His Uncle Turned Him Out

My old buddy “Rex” invited “Van” and me to a small after-holiday party last Friday night in D.C.

It was a great party. Good food. Good drinks. And a great group of handsome black men.

And all the apple and cranberry martinis loosened us up and “Dell,” one of the guests, told this story of how his uncle turned him out when he was just 16 years old:

Dell was the oldest of his cousins and was in charge of babysitting his aunt’s children all day during the summer  while she worked.

He would make the children breakfast in the morning and send them off to the neighborhood pool, where they splashed in the water all day.

And Dell would stay home all day in the cool basement, watching “All My Children,” “As the World Turns,” and the other soaps.

But Dell was not alone. “Paul,” his uncle by marriage, worked at night and would come home every morning, shower and sleep all day.

He was tall, dark skinned and had a chiseled body. Dell, a slightly effeminate child, couldn’t help stealing glances at him.

One morning Uncle Paul took a shower and walked past Dell as he watched TV. The towel slipped off. And Dell caught a look out of the corner of his eye at his naked uncle and his big dick in all their glory.

He turned his head quickly but Uncle Paul saw him.

“You liked what you saw,” he said quietly.

Dell was silent and tried to act like he didn’t hear the question. But Uncle Paul repeated it more loudly the second time.

“No,” Dell answered, shaking his head. He thought his uncle would tease him or tell the other relatives his nephew was a sissy.

His answer surprised Dell.

“It’s okay, you can look if you want.”

And Dell turned and looked.

And that’s how it started. The two of them alone in the cool, dark house while his aunt was at work and the younger cousins played at the pool.

First Uncle Paul let him play with his dick. Then kiss it. Then he taught him how to suck it.

Before long Dell graduated to more advanced lessons.

Uncle Paul got the Vaseline one day and lubed up Dell’s tight teen asshole with it and slicked it on his long dick till it glistened. And he starting fucking Dell.

“He would do it gently and would lick and play with my nipples to relax me so I could take that big dick,”  Dell recalled.

No one ever found out their secret. And the liason continued. They would get naked and lay in bed together all day watching TV like lovers.

Eventually Uncle Paul divorced Dell’s aunt but it wasn’t because she found out he played with men.

Dell is middle aged now and I don’t remember whether he kept it contact with Uncle Paul. But he did say his uncle died just a few years ago.

Q: Readers was your first sexual experience with a relative?

Immanuel’s Ins and Outs List 2016

Happy New Year readers! Thanks for following me over the past year. Really appreciate your reads and comments. Here’s my list of what will be in and out in 2016!

OUT: Meeting men in gay clubs


IN: Meeting men at gay book clubs.

book club

OUT: Hookups


IN: Dating

gay club

OUT: Twinks


IN: Otters


OUT: Seducing Straight Menseducing1

IN: Seducing Straight Couples


OUT: Marriage between two men


IN: Triad Marriages


OUT: Boxer Shorts


IN: Going Commando


OUT: Beards


IN: Moustaches


OUT: Throwing Shade


IN: Throwing Love and Positivity


OUT: Indoor Missionary Sex


IN: Outdoor Cowgirl Sex


OUT: Folsom Street Fair


IN: Southern Decadence


OUT: Muscles


IN: Intelligence


OUT: Bitch Better Have My Money


IN: Hotline Bling


OUT: Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable


IN: James Evans


OUT: Empire


IN: Power


OUT: Colin Kaepernick


IN: Odell Beckham


OUT: RuPaul


IN: Rayceen Pendarvis


OUT: Idris Elba


IN: Idris Elba


Q: Readers, what are your ins and outs for 2016?