Comrades in Arms

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Several gay and bisexual men I know say they got turned on to gay sex in the military. One of my friends “Wesley” told me this is what happened to him:

After he graduated high school and went to college Wesley decided to enlist in the Army instead of the Air Force like his Dad. Which pissed off his father no end.

“Wow, you breaking the tradition son. I should make you pay back all that money I spent on college.”

“Well Dad I’m grown now and have to live my own life.”

So Wesley went through basic training and headed to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where superiors liked his good grades and enrolled him in IT training. And they partnered him with “Donovan” so the two could help each other study.

Wesley and Donovan couldn’t be more different. Wesley was a six-foot four black kid from the suburbs of Maryland who liked listening to Go Go Music. Donovan was a shorter, muscular, pale  white guy with red hair and freckles from the foothills of West Virginia who liked country music.

However, they soon became friends and hung out all the time. And the attraction between them grew into more than just study buddies.

First Donovan would rub his thigh against Wesley’s when they sat side by side in front of their computers in IT class. Then when they played spades in the barracks they would partner with each other and Donovan would play footsie with Wesley under the table, the other card players unaware of the flirting.

“Why do you keep rubbing up on me man,” Wesley asked.

“Oh shoot Wesley I’m just playing, relax,” Donovan answered. But Donovan didn’t stop doing it.

Wesley ran track for the military and Donovan was quarterback of the base football team.

“Wesley you don’t have good hands but you run fast as greased lightning,” Donovan said. “Why don’t you be a receiver for the team.”

So that gave both of them a chance to work out with each other and shower naked together in the gym. Donovan’s thick white penis and his unruly red pubic hair fascinated Wesley. He grew up around black people and had never seen a white man naked before.

One night they went out drinking and Wesley got tore up. And Donovan invited him to sleep on his couch while he slept in his bedroom.

Later that night Donovan came out of his room, and walked over to Wesley’s lanky body sprawled on his couch, and caressed him. And before you knew it Wesley fully awoke and Donovan unzipped his fly and put his penis into Wesley’s mouth.

Wesley had never had gay sex before. It just happened. Like it was the most natural thing to do.

The military is a popular gay porn genre. Wesley and Donovan were actually living it in real life. Image courtesy of

The military is a popular gay porn genre. Wesley and Donovan were actually living it in real life. Image courtesy of

For a year they would meet and suck each other’s dicks. Donovan loved cramming his mouth with Wesley’s member, which is a true 10 inches and so thick Donovan could barely get his hand around it.

“Being with him was so taboo. The fact we were having gay sex and were of different races and different backgrounds. That is what made it hot,” Wesley said.

The second year Donovan said he wanted to fuck Wesley, and Wesley let him do it. And they both seemed to enjoy it. But after that happened the two seemed to avoid each other for a while — barely making eye contact for a week.

It was like a barrier had been broken. Were they now really gay?

It was easy for them to hide their affair. They both had girlfriends and double dated with their girls. They both played sports. And they were both deep voiced and very masculine, so who would know?

But then Wesley decided he was going to live a gay lifestyle and gave up dating women and Donovan proposed to his girlfriend and got married.

“I left him alone after he got married — I didn’t want to interfere with that,” Wesley said. “Then we both got transferred to different bases — I ended up in Germany.”

“We would write each other but that stopped. The last thing I got from him was a Halloween card back in the 90s. I sometimes wonder what happened to him.”

Readers please share your experiences of sex in the military. And to read a blog from a military visit my buddy GoodTopBrutha.

8 thoughts on “Comrades in Arms

  1. I have been reading GoodTopBrutha…. ..very hot stories. I have been with a military man only once..very closeted…while I lived in Baltimore/DC…very sexy tall versatile man….more of a bottom really… I have not been in touch with him since 9/11…sad they could not keep in touch…sounds like Donovan was at least bisexual

  2. At first I thought these men you know were saying they got turned out in the military. But it sounds like they were always gay/bi or at least curious. I thought this post might answer if it’s true to turn a straight man out like they claim happens in prison. Not that I’m the type to want to turn a man out. Far from it actually. Gay for pay irks me.

    • LOL gay people aren’t vampires! They don’t infect people with gayness by sexing them. Some psychologists say everyone is really bisexual which is why same sex sexing happens in prisons and in the military where there are fewer people of the opposite sex. But people are also on a range with some preferring all gay sex over straight. Both these guys identified as straight before military service with girlfriend’s but after sexing each other one decided to go gay and one did not. And I’m sure Donovan is still sexing men behind his wife’s back.

  3. I haven’t experienced Military gay relations, however back in 1991 I was just shy from being enlisted, but due to the fact that upon my physical I wasn’t accepted because of childhood asthma. If I would’ve been enlisted, yes I would have been attracted to, experimented with other dudes, no doubt.

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