DL Confessions Interview: Adult Entertainer Buster Sly

Buster Sly. Photo courtesy of his website.

Buster Sly. Photo courtesy of his website.

Gay adult entertainer Buster Sly thought he was going to get fired the first time he made a pornographic film.

The EbonyD porn company saw model shots of Buster, were impressed with his good looks, and invited him to Toronto during Gay Pride to shoot sex scenes.

But the lights, camera and unfamiliarity with performing sex on demand made Buster so nervous he had problems keeping an erection.

To make matters worse on the last day of filming he was supposed to take part in a group jackoff scene where all seven actors were supposed to cum at the same time. But another actor played with Buster’s ass and he busted his nutt too soon — off camera.

“They were pissed,” Buster told me. “I just knew they would never hire me again.”

Despite his nervousness fans liked him and demanded the company feature him in more films. So a professional porn actor was born.

Buster, who shot his first scene at age 44 and his now 49, has done work for Forbidden Funk Media, Dirty Dawg Productions, and Alkaline Studios to name a few.

I identify with Sly and like watching him because he looks like men I roll with. He has a clean cut, grown-man look and brings passion to the game.

Still, Buster admits he had problems breaking into black films because producers didn’t think his look was thug enough.

Buster says he is completely open with his sexuality and what he does for a living and appreciates everyone who follows his career, even people who take the time to post snarky comments about his decision to do porn.

“I don’t get the shame — not even close,” he said. “I told my parents before I got into porn what I planned to do. My nieces and nephews know and chat with my fans on my website. My grandmother even knows.”

“I’m grateful for my family and unconditional love really is that,” he said.

Want to learn more about Buster? Visit his website www.bustersly.com, follow him on Twitter @BusterSlyXXX, on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Sylvester.Buster.Sly or his blog. And check out my favorite Buster Sly clip, this hot Daddy/Son scene with Troy, courtesy of Pornhub.

Buster is visiting Washington, D.C. this week on his way to Europe, where he will continue working to make his web-based fashion and porn business a success.

My boyfriend “Van” and I had planned to hire him for massage but due to scheduling and the fact Van and I were shuttling back and forth between Baltimore and D.C. over the last few days we couldn’t connect.

However I texted Buster tonight and asked whether I could interview him for my blog and to my surprise he agreed. So I talked to him while he ran into a McDonald’s to use the bathroom and order a burger.

Buster was born in Austin, Texas but his father was in the military and the family ended up in North Pole, Alaska, a suburb of Fairbanks. The town’s main attraction is the Santa Claus House but Buster warned me not to go there because it’s a tourist trap.

The Santa Claus House in Buster's hometown of North Pole, Alaska. Photo courtesy of nydailynews.com.

The Santa Claus House in Buster’s hometown of North Pole, Alaska. Photo courtesy of nydailynews.com.

Buster always knew he was gay. One of his earliest pleasurable sexual experiences was playing around with other members of his high school varsity basketball team.

At age 13 he asked his father what homosexuality was and his Dad explained that as long as two people loved each other it didn’t matter what gender they were.

However, Buster’s childhood and teen years were not all so smooth. Starting at age six he was molested by an uncle who was gay. The uncle died when Buster was 18 and Buster got tested for AIDS and discovered he is HIV positive.

“That was his parting gift,” he said of his uncle.

When his family found out about his status a sister wanted Buster to move in with her, her husband and two kids so she could take care of him during what everyone thought would be the little bit of life he had left. She even offered to let him bring his lover with him.

But Buster wanted to live life to the fullest. And surprisingly he stayed healthy long enough to survive until life-saving HIV treatments arrived.

“If I’m going to die I’m going to enjoy life,” he said. “Then to find out 20 plus years later I’m extremely healthy.”

The key to making it in the porn business is to control your own product and brand, Buster explained. Thankfully, online porn offers something for everybody so he has been able to find a niche.

If you like men with salt and pepper hair there is porn that caters to that, he said. If you like bears you can find online scenes that will keep your dick hard. And if you prefer porn where black men top white men or white men top black men all you got to do is Google, Buster said.

So there is definitely a market for mature black men like himself, said Buster, who says gay black men are increasingly breaking out of the stereotypical, homothug porn genre.

Buster has 10 different designers making clothes for him, which he will sell on the web. He has done seven porn scenes but wants to film about 10 more before posting them on his website.

He also does live sex shows and hosts Gay Pride Events, including an upcoming one in Belgium.

I asked him why so many gay porn actors get into drugs and tend to die by suicide. Buster explained the industry is very exploitative, with people who use emotionally or financially vulnerable men.

“It has everything to do with the entertainment industry,” he explained. “You have predators who gravitate to it.”

But Buster, a freewheeling Aquarian who loves to travel, plans to stay in the adult industry.

“I love what I do,” he said. “I love the opportunities that it affords me. Yet I also believe in being a responsible steward. I believe I can win and the people who work with me will win.”

“Anyone who works with me I definitely believe in empowering them and not enslaving them,” he said.




19 thoughts on “DL Confessions Interview: Adult Entertainer Buster Sly

  1. Hey Man, I trust all is well in your world. Thanks for this blog. I had never heard of Mr. Buster Sly. It is refreshing to see mature men doing porn.
    Now you need to embark on a second career…..:) Peace and blessings!!

  2. I started crying when I read what happened to him as a child. I needed to pray after reading that. I’m happy he’s happy and healthy but I must say I found it odd that his nieces and nephews chat with his fans.
    Lastly I must say you and Buster give me hope for the future. You’re both fit and still able to get it up in your 40’s. Hopefully it continues well into your 50’s.

    • Hey excuse me I’m not in my 40s lol. I will be 51 the end od next week. Buster will be 50 Jan. 30. So I’m already in my 50s. A doctor once told me keep having sex because the more you have the more you want and the cardiovascular workout and hormone rush is good. When you stop using is when you lose!

  3. Oh, he is hot and handsome. Always happy to learn about a new sexy man. Found some of his movies online. Pretty hot. No shortage of bareback, which kind of had me scratching my head.

    • Hey Worst_1_yet (how did you come up with that name? LOL). Yes he is handsome. And when I see guys bareback in porn I just assume they are HIV positive.

    • Hey Worst_1_yet (how did you come up with that name? LOL). Yes he is handsome. And when I see guys bareback in porn I just assume they are HIV positive.

  4. Imman-/Mymanuelle, A fair assumption, I suppose, though I somehow never made the connection. Name is a play on someone’s brag of being the “first one yet / ever.” Changing “first” to “worst” had me thinking: Yeah, that about sums it up. 😀

  5. Exactly my type too Manny. Older mature and sexy as hell!!! Liked the father/son video you included in the article. Made me think of my godson. Lol. The adult film industry is off the chain right now and I don’t blame him for wanting a piece of the pie. Take care dude and enjoy your day. Peace

  6. I have seen that video before with Buster and I fell in love with his sexy accent and his hot body. Thanks for sharing the information Immanuel. This is my favorite blog on the Internet! Please know that I am a big fan of yours and would love meet my #1 blogger one day!

  7. You are quite a guy we talked once a few years ago and I have been watching you blow up. Good luck in your works man I think you are great.

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