Florida Swinging: The Luck of the Irish (Spaniard)

When “Van” and I got back to the hotel early this morning from the Boardwalk we planned to sit by the pool and relax.

But then a guest at the hotel “Roberto,” a handsome Irish/Spanish guy from the West Coast, came out and struck up a conversation.

To be honest we had been exchanging flirty glances with Roberto since Sunday.

His body is banging with a pierced big dick, nice pecs, arms and abs.

After idly chit chatting for awhile he asked, ” Can i suck your dick?”

I said yes, and it was on and popping on by the poolside on a humid Florida night.

Here are the pics:


Roberto shows off his Prince Albert.


Roberto and Van pose.


Roberto taking on both our dicks.


...and sucking them.


Van jacking on Roberto, who demanded we nutt on his chest.


Our nutt on Roberto.


Nice body.


Beautiful ass.

18 thoughts on “Florida Swinging: The Luck of the Irish (Spaniard)

  1. That
    Looked hot as hell Immanuel!!
    I’d love to have watched you all get down.
    Yeah I’m freaky like that, I admit

  2. Hey Manny,
    Hooked on these nice pictures. Hot as hell!!!!!. Wish I was a guest there to share the view in person. My thick dick is throbbing just from looking at the pics. Lol

  3. Wow. From the third pic, it seems like Van’s dick is even longer than yours! And we all have seen that you have a big dick. You guys as a tag team must be hell to take!

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