When the Pressure Builds

Every few months I will get a text from “Armin,” a tall, handsome, married man of American Indian, Black and Latino descent.

“What are you and ‘Van’ doing,” he will ask. ” I can get away and I need to relieve some stress. We can all meet at the Crew Club.”

When Armin comes out to play it’s no holds barred. He is pent up.

And from what I can gather he does have a lot on his plate.  Three kids. Wifey. An aging mother who is ill. And a pressure cooker job in law enforcement.

I guess being on the down-low gives him a chance to escape.

I met Armin when I was still married myself. He is an inch taller than I at six feet three and has a dick close to 10 inches.

We would tag team bottoms together, pounding them till they said uncle. And then lay around awhile and kiss each other and just talk.

The thing I like about him is despite his tough man job he always has a smile on his face and a chuckle that is infectious.


Armin's body. Told you he is hot.

Last week he was free again and hooked up with us at Van’s place. I invited an African friend to add some spice to the stew.

I have always seen Armin top but he surprised me, saying he wanted some dick. He lay back and let Van fuck him while I and my African buddy watched.

His face showed pain when Van slid his long dick in. But by the moans I could tell there was pleasure too.

Then I fucked him, his hole opening slowly as I pushed in deeper. It was tight but he gave way.

I have to admit it was hot to explore this new side of Armin.

Then while Armin fucked Van I crept up behind him and fucked him while he did Van.

“Wow, that’s some hot shit,” said my African friend.

And then we all busted a nutt, and Armin dressed and returned to his pressure cooker life in the burbs.

“Had a great time last night, thanks,” he texted the next morning.

But then a few days later I got this text.

“Might be free at the end of next week. I will text you.”

So the pressure must be building back up.

Lost and Found


You know your sex parties are good when folks leaving drawers.

For those guys who were so caught up in our sex parties they forgot their drawers “Van” and I have started a Lost and Found box.

Please reclaim these lost undies at the next party. They have been washed and folded.

P.S. We have kept all lost thongs for our personal trophy thong collection.

Read GoodTopBrutha!

Rock's blog goodtopbrutha

Rock’s blog goodtopbrutha

I have known “Rock” for years and he is an avid reader of my blog and good and supportive friend. Often he will comment on what I write and share stories from his own experiences.

Trust me his stories of being a masculine, black top in the Armed Forces are hot. Rock has sampled men from all over the planet.

Hey, but don’t trust me secondhand. Thanks to the encouragement from me and others Rock has launched his blog goodtopbrutha.wordpress.com today. Please check it out.

And Rock welcome to the blogosphere!

– Your friend, Immanuel

This has been a historic week…

Georgia residents Larry Carter, star of the web series "The Boyz Next Door" and Antoine Nolan Carter had to travel to Washington, D.C. to get married. Now same-sex couples around the nation won't have to travel to states where same-sex marriage is legal, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Cort. Photo courtesy of Discoveryingmeallday blog.

Georgia residents Larry Carter, star of the web series “The Boyz Next Door,” and Antoine Nolan Carter had to travel to Washington, D.C. to get married. Now same-sex couples around the nation won’t have to travel to states where same-sex marriage is legal, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Cort. Photo courtesy of Discoveryingmeallday blog.

I have to admit the mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. had me reeling. Would this racial hate never end?

Then historic events starting transpiring. You could see God on the move.

Southern states, after decades of hardcore resistance, started moving to take down that hateful Confederate flag after photos were revealed of the shooter sporting the Stars and Bars.

Then Walmart and other retailers yanked Confederate flag merchandise off their shelves.

Maybe, just maybe this nation is now ready to have a serious discussion about addressing entrenched racism although it is a shame Trayvon Martin, the members of Emanuel AME Church, and many others had to be martyrs to get us to this place.

Then the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act so millions of lower income Americans do not have to make the choice between paying a medical bill or paying for rent or food. Plus the court yesterday upheld a provision of the Fair Housing Act to prevent housing discrimination.

And today the Supreme Court legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states!

My partner “Van” and I have discussed marriage. It’s the next logical choice if our relationship continues and we merge households as planned. But now if we do we won’t have to worry about living in a state that does not recognize a marriage made in another.

The Charleston tragedy is still on my mind and I pray for the victims, their survivors and our nation. But this week has given me more hope that ultimately love does prevail over hate.

Q: Hey my single readers, now that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states will you get married?

Immanuel’s Gay Words of Wisdom


1. A man that doesn’t clean his ass is usually messy outside the bedroom too.

2. Just because a man is big and tall and has big hands and feet doesn’t mean he has a big dick.

3. Feminine guys are usually the toughest men in the room.

4. Men who bash gays fantasize about sucking dick.

5. The quiet ones are the biggest freaks.

6. Age means nothing. There are many old faggots still playing young faggots tricks.

7. Papa may have. Mama may have. But God Bless the gay man who has his own.

8. Don’t fuck over people, lie, cheat or steal because what goes around comes around faster in the gay world.

9. The gay world is smaller and folks know your business better than you do. So focus on living with integrity instead of creating a fake persona.

10. Always keep a fuck buddy  (or two) in your phone contacts.

Readers please share your gay words of wisdom!

The Sex Party After Party

“Van” and I had another sex party Friday night. It was a hit as usual — almost 50 guys showed up at our door.

And “Mykal,” a sexy, handsome, short, brown-skinned man in his 30s with a thick beard and hairy chest, was one of the last to arrive.

He had been at the casino all night and lost $200. Then he remembered a friend had told him about a sex party nearby so he decided to recoup his losses by getting some dick and ass.

“I don’t get to freak too often but when I do I like to go all out,” he said.

I watched him play with others and assumed he was a straight top.

He was the last to leave the party, talking to Van and me while we ran around the house cleaning up condom wrappers and plastic cups.

He was very masculine. He had fooled around with both women and men and had an eight-year-old daughter but was now exclusively into men.

He is a truck driver for a grocery store chain now but growing up in Southeast D.C. he used to scrap alot and get in trouble. He had a bullet wound in his side from a brawl to prove it.

“Look I have some traffic citations and only have a provisional license and really I’m only supposed to be driving during the day or for work,” he admitted. “Can I crash here until daylight — I don’t want the police to pull me over.”

So we showered and hopped in bed and cuddled with Mykal nestled between Van and me.

But then he started pushing his little bubble ass on my dick and jacking Van’s dick till it got hard.

And it became clear with no words said that this sexy little dude with the gravely voice wanted to get fucked.

And fucked hard.

Had he lied about the driving problems as an excuse to stay?

Van and I gave him what he wanted as the sun rose and light filled the bedroom.

Here are the pics: