The Size Queen


An acquaintance named “Christian” called me last week. A hot, little airline attendant from Barbados who doesn’t freak often but when he does throws ass better than quarterback Carson Palmer throws footballs for the Arizona Cardinals.

“Immanuel, I have  friend I want you to fuck,” Christian said. “And I want you to fuck him good.”

“That’s cool. Just give him my number,” I said.

So “Hector” started texting me and then called. Like Christian he is from a Caribbean nation and had a lilting accent. He sent a few photos to my cellphone. They were nice. He is a handsome, brown-skinned, muscular bottom.

Hector made it quite clear he was looking for a big dick to turn him out. I had that covered but I explained I have a partner and if it we were going to hook up it would be a threesome.

I sent Hector some photos of “Van” and he approved.

“Wow, he is handsome,” Hector said. “But how big is he?”

“Oh, he has a good-sized, long dick but not as thick as mine.”

Then Hector went on this text message tirade about how he only fucked dicks 8.5 inches and above and thick and anything less than that was not going up his ass.

That was rude as hell. He was the one on the prowl for sex, not us. He was going to hit me up, bring his ass over to my and Van’s house, mess up our sheets, and tell us how the sex was going to go down, and insult my partner to boot?

Awww, hell no.

“Look, thanks for hitting me up but I don’t think this is going to work out. Take care.”

“Cool,” he responded. I think he texted a few more times, trying to explain he lived by strict dick size limits, but I just ignored them and didn’t answer.

I texted Christian back an explained to him how funky his friend had acted. 

“Not feeling your friend man. Not into size queens and he seems arrogant,” I texted.

“OK, I hear you but he doesn’t think he is a size queen,” Christian answered.

A few minutes later he texted again. “I am sorry but you and Van can fuck me anytime because anyone who wants a big cock is because their hole is big,” 

That made me laugh.


21 thoughts on “The Size Queen

  1. Gawd I love Latino Tops and a nice sizeable Pinga…8.5 is perfect..All them 10 inches+ and stuff pound me hard kind of people amaze me.

    I love my walls and when he stated he only messed with the big guys I was like….black hole…I wonder if that’s why some guys like fisting?

  2. I’m sure Van didn’t feel bad. Any bottom that will only have 8.5 or more inside him really have some serious issues plus he’s probably lonely a lot. There aren’t too many men that are honestly 8.5 or more.

  3. I hope the size queen meets his ultimate match soon.

    There’ll be a dick so HUNG that he will not be able to conquer it.

    & then he’ll be humbled 🍆🍆🍆🍆👿👿👿👹👻💀😁😂😃😄 #ForAudLangSyne

  4. I just don’t understand how one gets used to taking big dicks. I remember when I first tried to break myself in with a tiny little play-thing. And that shit was difficult to get in. I couldn’t imagine sticking a long girthy penis up my ass and it slides in like butter. I sit back and watch machofucker porns in amazement.

  5. I am bottom who can’t take them monsta dicks and has a tight ass. I always say monsta dick is for porn or just sucking, when I do get a “forever” man I want him to feel me squeeze his dick while he is inside me and say “Oh baby you about to make me cum.”

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