Yusaf Mack Comes Clean!

Yusaf Mack. Photo courtesy of proboxing-fans.com.

Yusaf Mack. Photo courtesy of proboxing-fans.com.

A few days ago I wrote about former professional boxer Yusaf Mack, who did a gay porn film for Dawgpound and then when his peeps found out lied and said he was drugged and thought he was doing a straight film.

Us folks in the gayniverse knew he was lying. You could see clips of the scene and know.

In my blog post I wrote about what Mack should do, including admitting he lied and becoming an advocate for gay rights.

I don’t know whether he reads my blog or that threatened lawsuit from Dawgpound scared him but looks like he is starting to do it. He came clean and admitted he lied about the drugging and is a bisexual.

Here is a link to an article with the full statement.

This is a great first step. He is going to help himself and many other people. I wish him nothing but the best.

P.S. Dawgpound should be very happy. Dude probably made them a lot of money! #freepublicity



30 thoughts on “Yusaf Mack Comes Clean!

  1. Thanks for the update Immanuel. In the grand scheme of life, this whole thing means very little. Mack does not owe anybody anything. He needs to be a father to his children because they are minors. Dawgpound made some money off his performance, and hopefully what ever little amount he made he fed his kids. His obligation is to them, not the rest of the world, the gay community, or whatever.

    • Anonymous: Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them. However, I have to disagree with you. His admitting he lied and is bisexual is a very good thing and means a lot. His bravery could help someone who is in the closet and struggling. The fact he is an athlete…people who for reasons right and wrong are put on pedestals by many…only adds to that. Remember, there are people committing suicide every day who are LGBT. Many of them are people of color. If his act encouraging just one person to live their truth it is worth it. And Mack does owe the public something. He went to the media and lied. The story went on news outlets around the world. If he had not gone on the news this would have just been an issue with his friends and in his community in Phildelphia. I do agree with you that he has an obligation to support all those babies he brought into this world. His coming out will definitely affect them and he needs to make sure they are mentally safe and get support. However, as I wrote a few days ago there are steps he can take to parlay this into a porn career or some sort of career in public service.

      • ” I do agree with you that he has an obligation to support all those babies he brought into this world. His coming out will definitely affect them and he needs to make sure they are mentally safe and get support. ”
        Exactly. He needs to make sure his kids are ok though all of this. They may catch flack about this from their peer group for a while and it might take its toll (you know how kids can be.) Single guys with no kids or ex’s can do all these things like make porn for the thrill of it or the money and not have it reflect on family per se. I wonder if Mack pondered at all if the porn would affect his kids before the camera got rolling. Common sense would have caused me to pause, and think of the kids. He could have just released nude selfies to the tabloids and perhaps it would have gotten him a sweet paycheck, if the need for fast cash was the real issue in his life. But to be a boxer and consciously decide to do a film where a another man’s penis enters his behind and it go viral is…(dear heavens). Yet in still, its a nice behind (tee hee). The other thing is, I am sure Mack will be able to get a date this Saturday night, or even have a threesome in private if he wants one at any point in the future, BECAUSE even when black men fuck up and make poor decisions we can still find someone to date, partner and even marry us because some of us are still SO Damn Sexy. The spokesperson for the glbt community thing is….a responsibility, and obligation that only certain people should be assigned to. Being that type of role model means that thousands of impressionable people take your advice and follow your lead, and that advice might not be what is best in the lives of each individual who might be listening.

      • Great comment. And after listening to him on TMZ he is definitely not a role model. Plus he is missing a front tooth and has a hairdresser as a consultant…LAWD!

  2. ImmanuelI I’m with you. I’m happy he came out finally, although he probably had little choice as he was about to get sued. His children’s care , needs is a given, however he must be an
    Ble to live an authentic life. I’m sure there are many men that can relate to his situation. If he has the right consultant, PR team they can craft a plan that can make him end up looking like a decent guy. It just takes him being able to become a kind of spokesman for other men who find themselves in similar circumstances.

  3. Hi Bro,

    I am happy he came out because it showcase a masculine male..someone other than the ” sterotypical fem gay guy ” as a same gender loving or liking person in a mass media environment. There is a lack of this and as a bi man it is also a happy occassion because it gives face to the bisexual aspect of the LGBT. Being bisexual, this is one subset that get burden or discriminated upon from hetrosexual and homosexual individuals.

  4. I’m happy he’s out of the prison. Granted PR teams and that lawsuit may have had a lot to do with it. however, he needed this confession

  5. Wow. Excellent followup Manny!!!
    I agree with you and Rodney. Only reason he came clean is because he had no other choice. Obviously with no money he can’t afford to be sued….I feel really sorry for him…his kids will be fine. Kids are alot stronger and resilient than we think. Thanks again for keeping us posted.

  6. I agree with you Manny. Nice comments by anonymous. He should focus on the kids now……My cuz and I was talking about this situation and we was wondering if 4500 dollars is about the range of pay for gay porn actors? Do you think hetero actors make more? We think that is good money and with 10 kids maybe he need to do more. Times are hard and he did a awesome job in the video. He could get his mouth fixed. Lol.

    • From what I read he probably lied about $4,500 – most predominately black porn companies pay more like $800 to $1,000. He would have to make a lot of films to make a lot of money. And yeah his teeth need to be fixed.

  7. Dr. Phil will probably have him on with the ex-fiance and the adult daughter who told him to just kill himself. They’ll make him look like more of a shitheel than he already does. I don’t think that the show pays their guests, but they may provide treatment/counseling or other things to help the guest out. If that’s true, maybe the show can pay to fix his teeth, get him some therapy sessions so he can accept and learn how to deal with his truth – and perhaps do something for his kids.

    Unless his story is really, really compelling, I don’t see a lucrative book deal in his future. He doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb either, so speaking engagements are probably out as well.

    I’m guessing in the not too distant future we’ll read on a blog somewhere that he’s settled in LA, NYC, SFO or ATL and is escorting and doing “massage”. Followed shortly afterward by details of him stripping at clubs and then finally more adult video work. Hopefully he can get paired up with a studio that shoots better quality stuff. Then he can give his DL friends back in Philly who ratted him out something more erotic to jerk off to.

    It may seem cold, but I think that’s likely to be his reality moving forward.

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