Lost and Found


You know your sex parties are good when folks leaving drawers.

For those guys who were so caught up in our sex parties they forgot their drawers “Van” and I have started a Lost and Found box.

Please reclaim these lost undies at the next party. They have been washed and folded.

P.S. We have kept all lost thongs for our personal trophy thong collection.

22 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Since you had to wash them, perhaps the owners should be required to blow one or both of you to get them back. If he’s really sexy, tell him he has to bend over and let one or both of you fuck him.

    It only seems right…….

  2. That has always been a thing I never understood…how do you leave a sexual experience without your draws, both girls and guys. I just don’t get it!
    I have never got home, and then realized I don’t have the underwear I left home with…Never!
    Have I got home with them in my pockets? Yep, more than a few times.
    Have I got home with them bunched up inside my pants leg? Yeah sure, who hasn’t?

    I think the problem is that they are wearing too inexpensive draws. Maybe if they spent more, then maybe they would be more likely to return home, to which they left home with. The sweaty Hanes you can get them on layaway at Sears, so… The ones in the middle look like Jockeys or Kirkland brand from Costco, so a bargain…cool. Not sure about the ones on the left. Do tell.
    All I have to say is 2(xist), Ralph Lauren, or Andrew Christian would be remembered and not left in cum soaked pile on someone’s sex party fl99r.

    • LOL, you got that right! At one of our parties I wore a black sheer boxer brief (the legs were solid but you could see through to my business parts). Those joints cost me almost $30. I could find them. I put out a shot out and they were in a corner somewhere. But I got them back! And yeah the drawers they left weren’t the really expensive kind. I do have a red and black thong but they belonged to this porn actor and I asked him for them so they weren’t really lost.

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