His Girlfriend’s Panties

The panties Bishop left at my house.

The panties Bishop left at my house.

“Bishop” is a down-low man who came to the very first sex party “Van and I had a year ago.

He walked in the door all muscular and dark-skinned and handsome.

“This is my first sex party,” he said.

But Bishop got over his nervousness and got his life. He freaked on all three floors. I heard he busted a nutt like five times.

“That’s the best time I have had sexually in my life,” he texted me later. “Thanks so much for letting me drop by.”

Bishop has at least one teenage son and lives with his girlfriend.

He has a thick accent and sounds like he is from an African nation but denies it.

“I grew up in New York City around a lot of Caribbean and African people so I picked up the way they speak,” he explains.

I know he is lying but hey if he wants to be that down-low I will let him be that down-low.

Over the past year he has texted me and say all the things he likes to to do sexually.

He is really into women who are transgender and presses me to set up a threesome with them. He also masturbates a lot, often at his night job.

Well last Saturday morning he came over after work and played with Van and me.

He still had a handsome face but had noticeably gained weight since we last saw him — so much so that Van could barely recognize him.

And I guess he is starting to take that thing about transgender women to heart. He pulled down his pants and had on a pair of his girlfriend’s red lace underwear. He had gained so much weight they were hard to pull off his big booty.

“I want to get fucked,” he said. “A friend of mine told me to relax so I can take your dicks. Do you have any weed? Can I have a drink?”

“Bishop, I don’t smoke weed or drink at 9 in the morning,” I said. “It’s Pride weekend and Van and I have a busy day and I don’t want to be hung over out in the sun.”

So I made him a rum and juice and gave him a joint and sent him down in the basement to get high. About 20 minutes later he came back upstairs ready to go.

The sex was not good. When Van and I tried to fuck him he yelled so loudly we had to tell him to quiet down or wake the neighbors in the next rowhouse. We finally just pushed his head down in the pillows to shut him up.

Then he kept moving his hips around so much it was hard to push up in him. It got so boring I turned over and napped awhile. Van must have gotten frustrated because eventually he went downstairs and puttered around, leaving us in bed.

Finally I rubbed my dick between Bishop’s legs from behind, stuck my finger in his ass and he jacked off and busted. He had to shower and leave quickly because he had to take his son to football practice.

But he forgot the red lace underwear, leaving them crumpled by the bed. I hope his girlfriend doesn’t miss them.

“That was a real turn off,” Van said after I picked the panties off the floor and held them up for him to see. “Don’t you ever put on anything like that.”


23 thoughts on “His Girlfriend’s Panties

  1. Wow.thats kinda funny, i have had a dude so called straight wearing women’s panties? It was a big disappointment! !!. Lame dick comes from dudes that brag about sex . Waste of time. They like alot of phone sex. I dont get off on that.

  2. Well alrighty then… I think I have to add Panties to my list of deal breakers because that is just soooooo weird to me. I remember one time this guy wanted me to put on a pair of heels while he fucked me. I couldn’t get to my car fast enough. -_- when I’m turned off by something weird like that, I’m just completely over the whole situation I guess. And then, to just drop trou and reveal red laced panties…and the sex wasn’t even worth it, y’all need to chuck that nigga the deuces. Lmao rt tho


  3. Lol. Sounds like he may be struggling with some sexuality issues….idk .
    I myself like men. Black men. If I wanted a female I go for that
    Just me. My preference is the BM physique.

    • Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it. I don’t think he has issues. He just has a certain kink and that’s wearing women’s panties — lace with ribbons of course. Everyone has certain things that turn them on. And if it does turn them on it’s normal for them. I try not to judge but I draw the line on scat, children and animals.

      • I totally agree I have a fetish myself and never looked at that dynamic sorry to sound judgemental, sometimes we gotta work the kinks out.

  4. Thanks for sharing Immanuel. That was a very funny story and I needed that laugh for today! Everybody has their fetishes – I certainly have mine (hairy chests and man scents) so I am not one to judge. Maybe you and Van can wash them and use them for your next playtime. LOL! Keep your posts coming – you know how I enjoy them!

  5. Hey man. I know Van told you not to ever put on anything like that but_ just for fun I would love to see you in those pretty red panties with a full erection. I think that would be sexy as hell!!!!!!!. Lol. If anyone agree and would like to see a picture of Manny in those red panties with a full throbbing erection please comment by voting yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hehehehehe ……. this is truly off the hinges!!! And I vote YES!!! I wanna see you Manny looking all freaky and delicious!!!

  7. Ow. Sounds pretty nasty. Whatever the guy had going on with looking good the first time you met him, seems to have left. Hate those lame-ass hookups where I could have just jacked off (or fucked the man next to me in bed that morning) and gone about my damn Saturday. Was Van annoyed? I might have been. Burn his panties and be glad for tomorrow, when you are one day farther away from that shit. I get off on a man telling me to fuck his pussy, but not on a man who dresses his up like one.

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