Yeah, I’d do him…Part 2

Three years ago I asked readers to tell me what celebrity, gay or straight, they would go to bed with.

Well, I would still do my original list but I wanted to add a few others. Here they go. And please tell me who you wouldn’t hesitate to kick it with:

Jason Statham (actor, “The Transporter” series, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)



Omari Hardwick (actor, “Power”)


Jussie Smollett (actor, “Empire”)


Josh Hartnett (actor, “Penny Dreadful”)


Kenneth Faried (NBA, Denver Nuggets)


Every actor in DL Chronicles


Joe Taslim (martial arts actor, “The Raid: Redemption”

joetaslimPresident Barack Obama



48 thoughts on “Yeah, I’d do him…Part 2

  1. Nice list. How about (porn actor) XL? How about the Hodge Twins ( look them up on youtube) and how about Elliot Hulse ( look him up on youtube). I’ll take ALL four!

  2. EVERYBODY wants a piece of America’s most wanted man, Barack Obama! 😂
    I want me, you & Jussie= 3 some.
    Idris Elba
    The DL Chronicle cast, esp. Dante & his boo
    ALL Noah’s Arc
    Dwight Howard
    Michael Sam
    J. Cole
    Big Sean, to name a few #heauxmodeACTIVATE 😁😁😊😅

  3. Christian Keyes, Common, Will Smith, Michael Strahan, Anthony Burrell and Jussie Smollet (The Skinny), Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin.

  4. I love Omari Hardwick, but I also love his brother Jamil Hardwick.

    My other celeb crush is Michael B. Jordan



  5. Based off the post and comments, I had to Google a bunch of these dudes…

    I was more into Immanuel first post of men, this group of men, well…ah all I have to say is different strokes for different folks. I guess Tyson Beckford isn’t the only one to publicly announce his desire to have the president. I mean I just want to see his dick…either hard or soft, but I don’t want to bend the leader of the free world over a couch and take him. Okay maybe that would be hot…and throw in Jussie Smottlet too.

    Other than that to each is his own…I mean the rest of your list, isn’t quite for me. Just like I’m sure mine, might not be for you. Which because I’m a hoe, is quite long. So long in fact that I have long ago broke it down into categories….from simple like “Chocolate men” and “Yellow bone”, “Mature”(Old enough to be my daddy) and “White guys” more complex list like, “Had to hook up with Tyler Perry for the Part” top 5 and “I wouldn’t do you but I would do your son” top 5…of legal age of course…on and on.

  6. OK here’s my list: of course Idris Elba
    Damn he’s got them sexy eyelashes and that natural swag
    Omar Gooding yes Mo from smart guy is hot to me.
    Actor James Duvall, Actor Max Riemelt from Sense 8 that dudeis hot!!
    Treach from Naughty by nature.
    Ray J I’d like to get wit that cutie fo real!
    And this is crazy but the fictional character from E Lynn Harris books John “Basil” Henderson that’s just to name a few

    • Omar Gooding? I don’t know about that. He does have that boy next door look. Idris always. Treach always looked dirty to me…I would wash him first lol. Gotta look up the others!

      • Damonjay Treach has always been not like in the scene from Jason Lyric right before the house got shot up, he was bangin this thick chick against the house,I was turned on like damn bet he be talking mad shit during sex..
        Omar Gooding turned me on after I saw Baby boy Immanuel.

      • I agree with Jailovzmen too. Omar is number #3 on my thick men list. He hasn’t done anything in a while, but Baby boy was the big turning point for me. He got buff and thick for awhile.
        I agree also with Treach, Jason Lyric also and the movie where he plays an assassin, who shows full frontal nudity.

  7. What about:

    Lenny Kravitz
    Morris Chestnut
    LL Cool J
    Marlon Wayans

    I have to wonder if my sexual skills could tame the beast that is Chris Brown. If so, that shit would be off the fuckin’ hook! If I couldn’t tame him, maybe I could cuff his wrists and ankles to a bed and have some fun servicing him for a while.

      • I imagine Chris could deliver QUITE the hate-fuck. Which I’d be totally okay with….over and over and over again. But no slugging please.

    • YES Lenny! How could I miss out on HIM?! Common, John Legend, DEFINITELY some Wayans (read Marlon/Shawn/Damon) men! YUM!

      My dick STILL can’t get hard for Breezy, Trey Songz & some other R-N-B crooners.
      Give me Mario & Ne-Yo, yes, but that’s where my buck stops 😉

  8. I have to stay porn star jerry stearns. I think he is very sexy and have a awesome body. Exactly my type to a tee!!! Watch his movies all the time. 2nd would be porn star Troy the penetrator. Sexy as hell too!!!!!

  9. I went to a TV show taping today and saw another man to throw out for consideration: Alfonso Ribeiro. He’s just as sexy as he was on Fresh Prince and funny too. And from a distance, he seemed to have good size thumbs. And you KNOW what they say about a man with big thumbs…….

    Oh….the show I saw was America’s Funniest Home Videos (I know…..I know….). Alfonso’s the new host, replacing Tom Bergeron.

      • He is definitely “vertically challenged”, I’ll give you that. But if I’m on my back or my knees, would that matter? I think if I wanted to, I could find a way to make it work.

      • Immanuel, SHUDDDDDUP! I KNOW his height ain’t gonna matter when he “IT’S NOT UNUSUAL!”-ing ALL over that MD pipe you be layin’!

        You Black Joe The Plumber! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆😄😃😜😜😜😝😜😝😜😘😚😋

  10. Immanuel,
    Great list! I must share with you that I actually went to school with Omari Hardwick and he is hotter now than he was in school. Watching his sex scenes in Power really turn me on! I hope that I do not see him at Homecoming! Here is my list:
    Alfonso Ribiero
    Michael Strahan
    Richard T. Jones
    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
    Aaron Spears
    Dondre T. Whitfield
    Wayne Brady
    Brian White
    Hosea Chanchez
    Michael Beach
    Jerry Stearns

  11. Michael B Jordan is on the top of my list. He is supper sexy supper sexy all over. The Game can get it. He sexy as fuck. And I like the little young bul on empire I’ll dick the shit out of bul. Those my top 3 but there is a couple more.

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