mean…so on and so on. While at the same, giving us “Dell is Fine,” “Dell doesn’t consider it molestation,” “Dell does think of it as Incest,” “Dell seemed to be pretty happy it happened,” “Dell is a successful, and works for the government!”
    How many different ways does this Nigga got to tell you, Dell was not MOLESTED!
    Get a clue and learn to read it!

    I don’t know what the problem is. It is that you guys have watched one too many Tyler Perry movies, or the fact that, you guys can’t understand how to decipher a story. I always wondered why we had to read so many “Great works of Literature” in school. How was reading, William Shakespeare, The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, The Odyssey, and The Grapes of Wrath, going to help us in life. Now I know. So that one day I can read a blog post, on a gay man’s blog, about another man loosing his virginity at 16, and understand the content and the tone.
    Because reading the Grapes of Wrath or To Kill a Mockingbird, and then deciphering them for weeks and sometimes months, taught us characters, theme, plot, metaphors, character development, character dimension, irony and tone. All Literary Elements to a story. It sounds to me y’all need to go a take a refresher Literature course, and learn how to comprehend what you are reading.

    So many times I have read comments, like “Immanuel, you got anymore stories?” “Tell us more.” He gives you another one, and you guys tear it apart. I’m still trying to figure out what changed between the Arthur 2014 story and now Dell’s 2016 one. Has OWN recently aired, the Oprah episode, of Tyler Perry and 100 men molested stand? Has Law and Order S.V.U. been on one too many seasons?

    Just because a story didn’t make your dick hard, doesn’t mean it was wrong. Sometimes a story is just a someone’s journey, and doesn’t require your approval or disapproval. Personally, I love to hear others journey to getting with men. I try to get it out, of the guys I get with, as much as I am allowed. Y’all want to here mine? Didn’t asked, but here it goes…
    I was a fresh 18, when I met this guy, who confused me for one of his kids, friends. That’s right he was old enough to be my daddy. I didn’t want to get with Roscoe, because I was “straight” and didn’t get down like that. Until Roscoe pulled out his big yellow dick, and literally laid it on the dash board, and the rest is gay history. If I was 16, I still would have done it, because like what I said in an earlier comment, the only difference between 16 and 18 sometimes, is a lack of opportunity. If I had the opportunity to get with Roscoe at 16, still would have done it.The tragic part to my story, is that I have been chasing that negro for over a decade, Getting with Fuck boy after Fuck boy, settling after not finding Roscoe again, because I was stupid and tore up his number. Why? Because I was “Straight, and will never get with a man again.”

    Look not everyone can have their…”I was 16, he was 16. He was the boy next door. He was my best friend. One day, we were wrestling, we locked eyes, and just knew. One thing lead to another. Everything was Rainbows and Unicorns; until we went off to separate schools. But he will always be the love of my life.”
    Not everybody, can have that story. Sometimes your story is, you got with a strange man name Roscoe, who is old enough to be your daddy, or an uncle, BY MARRIAGE AND NO BLOOD RELATION, gave you some dick, at 16. Probably a uncle, who was horny because of the conflicting schedules, of him working nights and her working days. Where either they have to do it after he gets home, or before he leaves work, in a house of young kids. Him and Dell both used each other. He needed to get his dick wet, and Dell wanted to get a wet dick.

    Now I got to go find some past English teachers, to thank them for teaching me; that A Mid Summer’s Night Dream,was a Comedy, and that Othello was a Tragedy, just like these comments.

    So once again What the Fuck is wrong with y’all?

    • Wow. Immanuel reads this stupendous, beautifully written, passionate comment and honors it with a moment of silence. Wow you really read my blog. You remember what I have written and defended it brilliantly. Thank you. I mean that sincerely. Oh that line about the comments being tragic. You Slayed ’em…

    • As I stated incest is incest. As a person who messed dudes at least 10 years older than I was from the age of 14-17, I am less concerned about the age than the family member stuff. Incest is incest.

      And there are plenty of people who grow up in places and situations that should not be happening but that is just the way it is and but it is not normal or healthy. And while they may not identify as victims or believe they were/are. They were at one point. (Women being beaten by their husband, kids getting beat to point of blood and injury). It is not normal. As far as people/bloggers writing stuff that contradicts their past posts and history that stuff happens all the time. I know a blogger who wrote that stuff literally the next day. So that isn’t really supporting stating anything.

      I have laughed at people begging for more stories but I come back here for stories and to hear the owner’s opinion.

      And if it matters or softens the blow a little. I didn’t think this way 10 years ago when I was college age. And more, when I was a teenager I would jerk off to thoughts of my cousins or and what not ( could it be because when I was 5, I fooled around with my 7 year old cousin, who knows). But still wrong.

      Lastly, your response was well written.

      • Look I was just relating an account I heard. I don’t judge. I don’t moralize. It is,what it ism it happens and from what readers,write,frequently. As I wrote over and over Dell enjoyed it. For other folks it has been traumatic. So relax. And if you think your life could have turned out better get therapy and figure yourself out!

  10. I was turned out (it really is molestation tho isn’t it?) by an older (not much) distant cousin in my pre teens and it lasted much longer than it should have (way too long). I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if that didn’t happen.

  11. The site wouldn’t let me reply back to Immanuel’s last comment so I will do it here.

    “Look I was just relating an account I heard. I don’t judge. I don’t moralize. It is,what it ism it happens and from what readers,write,frequently. As I wrote over and over Dell enjoyed it. For other folks it has been traumatic. So relax. And if you think your life could have turned out better get therapy and figure yourself out!”

    You said in responses to other people, and your last one to me that you don’t judge or moralize. Well of course you do, we all do and at times we should. When you agreed and wrote that molestation is bad you made a judgement and were moralizing. And all stories don’t need to necessarily be related. On top of that how you relay the story back is important. I guess it sounds like a few people would have liked you to tell the story and then put a disclaimer “this is not right”. It is reality for many but still not right. Rather than post it as another juicy story that we your viewers beg and ask for some . Something does not need to be traumatic to make it wrong. Therapy is great, and who is say I have already had any and already figured myself out. That is unsolicited advice. I didn’t tell you to go read about trauma victims or incest. Just said that isn’t right, this is a low for you. But like anything you can write a new found revelation on this topic in a year and or this could be the last incest story you write (in this manner at least.)

    I am also curious do you ask permission to repost stories that are relayed to you. I mean for this one, you said it was several men at a dinner party right. You are a great writer so I enjoy the details but sometimes I wonder if you give too much that a person can pinpoint or get a sense of what is what or who is who. Despite being friendly or friends whatever, does not necessarily mean people want their business online out in the open.

  12. I thought my last comment was going to be my swan song, but Justcause brought me back.
    I have been debating about telling Immanuel to stop replying at let it go, but I can’t even do that myself, right not. I’m going to try and let this be it, because at this point, this blog post is a dead horse, that we just keep beating. I’m going to try and do this without anger, so bare with me.

    Justcause you are an internet troll, by definition…which is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community.

    Now that can be said for a lot of people, even myself, who just don’t agree with others…but TO ME you are without a doubt a Internet Troll. Whenever you decide to Dictate how someone should write, voice their opinions, state their opinions, write their stories, change names, monitor whether they got permission, or run their blog…that is control censorship! Sir, who are you?…who are you, to him?
    I might not agree with everything he says or does, just like I know he doesn’t with some of my opinions or my sexual choices.(I like seducing straight men) If I feel it’s really necessary I might voice my opinion, to some extent; or I keep it moving and say nothing and wait for the next post. I be damn, if I tell him how he shouldn’t and how he should, feel and relate a topic.This whole blog is a form of his expression, HIS….Not YOURS…Not Mine…but…HIS.
    You are not paying him for his content. He is not working for you. This here is free.

    Even though you haven’t read all the other comments, or try to care to understand any other point but your own. I have though. In my last comment, I stated how I was confused; by what was going on, in the comment section. Now I think I get it. The difference between Arthur and the Sneakers in 2014, and this post,in 2016, is the incest. Even though, Arthur was younger than Dell was, in this post…since you don’t care about their names…and Arthur got with more men, than Dell; the reason no one was quite as upset, was there was no incest. Was the fact that Immanuel asked the readers, “If their first time was with a relative,” the catalyst to all of this? Now I assume that when he asked that, it was to open a dialogue and a discussion, because to many people that is their story and their journey, right or wrong. It’s not my story, but to some it’s theirs. How do you grow, if you don’t learn, from others?
    But look at who I am talking to, You turned down the opportunity to discuss all of this with Dell, because you are to busy trolling Immanuel. You don’t even care what Dell’s name is… so upset with his incest, to care about his name.

    Now I really tried to understand you, You may not care what anyone else had to say, but I read all of your…stuff. Quite honestly I felt you had a hard time articulating your point. You were all over the place, and quite often contradicting yourself. You know, the issue you have with other blogs, contradicting themselves. One minute you upset with incest…incest is incest and it is wrong, am I right?…but the next you’re talking about having sexual thoughts and jerking off to thoughts of your cousin and fooling around with them in the past…but I don’t have time for all of that.
    I want to zone into your last comment, for a moment. Justcause you said you are upset with Immanuel’s portrayal of incest. That victims and trauma doesn’t have to occur for incest to be wrong. If there is no victims and no trauma, then what the Fuck are we talking about then?!!
    Why all the drama if there doesn’t necessary have to have a victim or trauma?
    That has been at least my point, and I think Immanuel s. If Dell, the guy in this point, if you have forgotten…if Dell doesn’t think he is a victim…and Dell doesn’t think this is traumatic, then what the hell is your point? Just that incest is incest, and it’s wrong? Okay got it, moving on.

    This brings me to my final and last point. When I initially read this post, I didn’t think of this as incest, Not until all you Niggas brought it up. Even though, it stated it was his uncle, didn’t think of it as incest. Since it wasn’t blood related, I thought it was messed up that he was sleeping with his family’s husband. This is just another case of Faith fucking Terri’s husband, Miles…”Fuck the Family, because the Family fucked my husband.” But anyway, I didn’t think of this as Dell fucking Uncle Tyrone, who helped change my diapers and been in my life for 16 years. Now he could have been, which is creepy and wrong. However, I was thinking more as Aunt Wanda’s husband Tyrone,kind of uncle. The latest of Aunt Wanda’s relationships, for the last couple of years. But at the end of the day, we don’t know. It’s like Mock Trials. Unlike real trials, where you can ask real intent and questions from the people involved; mock trials, you can only go by what is written on the paper and presented to you.

    If Dell is cool, stop judging Immanuel. Either let it go or stop reading his blog. But what you will not do is tell him how to write or run his blog. Justcause your trolling is no longer needed.

    I think everyone needs to let this dead horse rest in peace.

    • Amen you are absolutely correct. And yes I should have stopped commenting and now will stop because what he writes is so judgmental and conflicted. My question at the end of the blog could have been phrased better. I wanted folks to discuss this issue and how it affected them. I don’t censor comments though…so justcause can keep going and going and going. I’m just not bothering to say more because you can’t argue or debate with…stupidity. Thanks for your support brother. I really appreciate the fact you read and always post comments that make me think and grow. You have no idea how much you have enriched my life.

  13. What’s up Mymmanuel?
    Bit of contention going on with this post! Dang. I thought this story was hot as hell. One of the sweeter I’ve read lately, too. You’re friend Dell in the picture whose story you told? Very. Nice. Well done. Have read this a few times over the last week or so. I like to picture Dell and his uncle laying in bed, chilling out in the AC during the summertime, and watching the Price is Right or Match Game on TV after they both busted incredible, mind-blowing nutt and then the contestants won lots of money and prizes. Sounds like a blast to me, especially as I remember the feeling I had for men that went nowhere when I was 16.

    • Yep it was a bit of contention. I simply related the story and didn’t judge.
      Cuz homie, when he told the story, had such a look of joy on his face you wouldn’t believe it.

    • No, but I wanted to. My uncle was pretty sexy, and my teenage hormones were off the fucking charts. There was definitely something about him that wanted to be sexy to other people, and my cousin, his kid, is hotter than him. Beautiful. All that shit went nowhere until I “escaped” to college, but with my own relatives, I didn’t that hard for fear of what might have happened. Even now they are both “straight” and religious.

  14. When I first read this I was like wow the uncle took advantage of him. I couldn’t seee myself doing anything with a relative

  15. Wow, these comments are really deep. I just want to give my opinion. I’m not knocking what anyone else has said. But I definitely feel that the acts of the uncle were considered molestation. Molestation has a couple meanings but they all mean the same. To molest means to interfere or disturb as well as To subject (a child) to sexual contact.
    b. To subject (an adult) to unwanted sexual contact. The reason Dell and others who have made comments about this post feels it wasn’t molestation, was simply because Dell enjoyed it, he trusted the man because he was family and because he was already curious and/or into guys. Dell was attracted to his uncle and his uncle by marriage made him feel comfortable as well. I believe this uncle wasn’t messing with anyone else, so this gave the uncle the chance to explore his other sexual side in comfort as well. Now this is speculation, lol, but it definitely makes sense. The main thing I want readers to know, is that, just because it was ENJOYED by the then 16 year old, doesn’t make it any more appropriate. I definitely believe Dell wasn’t raped, meaning this happened against his will, but I do feel he was molested, if he was considered under age in the state this took place. Different things in life affect people differently. If Dell wasn’t negatively affected by this which it doesn’t sound like he was, then good for him. I’ve encountered several people who messed around sexually with family members at young ages and the relatives were older but didn’t feel they were molested. They were very curious and actually enjoyed it. But I also know many people who were molested/raped and taken advantage of so I can see how this topic can confuse someone but at the end of the day, in the words of Iyanla, we have to call a thing, a thing.
    These are just my thoughts.

  16. Me and my cousin started messing around when we was like 5 but we was introduced to it by his older cousin. We never told because we obviously liked it. We only messed around with his cousin that one time. He was like 11 or 12 at the time and we was five. But every time me and him was alone we was freaking and sucking until about 13. Then I stoped it. That’s the age girls started paying me attention. I had a missed opportunity with one of my aunts ex BF. They wasn’t togeather but he was still staying there. I was 16 and knocked out on my cousin bed. My aunt wasn’t home and neither was my cousin. A different cousin. I felt somebody rubbing on my ass and I jumped up. He was just laughing at me. Lol bout time I noticed what was happening he left out the room. I couldn’t sleep that night for shit. I probably bussed like four times hoping he would come back in an catch me. When I was a teen I had a nice body so I started to go in his room with just some briefs on and ask him a questio n. Any question but I bitched up. Lol. It never happened again with him and he looked good as shit. I think my aunt suspecting him to be gay because I told her he checked on me when he came in and she hit the fucking roof. I left out the part him grabbing my ass. But she went off. Stay the fuck away from my nephew. Lol . I had so many missed opportunities when I was younger but was to scared. I always thought I was being set up.

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