Read GoodTopBrutha!

Rock's blog goodtopbrutha

Rock’s blog goodtopbrutha

I have known “Rock” for years and he is an avid reader of my blog and good and supportive friend. Often he will comment on what I write and share stories from his own experiences.

Trust me his stories of being a masculine, black top in the Armed Forces are hot. Rock has sampled men from all over the planet.

Hey, but don’t trust me secondhand. Thanks to the encouragement from me and others Rock has launched his blog today. Please check it out.

And Rock welcome to the blogosphere!

– Your friend, Immanuel

10 thoughts on “Read GoodTopBrutha!

  1. Immanuel, I can’t thank brothers like you and your friend Rock enough for blogging. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now. Reading your blog has helped me decide to be “a grown ass man” and just be me!

    I’m glad your friend is retired and out of service. I can only imagine all the mental bullshit and twists required to be discreet and navigate DADT for a couple of decades (while I served under DADT, at the time my orientation was “straight” so I didn’t have those problems).

    Like you, I realized my attraction to men later in life (though I haven’t yet acted on it) and I’ve recently decided to be “out.” Your sex life is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more active than mine has been or probably will ever be (lol), but what you share is real and natural and is also a part of the “learning process.”

    Much peace, love, and wishes for your continued success!

  2. I guess I should expect to read a lot of stories involving blood and accidental shitting considering he wears a Magnum XXX condom.

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