My Advice to Yusaf Mack

Yusaf Mack. Photo courtesy of

Yusaf Mack. Photo courtesy of

Okay, I’m sure you have heard it now. The story of Yusaf Mack, a professional boxer who did a threesome gay sex scene for but claimed he was drugged and wasn’t aware of what he was doing.

Yeah. right.

The story has gone everywhere. It’s on one of my favorite blogs, on, the New York Daily News and on the gay news website Queerty.

Mack, 35, who had an impressive boxing record of 31 wins (17 by knockout) is clearly lying. I’m going to say it. He doesn’t look drugged in the video. He sucked dick like a champ and got fucked like a champ too.

“That’s all you got? Come on. Come on,” he says while getting fucked by Bamm Bamm in this clip.


Mack, who goes by the porn star name "Philly," bottoming for Bamm Bamm. Screen short courtesy of Mack, who goes by the porn star name “Philly,” bottoming for Bamm Bamm. Screen short courtesy of]

Mack reportedly has 10 kids. I’m not surprised. Many gay and bisexual men, including myself, have children.

Shoot, I know a masculine bottom who works as an auto mechanic who has four children by four different women. He said he kept having babies to prove to himself and everyone that he was straight but each time a baby popped out he would go back to men.

Mack is clearly in the same boat although the Tweets he has favorited show a man who is probably bisexual.

At 35 his boxing career is probably over and with 10 kids and numerous baby mamas on his back I’m sure money is tight. So I understand him doing porn to make ends meet. But don’t blame the porn shoot on a roofie and vodka.

And all is not lost. Mack really has a lot of options. Here is my advice on how he should handle this situation:

  1. Don’t be ashamed. Everybody does stuff in their lives they don’t want folks to know about. And everybody is having sex in various permutations although most of us ain’t filming it.
  2. Fess up and confess you are gay or bisexual. Today this really isn’t such a big deal.
  3. Go on television news and do a mea culpa. Say  you were embarrassed your porn acting past caught up with you and that you are now going into counseling to figure yourself out. Then disappear for a minute but not too long.
  4. Enlist an agent, a publicist and a good lawyer and start turning lemons into lemonade.
  5. Do the Wendy Williams Show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and the Steve Harvey Show. If you feel noble use that platform to promote better understanding of LGBT people in the Black community.
  6. If you want, resurface as porn actor. The fact you are a professional boxer will give you more cachet. You can demand more  money for your scenes or work for predominately white porn studios such as Randy Blue. Or launch your own pay-per-view adult website.
  7. Go to the West Coast and become a personal trainer/escort. The gay men out there will eat you alive and you might be able to live decently as a kept man for a few years or until you turn 40, whichever comes first.
  8. If you don’t want to do porn or escort consider partnering with an LGBT organization (Human Rights Campaign, Gay Olympics etc.) to go on lecture tours to talk about your experiences. Believe me you will attract crowds.
  9. Write a book. Spice things up by saying there are other DL boxers you know but you can’t say their names. Your book will sell like hotcakes.
  10. Pitch a reality show. Enlist your baby mamas to come on and create fake drama. “I didn’t know you was no faggot! How could you do this to me!” The ratings will be good, you will make some bank, and your 15 minutes of fame will last a few minutes longer.
  11. Consider turning your story into a film. Find an independent filmmaker to do it and go on the film festival circuit promoting your story.
  12. Go back to school. Learn a trade. Try to be the best father you can to your children.


36 thoughts on “My Advice to Yusaf Mack

    • Yep, that is one of my suggestions. If he can market himself right and keeps that body tight he could do porn for years to come. On a personal tip though I hope he will use his situation to help others. He really needs to first and foremost go get some therapy, write a book (or better yet have someone ghost write it for him), and try to use his prominence in sports to be a platform for gay black men. Just saying…

      • Totally agree with you Immanuel, I’m not sure if he’s anywhere near that level of awareness, but I would say, if he was able to find the inner strength to call off his marriage, which I assume is void now anyway, come to grips with his truth, and use this to give a voice to Black men who may be struggling with this denial.

  1. Great post Immanuel. The moral of the story is: sleep around and suffer financial hardship ( in having far too many children), lose face, lose personal dignity, have to resort to doing anything for money. Porn is very ‘choreographed’ so Mack would have to be in a full state of consciousness to ‘perform’ in a porn video. The ‘actors’ are there to get that paycheck. It is a job. Do a good job, meaning bring in a lot of revenue for the porn company and you get ‘hired’ again. It’s business. I am sure this was explained to Mack and he agreed. The thing is with porn is that once it is launched for viewing eyes – its out there. Mack might have needed money to help support his children so badly that he said ‘yes.’ Desperate times call for desperate measures. Mack is attractive and ‘fits’ the dawgpound mold. Mack was in a corner and said ‘money is money.’ Eventually, this whole thing will blow over like the Montana Fishburne ‘thing’ and people will return to their cellphone texting and to the shopping malls.

    • Yep you are so right. This will blow over. He will find out who his true friends are. People who truly care for him won’t care how he swings. The rest can just step off. As I wrote in my blog he really needs to spend this scandal to his advantage. I hope he does.

  2. I agree he needs to just admit he’s bi. Stop lying when he got caught booty hole wide open. He willingly took a drug to enhance his performance. This is what irritates Black LGBT and make us look bad. Come on its 2015.

    • You are so right. It takes a real man to live his truth in this world – and fuck what folks think. That is why some of the bravest strongest men I know are fem gay men. And I have to take my hat off to Transgender women too. They got more heart than these fake, masculine black men selling bullshit drugs on the corner, shooting each other in the back over stupid shit like “he disrespected me,” and making babies they can’t support financially, psychologically or spiritually.

    • Acting in a porn film is simply acting. It does not necessarily indicate affectional preference or sexual orientation. Do you think that all actors in gay porn are all gay? For the right price, some straight men will do the (porn) scene and go home after it is all shot with whatever amount the ‘job’ will pay ( the website: comes to mind). The porn company motto is new, fresh faces mean more $ coming in to the company’s cash register. Porn is a FANTASY for adult viewing and entertainment. The business is: provide the FANTASY. Some say that for males, gay porn pays much more than doing ‘straight’ porn, and for the right $ some guys will do a scene or two or more and keep it moving, cash in hand.

      • What you wrote is true. But see the issue is that he bottomed. Most “straight” gay-for-pay actors insist on topping and try to appear as uninterested as possible. You see this with Bam and John Holmes back in the day. The boxer was kissing and sucking dick. He was into it. He looks very experienced.

      • Again, actors are supposed to do the job of ‘acting.’ Immanuel I am sure you would be very ‘into it’ paid or unpaid if your were in that ‘trio.’ P.S. I saw the clip. The first 1/4 of it was a lot of uninspired ‘groping.’ Midway through Bamm Bamn dons a black mask, perhaps to cover up his boredom. The fucking was lackluster. The only thing that was good was all those thick lips coming together, which is important. Foreplay is important. Overall, two stars out of five, or, two stars out of ten, more like. Much ado about nothing. Zzzzzzzzzz. (Taggaz tends to shoot hotter porn and they have sense enough to be sure it is hot Before they unleash to the world.)

      • Okay you watch a minute clip and tell what happened on the whole film? That’s a neat magic trick. Are you Mack trying to anonymously defend yourself?

      • I understand your point however To me and this is my opinion gay for pay is just a cover up. And y is he trying to cover his tracks when it is obvious he enjoyed it

      • People, in these times, would do a lot of things for the money. Times are hard, opportunities are scarce and people will take the chance to make a few dollars doing what ever they can get.
        I saw the full Mack video and there is no really ‘bliss’ that he is experiencing. There’s a lot of bad acting and affected ‘desire.’ The general public is not missing much. If you know how porn films are made, there is a lot of stop/start, cuts (take five). having to get one’s dick hard over and over again, a full crew standing over you to get ‘the right angle.’ Its not intimate because so many people are on-looking. Mack really needed the money and when a grown man has to resort to something like that, that means that times are hard. If he wanted to make a career change to porn he could have made straight porn, been paired with smokin’ hot females and made a ton of money real fast. Why would he ‘choose’ to do gay porn when making really raunchy straight porn would have brought him a ‘more socially acceptable fame’ and a quick dollar?

      • So you are trying to say what? That he must have been gay to make this film? Because considering he is an athlete he would have been desired by straight porn producers?

      • I am saying that he did a performance for the camera. Watch the lackluster thing that was the 18 minute clip. What is I’m saying is: he needed money – fast. Dawgpound named a sum and he said ‘yes’ to it. Does Dawgpound want you to swipe your credit card and pay and see the video? Yes! Will you and he (Mack) star in a future Dawgpound production? Probably no. Will Mack be attending your next sex party? Probably not. Get your credit card out, pay for a movie ticket, and enjoy the FANTASY. Because that is all porn is.

      • Yes, and hopefully anybody with a LIFE, and who couldn’t care less about what Mack does in private or does for a quick buck will say: “Nah, I’m good!”

      • So Y gay porn? Hmmmm I don’t care his reasoning but the obvious fact that he lied to cover his shame and to not take responsibility for what he willingly did.

      • Mack is a public figure being a professional athlete. He has a Public Relations manager who advises him what to say and what not to do and say in public. His PR manager would tell him what making a gay porn flick would POSSIBLY do to his public image and his career. He would be told that it might or might not affect his ability to win endorsement contracts and how it could effect how he is viewed in the world of sports. He could have something to lose, or lose nothing really in making a gay porn flick. Mack’s financial resources and time to make big money in sports may have come to an end. If he has many children and has an immediate need to feed, cloth and house them
        (something gay men with no children to support might not understand) he might take money from WHATEVER source it came from. People on the verge of homelessness and bankruptcy, other financial hardship will be forced to do things they might not do in the course of normal, everyday living. What ever the reason Mack made the porn vid he should not be demonized. He’s a good looking man, and used that to make a few dollars when he got a call from Dawgpound.

      • I’m not demonizing him. He did that to himself. I’m gay with no children and I’ve done things I’m not proud of to survive. I can admit my actions which Yusaf did not However he is already retired from boxing. *exits stage right*

      • And again…months later…as If I give a flying fuck…Yusaf did finally come out as bi or whatever and is trans attracted *exits stage right*

  3. Damn Immanuel, you must be in PR – and with celebrity clients! You’ve laid it all out from beginning to end what he needs to do in order to move forward with his life. Well written!

  4. Many gay men have kids! For real? I thought it was weird how I kept coming across lesbians with children, but gay men with kids. Wow! I guess I find it even more unbelievable because I know it’s harder for us to get it up.

    Yusaf kinda looks like Kaldrick from L.A Complex.

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