The Phone Booth

A New York City phone booth back in the day. You just don't see them too much anymore.

A New York City phone booth back in the day. You just don’t see them too much anymore.

When I was a teenager in the late 70s and early 80s and my mother dropped us off at the bowling alley or a concert or the movies she always told us to make sure we had two dimes or a quarter to call her from a pay phone booth so she could pick us up.

But I haven’t seen a public phone booth or phone stall in years. With so many people, even pre-teens, owning cellphones I guess they are obsolete.

However a friend of mine of named “Damone” said phone booths used to play a big role in Baltimore’s gay cruising scene. In fact that is how he got to have sex with a man for the first time.

Damone got teased as a child for being gay because he liked playing with the girls and their dolls. As he got older and more street-wise he toughened up, deepened his voice, dated girls and even sold drugs on the streets, although lesbians ran the enterprise.

“Sometimes these lesbians would take me to gay bars and I got curious about having sex with men,” said Damone, a smooth, slight brown-skinned black man man with straight, shiny black hair.

“I would sneak back to the gay bars without them but I was really shy about hooking up with anyone.”

However, Damone found out that gay men then would get the numbers of certain phone booths in Baltimore and call them. So if you heard a phone booth ringing and nobody was around most likely it was somebody trying to get sex.

He discovered there was one such phone booth in front of a liquor store in his Park Heights neighborhood. So Damone hung near the phone booth one night and sure enough it rang. So he picked it up the receiver.


“Hey man, you looking?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Damone said.

“Look, I just want to suck some good dick. I will pay,” the caller said. “You got a big dick?”

Damone's dick.

Damone’s dick.

“Yeah. It’s pretty big for my size. That’s cool. I need some cash. What’s your address.”

So Damone took the bus to an apartment a few miles away and met the caller, a nice looking man about 25 years old.

“That was like being an old man to me then,” Damone said.

Damone claims the man paid him $50 to let him suck his dick. $50 to suck a dick in 1990, I thought? That was a lot of money then.

Damone explained though the man wanted him to keep coming back. And that is what he did. And that is the story of how Damone started fucking with men.

11 thoughts on “The Phone Booth

  1. I am dating myself here..but i remember when guys would put their phone numbers on the bathroom wall in the bookstores/arcades. I called one guy and he wanted to suck dick….we hooked up and I would drop by his place on the way to work at least twice a week for several years. 🙂

  2. When we want a nut, we will find a way to get it no matter the odds. I had no clue using payphones was a thing. I read ancient Greeks use to get down in bathhouses. Gay men, I tell ya, we’re a resilient and creative bunch.

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