The Sex Party After Party

“Van” and I had another sex party Friday night. It was a hit as usual — almost 50 guys showed up at our door.

And “Mykal,” a sexy, handsome, short, brown-skinned man in his 30s with a thick beard and hairy chest, was one of the last to arrive.

He had been at the casino all night and lost $200. Then he remembered a friend had told him about a sex party nearby so he decided to recoup his losses by getting some dick and ass.

“I don’t get to freak too often but when I do I like to go all out,” he said.

I watched him play with others and assumed he was a straight top.

He was the last to leave the party, talking to Van and me while we ran around the house cleaning up condom wrappers and plastic cups.

He was very masculine. He had fooled around with both women and men and had an eight-year-old daughter but was now exclusively into men.

He is a truck driver for a grocery store chain now but growing up in Southeast D.C. he used to scrap alot and get in trouble. He had a bullet wound in his side from a brawl to prove it.

“Look I have some traffic citations and only have a provisional license and really I’m only supposed to be driving during the day or for work,” he admitted. “Can I crash here until daylight — I don’t want the police to pull me over.”

So we showered and hopped in bed and cuddled with Mykal nestled between Van and me.

But then he started pushing his little bubble ass on my dick and jacking Van’s dick till it got hard.

And it became clear with no words said that this sexy little dude with the gravely voice wanted to get fucked.

And fucked hard.

Had he lied about the driving problems as an excuse to stay?

Van and I gave him what he wanted as the sun rose and light filled the bedroom.

Here are the pics:









24 thoughts on “The Sex Party After Party

    • LOL Damonjay Van and I hosts so really don’t play much but here are some highlights: Parts of the house got so hot dudes were sweating bullets. Some dudes went out my basement door and we’re fucking outside – I had to make them come in. This handsome lightskinned dude got on his knees and was sucking dick after dick. He said it was his first party. The liquor ran out at 2 am! I almost threw out 2 dudes who looked underage — they claimed they were 21. I’m going to have to start carding. It was Gemini night…there were like 8 of us in the house. I could go on and on. It was fun.

      • Immanuel, think some years ago you were married with children – now this (life) (smile). Nice to see that even somewhat later in life it is easy for some men to attract sexual partners with relative easy. The life can be somewhat beauty and youth worshiping. Glad to see what you and Van did not bareback every guy in the room. Some of the guys may have had stis and /or hiv and some partygoers are not going to disclose this at the door even though it is the right thing to do.
        Anyway you must be one fine muthafucka, gettin’ all that ass. (check the house, after these parties to see if anything turns up missing, too)

      • Thanks for the advice. Nope never bareback and condoms are all over the house when we have parties. And we have never had a theft. Most of the guys at the parties we know and we put up all valuables. It’s really a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Otherwise we wouldn’t have them from time to time.

  1. Oh Wow!! I can only imagine how slamming that party was! Your overnight guest is just my type,masculine,meaty and hairy, I bet I would have enjoyed him loads!!!

  2. I loved the pics as well and I am in agreement with Fortune. I love hairy, masculine and meaty guys myself. Hairy chests turn me on!!! Glad you had a good time at your party!

  3. Nice. Ive noticed that from the pics you show on here, alot of the guys arent too muscular or carrying the “hard-rock abs”. Just a little average/toned fit. Since you guys are older, do you worry less about finding the perfect body type in these men as oppose to the younger guys like myself who admire the muscles and abs a little more? Also how do yall go about advertising your parties if you want to draw in new people?

    • I still get hit on by all body types although personally I was never into really muscular six-pack abs men. Just give someone who is toned. And sexiness can come in all shapes and sizes and a nice personality goes a long way. At the parties we get all types of body types…we have a relaxed door policy…and we get guys from age 21 to over 60. Matter of fact one of the most muscular guys who ever came was this 60-year-ol leather guy who put the young brothers to shame. As far as younger people who crave the “perfect” bodies as you get older you realize that is a fantasy. Most people are average and you learn to appreciate more body types. Also, a lot of what you see in the media is well…just fake, airbrush, and edited. And As far as advertising we use adam4adam and jack’d and sometimes Craigslist.

  4. Awesome pictures Immanuel. I enjoyed all of them. The upclose shot of you going deep up in that azz is off the chain…..Glad the party was a huge success. My cousin is planning one in rehoboth next month with a interracial sex theme flavor. Will keep you posted and thanks for keeping us in the loop. :-).

  5. It’s good to know that you have an open door policy to your parties. No matter how old we are or how our body changes, we still enjoy good sex.
    I am getting more play now than I did in my 30’s and 40’s. Go figure.
    I was at a sex party yesterday, and some of the guys were talking about PREP. Have you ever heard of it? Have a great week, Man!!

    • Hey Damonjay glad you are still enjoying life. Yep I’ve heard of prep and discussed it briefly with my doctor. Haven’t tried it. Think I’m going to stick to condoms.

  6. Yeah you might wanna start carding(or only carding those you’re suspicious of.) My ass was trying to get into sex parties at 15 years old. My voice sounded manly as hell on the phone but my facial hair didn’t come in until I was 18 so I was always turned away.

    • Ok in my suburban white voice lol! OMG! I would love to kick it like this… You and Van have a rare relationship that you can be open and free like that… Heads off (as in Hats) full of that sweet load yall must have busted! Dude is hairy love that on some Brothas.. I would have busted just doing the B and G…haha. Thanks for sharing Immanuel.

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