Immanuel’s Gay Words of Wisdom


1. A man that doesn’t clean his ass is usually messy outside the bedroom too.

2. Just because a man is big and tall and has big hands and feet doesn’t mean he has a big dick.

3. Feminine guys are usually the toughest men in the room.

4. Men who bash gays fantasize about sucking dick.

5. The quiet ones are the biggest freaks.

6. Age means nothing. There are many old faggots still playing young faggots tricks.

7. Papa may have. Mama may have. But God Bless the gay man who has his own.

8. Don’t fuck over people, lie, cheat or steal because what goes around comes around faster in the gay world.

9. The gay world is smaller and folks know your business better than you do. So focus on living with integrity instead of creating a fake persona.

10. Always keep a fuck buddy  (or two) in your phone contacts.

Readers please share your gay words of wisdom!