Catching the Straight Boys

My friend "Everett" loves sucking dick in public, particularly straight males, just like the guy in a scene from this Pornhub video (

My friend “Everett” loves sucking dick in public, particularly the dicks of straight males, kinda like in this scene from a Pornhub video (

My friend “Everett” holds a medical degree, regularly lectures at colleges in Washington, D.C. and Maryland and lives in a large row house in one of D.C.’s up-and-coming Northwest neighborhoods.

But he has a sexual fetish that takes him to places very different from his day job in academia. He likes to suck straight boy dick.

And this is how he does it.

Everett will go for long walks at night, sometimes in neighborhoods not as nice as his own. And sometimes another black man will walk by and greet him.

“Nice night, ain’t it man,” the stranger may ask.

And Everett will answer, “Yeah, it’s a nice night but it would be better if I was sucking some dick.”

According to Everett, half the time this will lead to a conversation which will lead to him slipping into an alley with the guy, getting on his knees, and deep throating that dick until the guy busts a load. A load that Everett doesn’t let go to waste because he loves to eat creamy nutt.

“Immanuel, you would be surprised how many straight men  appreciate a good dick sucking,” he said. “They just want to get a good, quick nutt and go home.”

“Well, are they really straight,” I ask.

“Immanuel, men just like sex,” Everett answers. “The only difference is straight men have to pay prostitutes for freaky sex gay men do all the time.”

Some of these men will tell Everett they don’t have a gay bone in their body and don’t even look at men that way but appreciate a good slobber down or tight male ass. Others will say they have a wife or girlfriend at home who doesn’t give head or anal sex so they get it on the outside.

Yet others will say they served time in jail or prison and got good sex from men there, so why not when they get out, even if they have a wife or girlfriend on the outside?

Everett picks his targets carefully and follows certain rules. No. 1: He never approaches groups of guys because he doesn’t want to get beat up by a gang of homophobes. No. 2: He checks to make sure the man doesn’t have a weapon or looks like he would rob him.

And No. 3: If the man answers, “Yes, I will let you suck my dick if you pay me $20” Everett will keep moving. Because he knows a few blocks away he will find somebody who gives up dick for free.

You would be surprised how many straight men  appreciate a good dick sucking. They just want to get a good, quick nutt and go home.

One time Everett caught the bus late at night and saw an attractive brother with glasses. He looked like a dark-skinned version of Malcolm X — nice fade cut, nerdy but sexy, and square jawed. Everett couldn’t stop staring at him and sometimes the man stared back.

When the man got off the bus Everett followed him. You don’t have to guess what happened. Everett ended up sucking his dick in a dark park.

“His dick was huge and black,” Everett said. “I could barely get that thing in my mouth but it worked out and I got that nutt.”

“He gave me his phone number, but explained he was often at his girl’s house so I couldn’t call often.”

“We ended up hooking up for quite awhile but that all ended real quick when he started asking me for money.”

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

You see, the Malcolm X look-alike broke Everett’s rule No. 3.

Everett can rattle off places where he catches straight men: Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, the lower level men’s room at Union Station in Washington, D.C., Malcolm X Park in D.C., Martin Luther King Library in downtown, D.C., the park by the Canadian Embassy in D.C., and the Big Top Video store in downtown Baltimore.

Everett, who is a middle aged, tall, handsome brown-skinned man, also bemoans the fact that many of the X-rated video booth places in New York City, D.C., Baltimore and other places have closed as urban areas have become more gentrified.

His favorite place to get straight men was the Gayety Show World bookstore on “The Block,” Baltimore’s infamous red light district. The bookstore burned down in 2010.

“When I found out it had burned down I cried,” Everett said.

39 thoughts on “Catching the Straight Boys

  1. I have a problem when people say I sucked a ‘straight’ guy’s dick or a ‘straight guy’ fucked me. If your dick gets hard for another man,… my opinion, you are are at least bi-sexual.
    I know a guy that you can fuck till times get better and he says he is straight.
    There are some confused folks among us. 🙂

    • Damonjay hey man how you?! Thanks for bringing this up! I read a psychology book years ago that said all people are bisexual…it’s culture and religion that puts us in a straight or gay box. I firmly believe anyone can have sex with anyone. And these guys are bisexual no matter what they say. The fact some of them habituate cruise spots where they know gay men re just reinforces that.

  2. Hahahaha, Everett know its a ‘numbers game.’ If you prowl you might find a lonely, horny soul who is down for a ‘quickie.’ Straight men realize to get a girl they have to impress, woo and spend money in order to get her to do anything sexual. And yes, just like the rest of society objectifies and privately envies black men for there bodies, darker skin, and big endowments so do other black men.
    Everett obviously loves the thrill of the chase and doing something taboo. It is like a head rush. That the men he meets may have an std that they are not even aware of and who’s medical and sexual history he does not know of and has not tested them for being a medical professional does not seem to worry him. Its an escape from the ‘straightjacketed’ confines of his conservative work and perhaps personal life. Fortunately times have changed and will continue with gay marriage on the rise and the society becoming more tolerant of gay people (who have been certain walks, like the entertainment field since forever). Everett could get the same effect ( a nut) by watching porn in the privacy and safety of his own home. But why do that? Men like the thrill of the chase and being on the prowl. Its like a recreation, a sport.

    • You know Chuck I wondered about the STD thing but didn’t ask. Like man you work in medicine. But then I thought he can probably treat himself if he gets anything. Oh and your comment about the numbers game…spot on!

  3. doesn’t swallowing cum limit, if not remove, the risk of contracting an std as the stomach acids kills whatever? the main risk is if you have an sore/cut in your mouth?

    • hello I have read that regarding HIV but you can get syphilis and gonorrhea through oral sex. Which is why it’s important to see if there are sores or a dick is leaking. And syphilis sores can be very small or in a person’s mouth where you can’t see them.

  4. Maybe time to give up the terminology. I like Kinsey’s scale, 1=Never been with a guy and 6=Never been with a woman with 2,3,4,5 giving guys plenty of room to “keep it straight” but forcing all but the 1’s and 6’s to admit their “shade of grey”, their “shade of gay”. How can you cum in another man’s mouth and still call yourself “straight”? You’re sure as hell not a 1. Then again, how can you have been married and had kids and be forced to call yourself “gay” if you now have sex with men? Yeah, I know, sexuality is fluid, changeable and all too soon we’re talking about “identity” with trans folks forcing us all to give it all up. Guy who had sex with women becomes a woman, has sex with women and says “he” was a “lesbian” all along. “Gay guy” becomes a woman, has sex with a man but calls “himself” straight as now s/he is a “woman”. Can I expand the discussion a bit and bring up intimacy? How many of these “straight” guys giving up their creamy nut could kiss another man, with or without their cream in his mouth? And even more interesting would be being able to ask them to explain why, either way? Do these “straight” guys see another man’s mouth or ass as nothing but a living “fleshlight”? Somehow I doubt that. True confession, I googled this to check the spelling and came upon “fleshjacks”, new to me, and I cracked up at the variations, “jackass” having buttocks built in, “crystal ice” being transparent so you can see your cock in it while you jack off, opening shaped like a mouth or “tight boy hole” (less of a market for hairy man holes?) choice of color of the flesh, which brings me back to my question but with a twist… If we offered these “straight men” free fleshlights or fleshjacks, would they have a “preference”? I wish I could ask the “straight” men that Everett has the pleasure of sucking if it adds to or subtracts from their experience if Everett is jacking himself off while sucking them, in other words, is it best for them if Everett is just a mouth, making it somehow less “gay sex”. And finally, Immanuel, could you ask Everett how he views these men? I guess what I’m asking about is if Everett “buys into” this “gay-straight” labelling game. If the guy is passing himself off as “straight” does that enhance Everett’s experience? Sort of like asking if there is a difference in “straight cream” or “gay cream”? Hope this isn’t getting “too far out there” but geez, it’s been fun writing this. (And I thought I had it so nailed down when I would “challenge” my “tops” and “bottoms” if there was a difference between “dominant” and “passive” orgasms… now I’m asking about straight cum vs. gay cum! Lordy Lordy)

    • Way2ec lol. Nah it was a joy reading your comment no problem. As I wrote before sexually labels are stupid and sexually orientation is fluid and changeable. Ask me 10 years ago when I was straight and fucking my wife missionary style every Saturday morning before the kids woke up whether I would be where I am today? I’m going to email Everett right now and ask what does he consider these men he deals with. If he answers I will post.

  5. He’s brave to be able to just go there with any random man. I wonder how awkward it is for the men that turn him down tho.
    Someone up top mentioned STD’s. Could it be that maybe Everett being in the medical field allows him to be able to tell if someone has an STD? I remember seeing a talk show about prostitutes that work in a brothel and one claimed they don’t test customers because they were trained to tell if a man has an STD by examining his penis.
    Do I believe all these men are straight? Well… I remember you mentioning in an older post how many of us have our preferences(specifically for other races.) Maybe it’s best if we not question these men’s sexualities or else it will ruin the fantasy for Everett.
    Would we question these men’s sexualities if Everett blew them while wearing a wig and dress? Men will fuck a transvestite and according to some, that man is still straight despite the transvestite still having a penis.

  6. Okay I texted Everett to ask whether he thought these men are really straight. Here is his response: In their minds they are (straight). Obviously all of them aren’t straight but I think many do it because the sex is good and easy. Straight men want good head and to bust a tight ass. They get that from dudes. Also the sex is easy. Men often have to pay for sex with women in one way or another. For me all I want is sperm and most brothers are eager to share.

  7. Immanuel, your blog has gotten my dick hard so many times, I lost count years ago. Have spilled no small amount of nutt, as well.
    Nice. Damn. Have gotten head twice in public. That shit is crazy. There is something about a sexy man with a hot mouth and a public sex fetish that somehow makes me go along with it. ha. Got head twice more in my front yard and had 2 different guys want me to fuck them in my backyard, one who walked down the alley in only a jockstrap and sneakers. Shit was hot. Just got a new house in Brooklyn with a nice backyard. With summer coming on, I’m thinking I want to commune with nature again and get up in there under the stars. Take care and keep it up man.

  8. To each, his own. I personally couldn’t imagine putting a dick in my mouth that wasn’t fresh. At the very least, my dude would have to go get a washcloth and some soap right quick. I don’t even like smelling my own balls, I’m kinda notorious for taking 2-3 showers daily in the summer (or carrying some wet wipes in my glove compartment for a quick freshen up) bc dick cheese just ain’t for me. Let alone swooping down out the shadows on some random nigga and suck him off in a smoky dark alley, not knowing whether he’s musty, sweaty, or just plain rancid down there. I’d be interested to know if your friend is into the whole “sweaty balls” thing. Of the 3 guys that I’ve, um, “watermeloned” in the past, it didn’t really get my rocks off, so i don’t do it anymore, but apparently it’s like “a thing” that some dudes are waaaay into.


    • I have sucked a guy who just by his persona comes off as straight, but the way he gets into it while I’m sucking his beautiful black dick Idk? I don’t question it just enjoy pleasing this thug nigga, it’s hot!!

    • Yep Cogito he is way into it. I find it way risky from a personal safety and health standpoint. A friend who works in infectious diseases told me a man walked in the doctor’s office with a throat and lung infection from gonorrhea and syphilis combined. Come to find out the man got infected when he sucked 20 stray dicks at a sex club on West Virginia Avenue in Northeast D.C. Now that’s nasty. But you know the guy told my friend it was one of the most sexually fulfilling nights of his life.

  9. It’ll be cool if you can ask your friends about the times he got reject and the guys reactions to his come ons… I would love to hear about the awkward moments and the what the fuck moments and how he reacted to them lol

  10. Hello Manny
    On this subject I’ll have to piggyback on what Nayquan so clearly articulated. I always been very particular about personal hygiene. For that reason, I never been a fan of spontaneous sex. I’m a advocate for planned sex. I want to smell fresh mouthwash breath and a clean freshly bathed dove body from head to toe. I alway enjoy taking a nice hot bath with a female or male. Your buddy has his own personal fetish and I respect that…..can’t wait to hear his response to the rejection question. I alway associated with straight guys and many many many times wanted to approach them sexually but always wouldn’t with fear of being exposed, rejection and losing them as a friend.

  11. Immanuel,

    Your blog is a release and mentorship for me. As a young 20 something who is bisexual and discreet, I live through you and gain knowledge. Please keep writing.

    I would love to know about Everett’s rejections or awkward moments. So many men I want that are straight. I would make a pass if I knew how to deal with the risked embrassement and rejection.

    • Marcus thanks for the compliment and reading my blog. Here is Everett’s answer. Surprisingly he said nothing awkward or bad had happened: I love talking about the process of getting nutt (but love actually getting it more!). Amazingly I can’t think of situations of hostility, which was my biggest fear. It was fascinating to see what these guys would do at night in secrecy. They’re probably gay-bashers by day. But they don’t think having a dude swallow their nutt or busting a dude’s asshole compromises their manhood.

  12. Please thank him for us for answering our questions. I just wonder how he dealt with the rejection part. For the ones who did say no … Did he just walk of like nothing happen … Did they ask him to repeat himself because they were in disbelief or did they act like they did hear him and keep walking. I’m sure he had to be rejected a couple of times. If not that’s a bad man … My hats off to him lol o

  13. Interesting yet dangerous. Now I agree how can they be straight if they get aroused by sex with another man? They are Bi-Sexual and in Denial. Why not get some good ole Gay dick that can be straight acting? I’m just saying

    • The Black Male Nudist: Good evening man. Yep I get your point. What’s the point of labels anyway, I wonder? We put people in boxes all the time and they keep jumping out of them.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        I LOVE this comment.
        I sat here re-reading this with the SAME damn facial expressions I had 2 years prior.
        Your work sucks me in EVERYTIME, Emmanuel 🤣😅

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  15. Yoooo I thought I was the only one!!!!! Ctfu!!! Yo I like cruiseing guys late night too but I have to be drinking. And I have to be in my car to make a fast getaway if I had too. I don’t think these guys be straight because females love sucking dick too on the fly. My straight cousin call it going to look for victims Ctfu. While he be out late looking for victims to get in their panties I be looking for dudes. Straight looking street dudes.

    I try and get at the dudes that don’t look like they mess around. My rules are they can’t be on their phone. You never know who they talking to so they may not speak back. Number two is they have to be alone. Number three is they can’t look like they get down.

    If I see something I like I will holler out my window yo sexy!!! If they come to the car they always ask am I looking for weed. It never fails. So I be like naw I’m tryna suck u off. They either say I’m not into that or how much u paying or they tell me to open the car and jump in. Most of the time they hoping in the wheel. I got tint so we pull over and get it poping. If they start rubbing my ass I know they are sexually active with men. If they don’t touch me then I be thinking that that maybe they not active but just want the dick suck. But all them dudes always pull out a hard dick. I never have to suck to get it hard. They be wanting it just as much as me. Don’t judge me!!! Weakness for street boys.

      • I normally do it late at night like after 3am. I’m normally coming from some type of social outing with friends. That time of the night it’s not a lot of people out so they are more likely to come over to the wheel to see what I’m up too. I’m always tipsy I’m never sober unless I get that for sure look from a dude. I do it in the hood. I live in a area that’s being gentrified so there are hood dudes still in my neighborhood but I never do it in my neighborhood. And I do it where it’s likely to be dudes that’s walking alone. Near bars or the subway. Or drug infested neighborhoods where it be dudes still out getting money from doing what ever they doing in the street. The last time I did it was like in June. Not something I will just get out my bed and go looking. Everybody knows liquor gives you courage lol. A couple repeated. The first time I ever did it was like 2012. I was coming from the bar and I saw this fine thuged our young bul. He was like 25. So my drunk ass Hollard out the window “you look good as shit” he motioned with his hands for me to turn around but I just pulled over. I was nervous as fuck and once he got to the car I noticed he was too. And he looked even better and sexier up front. So he was like what’s up I got dimes of loud. I know I screamed you are sexy loud as fuck so I ignored him and just told him I was horney and wanted to top him off. He thought about it for a min. A long minute and I waited patiently Ctfu. He finally told me to open the car and I did. I was dealing with him for about a year. He lived with his girlfriend so our time togeather was always short. His stroke game was crazy. I let him fuck too. I’m always cleaning my ass for every occasion and I happend to had cleaned out before I left work cause my plans was to hit the gay park up before I went home after I left the bar. And no I don’t get fucked in parks but if somebody wanted to eat me out or play with my hole while sucking my dick I need my ass to be fresh always. He called me from jail one day and that was the only call I got from him and the last time we spoke.

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