Immanuel’s Gay Words of Wisdom


1. A man that doesn’t clean his ass is usually messy outside the bedroom too.

2. Just because a man is big and tall and has big hands and feet doesn’t mean he has a big dick.

3. Feminine guys are usually the toughest men in the room.

4. Men who bash gays fantasize about sucking dick.

5. The quiet ones are the biggest freaks.

6. Age means nothing. There are many old faggots still playing young faggots tricks.

7. Papa may have. Mama may have. But God Bless the gay man who has his own.

8. Don’t fuck over people, lie, cheat or steal because what goes around comes around faster in the gay world.

9. The gay world is smaller and folks know your business better than you do. So focus on living with integrity instead of creating a fake persona.

10. Always keep a fuck buddy  (or two) in your phone contacts.

Readers please share your gay words of wisdom!

26 thoughts on “Immanuel’s Gay Words of Wisdom

  1. Hahaha. Immanuel you are too funny. Your # 9:The gay world is smaller and folks know your business better than you do. Immanuel you post ALL your sexual activities online. That’s how people know all your shit. But, you are PROUD of your sexual exploits and conduct. They reflect the ‘real you.’ But then again, as you state: Age means nothing. There are many old faggots still playing young faggots tricks. Ouch.

  2. If you want to be in a long term relationship, learn how to DATE. For those of you who don’t know what “dating” is, dating is when you spend time and/or go out with a person for an extended period of time before having sex.

  3. Me again. I forgot to say that I commented on your other blog but this is my first time commenting on this one. I enjoy your site and reading about your experiences. It’s nice to know that you can be a middle aged gay man and still get plenty of action at least if your escapades are any indication. lol

  4. Great post! 3, 7, and 10 are the truth if there ever was one! If I could add my own lil’ nugget of wisdom: Thou Shall Not Out A Fellow LGBTQIA+ Identifier

  5. My word of wisdom is for my black brothers. When it comes to sex, please don’t limit yourself to just to our race. You’ll be quite surprised if you get the right white guy plus it expands your search for Mr. Right. 🙂

    • Other Wisdom: HIV is not the only thing sexually active gay men have to watch out for. Gay men should educate themselves about Hep A, B – and C (if they use intravenous drugs) and get vaccinated for these. Vaccination, before hand, WORKS. Get educated about HPV and get vaccinated for this as well. Many people who have STIs show NO SIGNS.
      Oh check out the video series #AsktheHIVdoc on youtube for good sexual health advice.

  6. I agree with words of wisdom# 10 for everybody gay or straight as long as they play safe and be respectful. Everyone I know like hamburgers and hotdogs. Nothing wrong with a nice big juicy steak every now and then.

  7. I was watching one of my favorite chaturbate guys today and he was fucking his BF who took a whole shit on him. Shit got on the carpet and on his dick. please clean ya ass!!!!!

    I seen plenny of fem guys beat up masuline guys in a let out after the club close.

    Gay guys need that lesson of having their own in Philly!!!

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