Ronald and the NFL Player

My friend “Ronald” says professional football is filled with gay and bisexual players and he has the stories to prove it. Here is one he told me:

Ronald was raised in Tennessee but has lived around the country because he claims he will go anywhere for a better paycheck. So several years ago he ended up in Chicago working for a shipping business.

Ronald is a rabid football fan and he and a buddy scored 50-yard line, second-row seats at a Chicago Bears game versus the Detroit Lions in the late 1990s. They sat right behind the Chicago Bears bench.

The game was boring — Detroit had an abysmal record that year and Chicago was kicking their ass. The final score was something like 31-14.

But Ronald said the real action was taking place on the sidelines.

A player kept staring at him. A tall, light-skinned black man who took off his helmet to show a head of curly hair.

“I think he is looking at you,” Ronald’s buddy said.

“Nah, he is looking at you. You are the handsome one,” Ronald kidded back.

But the player kept staring, sometimes turning his back to the field to stare at Ronald in the crowd,  and eventually he smiled at Ronald. And Ronald smiled back.

At halftime one of the trainers walked over to near where Ronald sat and motioned for him to walk over to the railing so they could talk.

“‘Andre Tyson’ said he would like to meet you. Here is a pass so you can come down to the locker room after the game,” he said, handing it to a surprised Ronald.

After the game Ronald went down to the locker room entrance and waited until Andre came out. And they talked and it soon became clear Andre wanted to hook up sexually.

He said Ronald was his type — handsome, in-shape, and masculine enough that he could take him out in mixed company and nobody would know.

Ronald said the dick was big, the sex was off the chain, and they were regular fuck buddies for several years and remain friends to this day, long after the football player retired.

Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the NFL when the St. Louis Rams recruited him in 2014. However, he was cut from the team. He is now playing for the Canadian Football League Montreal Alouettes and debuted in his first game on August 7, 2015. This makes him the first openly gay player to play in a regular season game in Canada.

Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the NFL when the St. Louis Rams recruited him in 2014. However, he was cut from the team. He is now playing for the Canadian Football League Montreal Alouettes and debuted in his first game on August 7, 2015. This makes him the first openly gay player to play in a regular season game in Canada.

However Ronald, who is always on the lookout for a higher paying job, took at position in Atlanta. And he said his relationship with Andre led to him hooking up with two players with the Atlanta Falcons.

One of those players even helped Ronald’s son, who plays football, get recruited by a college qateam.

What have I learned from Ronald? There are many gay or bisexual football players in the NFL.

Many are married, sometimes for show and sometimes because they really like pussy with man dick or ass on the side. They network with each other, often arranging down-low sex parties at hotels or private homes where players and their men come together and freak.

Ronald said you can get anything at these parties — cocaine, weed, pills, caviar or chicken and waffles if you asked. Sometimes black male celebrities who are on the down-low and hang with ballers would come to these parties too, Ronald said.

He rattled off the names of several of these actors. At least one was a complete surprise to me (he always plays action heroes!) but others were familiar.

That is because I have heard similar stories from other friends (Read Trey and the Hollywood Actor and Nobody in Hollywood is Gay).

So all these fuss about Michael Sam coming out was much about nothing.

Ronald said the NFL already has gay and bi men — it’s an open secret.

“If people only knew, they would be so surprised,” he said.

Despite what Ronald said very few NFL players have come out of the closet. Read this interesting Wikipedia entry to learn more.




28 thoughts on “Ronald and the NFL Player

  1. I have no doubt that there are DL men in all sports. If people found out, it could be career suicide. It’s unfortunate, but it is in all genres…….Pastors/Preachers not excluded!!

    • Damonjay yep sadly you are correct. I was just watching a documentary on Greg Logan is last night. Even in the diving/swimming field he was afraid about coming out and only did it to beat to the punch a lover who threatened to out him. He said he felt much better about himself afterward. It seems NFL players have the money to live a private DL life so why bother coming out?

      • OMG! I sat down and watched too and it was sad that his lover/manager threatened him with reviling he gave Greg AIDS and even misappropriated Greg’s money. Greg also said that people in the diving world knew he was gay already but the public at large did not know so yes in sports there are in fact gay,bi men in the lockerrooms. Maybe more than any one can guess but they keep it in the lockerrooms.

  2. Immanuel22,
    This is one of those blogs that hits at the core of one of my fantasies. I’ve always wondered what goes on with those freaky NFL and NBA players. Your blog entry let me live vicariously through Ronald’s eyes. Another great entry!

  3. Great post Immanuel! I have always been attracted to thick build men like the football players so my hats are off to Ronald. Maybe you should encourage him to do a blog like yourself that would introduce us to the football world that he has been a part of. I would definitely be one of his new fans!

  4. I too love it when you make these type of post man! Its like an underground gay world in a sense and Ive always wanted to know how us “common folk” get in, other than being an assistant/manager (Kerry Rhodes situation). So Immanuel are you telling us that to pick up a footballer, its as simple as making eye contact?? If thats the case Im bout to rack up on second row NFL tickets right now lol. Now I do have more questions.

    1) What are the chances of being in a legit relationship with them, cause it seems like its more of a hook up thing with perks?

    2) Did Ronald have to sign a confidentiality agreement at anytime while he was in that circuit and is he currently still in it?

    3) Can you tell us at least one movie this dl actor played in?

    please tell Ronald to tell more about his adventures!

    • Thanks for the compliments — glad you liked the article Boy King. I see you are going to be attending several football games this year. Smile

      In answer to your questions:
      1. These seem more like fuck buddy relationships. Every baller Ronald dealt with was married. So these aren’t guys who seem to be interested in having a permanent man at home.
      2. Ronald didn’t mention any sort of confidentiality agreement. Why would he open his mouth about this? He benefited from being in this relationship and so did his son. Matter of fact he said some of these players are his best friends and urged me to look at his Facebook friend’s list because it would tell a lot about who is fucking around.
      3. Movie? Waiting to Exhale.

      And I will share more as they come.

  5. I had attraction to male football players even as a youth, not realizing that may have been what we call “Gaydar”. So in high school I wasn’t there just to support the school football team, it was for the obvious reasons . LOL

  6. I’m going to take a completely different twist on this story and talk about a guest on ” the view” name Susan Sarandon. She’s a 68 year old white academy award winning actress. She was divorced in 1979 and dated Tony Robbins from 1988 to about 2008. The panel on the view asked her about dating and she said she’s looking to date again and gender or race is not a issue. No one on the panel even blinked or followed up with the question are you gay or bisexual. That’s how far we come. My twist on this is in about 50 years or more this won’t even be a conversation. The story line of this blog will be “adultery in professional football” Great story bruh and looking forward to more of what Ronald have to say and I don’t really need to know names or hints like some nosy peeps. Lol

  7. This story is hot and meaningful. Especially because being apart of a down low club with high profile masculine macho men (NFL, NBA players, pastors, etc) is a dream and goal of mine, Would love to join one, but have not figured out how just yet. Reading this gives me hope that these clubs are not mythsl but most importantly allow me live through the reader. Please ask him to share more. Also what happened to your friend who walks up to straight men and suck their dick. You blogged about them last month.


    • Hey Marcus you and I both know snagging ministers is easy. I think we have aged out of the NFL crowd…Ronald is 49 but was 30 years old when this happened. I will ask him to share more. Lastly my friend who hits on straight dick came to my last sex party a month ago and made several men very happy and left with a smile on his face.

  8. Hey Immanuel,

    Actually I did not know it was that easy to snag a minister. ( I am kind of new to this). And I just turned 30 last month..not even a month yet..LOL….For me as a DL man your blog serves as a school/ knowledge center. I don’t feel comfortable coming up to men like that, and for the pastors, I don’t know if the ones I am attracted to get down like That’s what I am searching for good brother.

  9. You right Immanuel. We passed the footballers age group and I have no regrets. Guys our age are really hot too and it’s like evolving to another dynamic stage in my life. I’m sure you can attest when I say the fire is still there!!!!! Enjoy your day brother and like young Marcus said, keep posting my man..

  10. Pingback: Never Bite the Ass or Dick that Feeds You | Confessions of a Down-Low Brother: The Sequel

  11. I like street dudes. But now that the party line is dead I can’t find a street dude to save my life unless I’m out late night drunk and cruising guys. Basically the dudes who be by there self and not on the phone are the ones I try to Get. First thing they ask for is money. I always say no pay for play and most of them be still with it.

    But shit I’ll take a athlete!!!!!

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