The Wife Walked In On Us

My buddy “Dominic” in Delaware told me this account about a white buddy of his:

“Rich,” a muscular white bottom, had finally struck gold. He was in love.

He had met a 62-year-old married, in-shape black top, 6 feet 4 inches, 240 pounds with over nine inches of dick.

It took Rich a few weeks of hookups before he could get that big black Daddy dick more than halfway in his ass but “Tim” the black top soon trained him.

Like many white men enamored with black men Rich loved to be dominated. And Tim fit the bill.


This situation reminded me of mature porn star Jerry Stearns, who is adept at dominating white or younger bottoms.

When they met it was Rich’s duty to get on his knees, suck that black dick till it got hard, and bend over and take it.

Tim didn’t as much as kiss Richard. All he wanted to do was dominate and fuck Rich all over his house.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Tim is married. But since his wife would leave for a week at a time he would have Rich over and fuck him right in his marriage bed.

Rich got so into that dick he would arrive as soon as Tim’s wife’s car pulled out the driveway of their luxurious Eastern Shore home.

My buddy Dominic warned Rich. “That’s risky. You shouldn’t fuck in that man’s house.”

But the dick was so good Rich was hypnotized. He had even given up his other black fuck buddies so he could focus exclusively on Tim’s needs.

Well one day the wife left and Rich arrived and he and Tim started fucking vigorously and loudly.

And unbeknownst to them wifey forgot something and circled back and walked back to her bedroom only to find a white man with his legs up in the air with her husband’s long black dick slicing into his ass.

Rich noticed her and probably jumped, startled. But Tim noticed her too and guess what? He kept fucking Rich.

And the wife turned around without saying a word, walked back downstairs, got in her car and left.

The experience rattled Rich, who now swears he is finished with Tim.

“Wow, people have been shot for less than that,” Rich said.

But Tim told Rich he doesn’t have to worry. He has the shit under control.

He earns over six figures, has a fine house and his wife enjoys the good life. She isn’t going anywhere and he is going to keep fucking who he likes.

Wow, when I heard that I thought it was so callous and disrespectful.

But it’s not the first time I heard of such tales.

An acquaintance is in a long-term relationship with a married Jamaican lawyer who lives in a gated community in the D.C. suburbs.

And he would have my friend over and fuck him in the basement while his wife was away.

Well one weekend his son and a friend came home from college and caught them naked in the basement rec room.

The doctor told his shocked son my friend was a sex therapist helping him overcome sexual dysfunction.

I doubt the son believed that bullshit. But Daddy gave him some money or a new car or something and as far as I know the son never told on his father.

UPDATE: Dominic read the post this morning (September 9) and texted me. He said Rich is going to keep seeing Tim. Here’s what Dominic texted: “…they decided to keep right on seeing each other and continue to fuck in his house. (Tim) said it’s his house and that he pays the bills.” Wow…

58 thoughts on “The Wife Walked In On Us

  1. I’ll never understand gay/bi/trans men who put women thru shit like that. I don’t know who I feel worse for, the wife in the first story or the son in the second story.

    • I’m no saint. I divorced my wife. But I would never do something like that. My friend Dominic read the blog this morning and updated me on the situation. I will add it at the bottom of the post.

      • Hahaha, thanks for the cute post, and admitting you are not a saint, Immanuel. You swing, and certainly have your fun. Yes you would do something ‘like that.’ As long as ‘Van’ realizes it.

        “He earns over six figures, has a fine house and his wife enjoys the good life. She isn’t going anywhere and he is going to keep fucking who he likes. Wow, when I heard that I thought it was so callous and disrespectful.”
        Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. What I don’t get is the disrespect of it all. If he will treat his wife that wsy, how do you think he will treat you? I just don’t get people who stay in situations like that. I know of people who have certain understandings, but it is never thrown or flaunted in each others faces or beds. If you are at this level, then you should be in different bedrooms at this point.

    I just feel if he has a certain level of money, that a wife wouldn’t leave him, because of the lifestyle they live and lead; then he has enough money for a Screw Pad (Apartment to just take your lovers to,) or hotel rooms.

    I don’t know if this was your intention, but Tim seems like a huge asshole, and Richard seems like a pressed, thirsty little bitch…sorry to judge, but I can’t help it.

    • The Blog Artist Formerly Known As YBDL, you have the permission to serve jury duty with me because I am judging too. Tim is a huge asshole who thinks a big dick and money are the end-all, be-all and Rich is a thirsty white boy just eager for some dick. What goes around will come around. The wife I just don’t understand. She may not care, she may be in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, or she may have a male or female lover on the side and really doesn’t care. My friend Dominic told me that Rich told him she is about 40 years old, so clearly she is a lot younger than he is. Perhaps Tim is getting back at her for one of her indiscretions? If he is that is sad. They need to separate or divorce or seek counseling. Dominic has advised Tim to meet Rich in a hotel if he just has to have that dick but from the update I wrote it seems he is going to keep going over there. If I was him I would not. Decades ago Aretha Franklin sang the song “Chain of Fools.” One day this chain is going to break and I hope the wife doesn’t get a knife or a gun and start stabbing and shooting. Because as Rich has said himself people have gotten their asses kilt (yep, I wrote KILT) for doing a whole lot less.

      • Yuh betta SPEAK! This all is too much FUCKING WORK.
        My health, my sanity, my dignity: just TOO fucking MUCH.
        Why do we bother marrying anymore, unless it is for a green card or the merger of wealth & prosperity? (Hint-hint to ur next blog Immanuel 😉😉) **throws hands up in frustration**

  3. Oh please believe the wife is probably seeing a nice, down home “take you to meet mama” type of man on the side as well, who she might be spoiling with the money shes getting from him. IF she isnt hypnotized by the dick and income that is.

  4. That is VERY disrespectful. Karma is gonna bit old buddy dead in the ass. His wife is going to take him for everything he is worth. It is Gays like that give us respectable SGL people a bad name

  5. When the story was told to me I was surprised as well. People have to realize that some men are very domineering in their relationships and you have some women who are very submissive. I asked a lot of questions and the response I got blew me out of the water as well. I don’t think Rich have any reason to lie or fabricate. His first instinct was to stop seeing Tim because he feared his life. He thought about that long dick and decide to jeopardize his safety for some good dick. I asked him about them meeting to a motel and he said Tim said no way. The feeling i get is that Rich is intimated by Tim as well!!!! Like Manny said its probably more to the story. She, his wife may be bisexual. He may caught her fucking a dude in their bed before. All I told Manny is what was presented to me. In our society anything can happen. We have incest, we have grown ass men sexually abusing their own kids and that is fucked up and hard for me to believe. .. So in closing, I been a friend of Rich for 15 years. He’s a prominent real estate salesman in a large expensive resort. He’s educated and use to date black women. He just plain and simple been captivated by some good dick. He felt really bad and almost in shock when he was telling me his story. He have no reason to lie…..

  6. I don’t what to think about this story, it kinda bothers me that these white men just gotta go after our black men, they can’t get enough of the black dick, having this sense of entitlement but we as a black community let alone gay still get looked down upon. But at the same time Tim is disrespectful to his wife, who obviously doesn’t care, and Tim may have control issues. I’d be uncomfortable fucking in his house, having to constantly look over my shoulder I wouldn’t be able to get an arousal lol.

    • Now now…..don’t paint all us white boys with the same brush. I am drawn towards men with darker complexions and dark hair. I grew up at the beach surrounded by conservative white boys, many of whom are blonde. I guess I was tired of and didn’t want what I grew up with.

      I’ve been with or dated guys who are Greek (Who was also deaf. Have you ever tried to tell someone who’s deaf and who lip reads – on your first night in the sack when the room is totally dark – that you want to fuck them??), Italian, Persian, Peruvian, Guatamalan, Mexican as well as Black. I found them all to be very attractive. Some I topped and some topped the hell out of me.

      I suppose that makes me a slut……but I can live with that!

    • jailovzmen so right. You can go at the issue from so many angles. The way white men objectify black bodies. The disrespect Tim showed his wife. I’m sure my friend will give me an update on how it turns out.

    • Yep, Many white people privately find black people very attractive sexually. So don’t think that they don’t. The thing is that they have to maintain CONTROL socially, economically, and politically. Any slip in that control is a cause for panic. Yes, for whites, white males in particular the world is their oyster and their playground – so why not ‘play’ with black men on the side. Just don’t ‘bring them home for dinner’, meaning don’t take one into a serious love relationship. Unless of course we are speaking of the gay world when they ( white males) reach middle age and lose popularity as sex partners…then they consider black men because…they gotta get sex – and sometimes a partner with whoever will take them….

  7. “Unless of course we are speaking of the gay world when they ( white males) reach middle age and lose popularity as sex partners…then they consider black men because…they gotta get sex – and sometimes a partner with whoever will take them….”

    ^^^^This is so true.

    But a lot of black gay men in their prime years (20s to early 30s) seem clueless to this reality.

    There are white gay men who will sex a black gay/bisexual man in a heartbeat but wouldn’t consider a black man for a serious partner or spouse. That is, until they reach the age where younger white gay guys don’t want them anymore. Of course, there are exceptions to this but the exceptions don’t invalidate the general rule.

    • Yes. And the story behind that is that if you are sexing an older white male he is the product of an even older white generation that was very conservative ( meaning that all things gay go completely against decency, AND these older white generations grew up in a time of even less racial ‘tolerance’ then today). The other thing is that the older white man can decide at his whim, that after he has had his sexual fun with a black person, that the fuck buddy relationship is over, just like that. So the idea is that if you ‘play’ with white males of any age, DO NOT let your feelings and emotions get involved. Find some attribute on them that makes you horny, get in, ‘bust that nut.’ and leave. Remember, you are there to meet his sexual needs and are merely an ‘outlet,’ not the main priority in his life.

      • This is how a commitment/marriage minded black gay man can avoid being used by anybody:

        If you are a gay man who wants to be in a committed relationship or marriage, you should socialize with and DATE commitment/marriage minded gay men. You must reject the gay male “hook-up” culture that’s been around since at least the 1970s. Participation in gay male hook-up culture over time leads to “baggage”: feeling used up, jaded and doubting your ability to find a lasting love. And that’s not even half of it.

        In order to date effectively you should thoroughly VET any potential partner before you have sex. To put it plainly, if you are a commitment/marriage minded gay man don’t give up the “goodies” too soon: you’ve heard the saying “save the best for last” (it’s really true in this case). If you don’t already know, learn how to date with a purpose. You will save yourself a lot of disappointment and anguish in the long run.

      • Good advice elgreene but I don’t agree with all of it. Men are sexual. So the “hook up” culture will always exist in gay culture. The key is learning how to balance sexual drive and finding a relationship (if that is what you wish). There are ways to do that. And one size does not fit all when it comes to offering folks advice on navigating gay culture, which is very complex.

      • Y’all giving me TOO MUCH ’12 Years A Slave” realness, & I just CAN’T! -grinz- But there is truth to the matter of interracial interactions though, that much we know.

  8. “Good advice elgreene but I don’t agree with all of it. Men are sexual. So the “hook up” culture will always exist in gay culture. The key is learning how to balance sexual drive and finding a relationship (if that is what you wish)”
    Yes, Immanuel, but it the hook up, casual sex that happens among some gay men has caused many an HIV infection, locally and nationally. Sexually active Gay men – black gay men are a high risk group for HIV and not everyone who hooks up likes or regularly uses protection. Multiple sexual partners helps with this spread. Immanuel, you seem convinced that you are not a member of a high risk group for HIV and other STDs. Many, many black gay men are of this mindset: “It will not happen to me.” Yes, I hear you about sex drive, and that people have ‘needs.’ Which is why elgreene suggested we date, find a compatible person and work toward a monogamous relationship, where the need for sex and companionship can be satisfied (which sounds like….maturity to me). Something is driving your NEED and strong desire to have multiple sexual partners in this age of HIV and AIDS and at this time in your life. Will you blog about what that is? We, heck, YOU need to understand that.

      • In all fairness to you, I was able to delve into what you shared in previous blogs and you mentioned growing up in a single parent home. No man in the house. As adults I think that we will unconsciously search for what we missed out on as children in adulthood. If there is NO loving connection with a father in childhood we will try to get that in some form or fashion as adults. You were previously heterosexually married, but did not leave your ex-wife to chase other women. You now chase men.
        Deny a child candy as a child and he will devour it in bucket loads as an adult. As this age and point in your life, are you playing ‘catch up?’ in having multiple sexual partners? What’s wrong with the sex you are getting from ‘Van?” I am curious to learn why that is not enough?

      • Wow so you are a psychiatrist now. I need to make an appointment and come lay on your couch. Seriously though we have two different views on how male relationships work. I do my thing. And you do yours. Good luck!

  9. Immanuel, is it probably in your best interest to remain single, unmarried. It is probably in ‘Van’s’ best interest to decline if you ask him for marriage. There is too much risk involved, behaviorally. The medical centers in your area are ready to treat you though and charge your insurance or credit card when medical problems arise.

      • I am wondering if Ansell is a new reader to your thoughts Immanuel? How long have you been running this blog again?
        Have you NOT been thru this already with other “judge, jury & executioner” readers? Did we REALLY just step back to square uno where being Immanuel was already defined & clearly laid out?
        #iCANT #butwillcontinuewatchingtoseehowthisunfolds

      • If I recall Ansel appears to be commenting under different names. All his comments run along this same line. He has a right to his opinion and I don’t review comments before they are posted. I let things be pretty free wheeling. So he can say what he wishes. He does come across as very rigid and judgmental.

  10. Ole boy was DICK-matized, to say the least. I man STILL not risking that 💩! Your cast of characters for this tale is LUCKY & BLESSED due to extenuating circumstances. Just my luck, I try this, & I become the fodder for ur next entry(ies) Immanuel -grins & rolls eyes-

    Cats & dawgs have not the same luck. Period.

    As for the Yaadie lawyer pulling that 🐮💩, he is another LUCKY & BLESSED 1, to say the least.
    We Yaadies are INFAMOUS for having these types of “white marriages”. Le sigh & alas, they give me hope eternal of my Usain Bolt fantasy coming alive. Hopefully SOON too 😅😅😅😅😂

  11. “Good advice elgreene but I don’t agree with all of it. Men are sexual. So the “hook up” culture will always exist in gay culture. The key is learning how to balance sexual drive and finding a relationship (if that is what you wish). There are ways to do that. And one size does not fit all when it comes to offering folks advice on navigating gay culture, which is very complex.”

    Immanuel22, I thank you for agreeing with at least some of my earlier comment. I appreciate it.

    I wasn’t going to comment again on this thread but yesterday I changed my mind. I began to change my mind when the comment section on this post blew up in a way that I had not anticipated. I don’t want there to be bad feelings between and among black gay men. It took me a while to get back to you because I wanted to collect my thoughts and be as clear as I could.

    My “advice”, in my earlier comment, was directed towards black gay men who actually want to be in a committed relationship/marriage. I don’t believe that most gay men, at this time, truly want to be in a committed relationship/marriage (I hope I’m wrong about this). In any case, those gay men who LIKE the gay “hook-up” culture are going to continue hooking up and that is their choice.

    Your reply to my comment, Immanuel22, suggests that you think gay men cannot get their sexual needs met within the context of a monogamous committed relationship or marriage. I’m sure you will correct me if I’m wrong.

    I, on the other hand, think that gay men CAN get their sexual needs met within the context of a monogamous committed relationship or marriage IF they want to. I realize that this is a relatively new idea for most gay men because it was only in June, 2015 that the Supreme Court of the United States made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. I think it would be unfortunate if we (gay men) continued the same old paradigm of “random/casual” hook up sex when we now have the legal RIGHT to love each other in the light of day and be married just like straight people have always had the right to do. I believe that future generations of gay men will look at marriage as just a normal “right of passage” just like straight men (and women) have done for thousands of years.

    If more black gay/bisexual men (the highest risk group for HIV/AIDS infection) learned how to “date” with a purpose instead of “hooking up” for immediate sexual gratification perhaps those high HIV/AIDS infection rates among black gay men would decline, AND we might find the partners some of us say we want.

    My guess is that my advice is probably more useful for a young black gay man who is just starting out in “the life” or if he’s already in “the life” he hasn’t been “out” that long. Older men have already established a pattern for finding and having sex and are probably not going to change how they operate. There are middle aged and older gay men who have NEVER been in a committed relationship with a man: they’ve ONLY had hook-up sex. These men have reached an age where it’s increasingly difficult to have even a hook-up unless they pay for it. Question: Is this who you want to be when you reach your “golden” years? This is a general question and is not directed to anyone in particular. I just want whoever is reading this to think about that question for a while.

    I’m suggesting, especially to younger black gay men (who are not as set in their ways), that they give “dating” with a purpose a serious try. Effective dating requires discipline and self control, hooking up does not. Those of you who have careers used discipline and self control to become educated/trained and to establish your careers, right? Why not use that same discipline and self control to pursue that committed relationship many of you say you want?

    • Thanks for the comment but let me make something clear. I have said and continue to say that one-size relationships do not fit all. Monogamy works for some men, open relationships work for others. For some marriage is ideal and for others marriage is not.

      It depends on what two men want. And it’s not about having will power to make monogamy work. Monogamy has never worked for everybody and it never will, whether you are straight or gay or blue or polka dot.

      The ideal heterosexual form of marriage that people strive for is a relatively new invention of the last 150 years or so. Considering men have been around for millennia it is relatively new. In this model you find your soul mate and ride off into the sunset forever with the perfect person who fulfills all your needs.

      For much of man’s history there have been different forms of marriage. In some cultures men could have as many wives as they want, as long as they could afford them. In cultures such as the San, a group of hunter gatherers that have existed in Africa for millennia, men and women formed loose marriages that last for as long as both partners are pleased but men and women have the right to move on if they wish so oftentimes people marry several times.

      For most of Western European history marriage was based on economics and often arranged. You married someone to consolidate the fortunes of two families or to produce children to help you farm or run a business. Such arrangements still exist in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Marriage is not about love — although I’m sure love does develop in these cases.

      Right now marriage is on a decline in United States because for many people it doesn’t work. Women are more educated and financially independent and don’t have to marry a man for economic security. The stigma surrounding having children outside of marriage has eroded so if a woman wants to have a “baby daddy” and do her own thing is not such a big deal anymore.

      Gay men cannot base their marriages on the heterosexual ideal (which by the way is not working for heterosexuals as evidenced by the high divorce rate) because well, gay men or not straight. But many gay men have formed very long term marriages and relationships.

      Some are monogamous. But many studies suggest in order to keep excitement going or keep away boredom some couples have “arrangements.” I’ve written about this before and I’m not going to go back through it again.

      Elgreene I am dying to ask you. Are you in a committed relationship? Are you married? Are you dating? What have been your experiences? Has monogamy worked for you? How?

      I’m really interested in hearing.

      Have a great Tuesday.


      • Well said Immanuel. & why is Elgreene on the defensive about your probing questions into his personal life? Being in a relationship DOES strengthen ur opinion on OPP & OPBizness.
        I believe it was either Ms. Winfrey or Ms. Angelou who said it:- people not in a relationship cannot offer solid advice to those that are. U stand on no solid grounds to do so, & look foolish attempting to do so.
        My friends who are in relationships are off-limits when it comes time to soliciting advice and me giving it (speaking of, when is MISS Winfrey gettin’ hitched again? EXACTLY! **side eyes all the cookie cutter mold lovers**)
        Plain & simple. Your readers ought to retract the claws when they come on cyberspace & want to have engaging dialogue.
        Plain & simple.

  12. Nice comments Manny and Elgreene. They were articulate, informative, well thought of and time consuming as well. Lol. Being that I work nights my favorite tv show for the last 19 year has been a show called “The View”. That’s what I see here. No right or wrong it’s two grown men with different view points and it’s nothing wrong or uncommon about that. I lean toward what’s Manny is saying and that is only my individual view point. People tend to differentiate homosexual people and heterosexual people and their relationships and that is wrong. People are people. We all have or know straight guys who are players, lovers….young and old who as we use to say have all the girls/women. Sometimes we smile when we say that. We don’t talk about hiv or std. We say “he’s the man”. I say that’s his choice. He works, he pay his taxes, he pay his health insurance, his of age whatever that may be…and if he choses to live a certain way and does what he choses to do sexually in America, in his bedroom in the house that he pay the mortgage on or in the hotel room that he paid for from working on his job then that’s his business. If he or she is under age, then it filter down to his parents. Who are we to judge what other grown folks do. Relationships/ marriage is not for everyone and that is a fact in all cultures. As adults we get to make that choice. Some people sex drive are stronger than others and that’s a fact whether they are homo or heter. In today’s society we have (hook-up sites) for everyone from church people to seniors. That’s okay….Some people are the marrying/relationship type and some are not and that’s okay right? It’s not that serious, it’s not complicated it’s just real life and I say live it and enjoy it. We’re only here for a short period of time. Lastly peeps, quit judging and if you really care about health issues run for a political office or do something in regard to all people and quit judging a particular segment of the population…… and that’s only “my view”.

  13. “Elgreene I am dying to ask you. Are you in a committed relationship? Are you married? Are you dating? What have been your experiences? Has monogamy worked for you? How?”

    Immanuel22, I’ve decided not to answer your questions in the detail you might want. My relationship status/experiences has nothing to do with whether my “advice” is valid or not.

    I will say that I’m dating someone and I’m faithful to the man I’m dating. I can’t say what the man I’m dating is doing or not doing because you never know what another man is doing when he’s out of your sight but I know his character and I believe he is faithful to me as well.

    To sum up my advice, I believe that if gay men in general and, black gay men in particular, decided to “date” with a purpose (being in a committed relationship or marriage) instead of “hooking up” for immediate sexual gratification they would significantly reduce, if not eliminate, a lot of the problems (drama, STDs, mental health issues, etc.) they have in their lives. I stand by that message.

    Enjoy your day, gentlemen.

    • elgreene happy to hear you are dating and I wish you nothing but the best. Yes, hookup culture does have disadvantages, including the spread of disease. But this can occur even when two men are dating each other for awhile and decide to have sex because one partner may bring the disease with them. Getting gay men to date with a purpose is a good idea but should only be one tool in helping address the spread of STDs. There should also be more education, treatment, condom distributions etc. As I have said before a one-size strategy does not fit all. And you have to meet people where they are. If folks are hooking up and having multiple partners you are not going to get them to suddenly change this behavior. But you can give them information to live their lifestyle choices as safely as possible.

  14. His wife already knew he like fucking men. They probably have some type of deal worked out where when she leave for the week he can fuck who he want. He probably been got caught up and she decided not to leave. When she go away long like that I wouldn’t be surprised if she fucking somebody too. Don’t feel sorry for her at all.

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