Young men hacking in Baltimore. Photo courtesy of Urban Fringe.

Young men hacking in Baltimore. Photo courtesy of Urban Fringe.

Long before Uber Baltimore had hacking, it’s own informal transportation system.

Stand on a busy corner, extend your arm, and dangle your index and middle fingers up and down. And a person interested in earning some extra money will pull over and offer you a ride.

“Go over westside” for $8. Or “round the corner” for $2 or $3. It beats paying more expensive cab fare or waiting on a bus in the cold or rain.

But I have heard stories that men use hacking to find sex partners. Last night I heard someone who actually got turned out that way.

My partner “Van” and I went to the Collective Minds House music festival in Druid Hill Park and decided to grab a drink at The Drinkery before heading home. And a young guy named “Torry” was sitting next to us at the bar and we struck up a conversation.

Torry, who had grown up in South Carolina and Baltimore, is a slender man about 25 years old with skin like Hershey’s Chocolate, a dazzling smile, and an easy laugh. Van and I learned he was not out to his family — only one cousin knew about his sexuality.

“How did you get into men,” I asked.

Torry was 17 and needed a ride home (some Baltimore buses are notorious for being late) so he put out his arm and hacked a ride. And an older man in his mid 30s pulled over and offered him a ride in a car with a Virginia plate.

They drove in silence for awhile and then the man started talking.

“Hey, I’m a photographer and you have a nice body. I’m always looking for models,” the man said.

“I can take some shots of you that you can use in a portfolio.”

Torry was flattered. Why not? So he agreed.

And he went to the man’s place with him but instead of flashes popping  Torry’s dick was popping — right into the man’s mouth. And it felt so good Torry started going to other men to get the same treatment and decided he preferred men.

“I never saw that man who picked me up again,” Torry said.

“Well, how did your cousin find out you were gay,” I asked.

“I was out in front of Ziascoz gay bar and somebody drove by and beeped and tried to pick me up. When I walked over I found out it was my cuz!”

I guess Torry has a special knack when it comes to picking up rides from strangers.

16 thoughts on “Hacking

  1. Where the hell you get your names from, I will never understand! “Torry” 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂
    But this is so old school, that I am channeling all kinds of M. Night Shyamalan/Stephen King/Alfred Hitchcock type MESS happening!
    Am I paranoid? 😜😜😋😜😋😣

  2. Hello my name is YB&DL and I’m a hacker…a sexual hacker at that…and didn’t even know it had a name.
    My lifetime movie based on a book of my life, would be called “Hey Dude, You Need A Ride? My Life As A Sexual Hacker”…hell I should have named my blog that. Oddly I have never used the photography line, but maybe I should.

  3. I am a openly gay but discreet man born and raised in Baltimore who has “hacked” before but I have never heard of picking up dudes LOL Im a bit envious!

  4. When I first started messing around with guys and before I found out about the party line I would go down town to the gay part and stand on a discreet corner where a lot of traffic and busses didn’t run. I will be in one of those corners for about five minutes before somebody would be picking me up. Then I found out that corner was for prostitution when I met the guy who officially turned me out.

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