The Wrestler

Army wrestler Caylor Williams. No I don't know whether or not he is gay but the photo was hot. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army.

Army wrestler Caylor Williams. No I don’t know whether he is gay but the photo is hot. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army.

My buddy “Asa” started wrestling when he was five years old and continued all the way up through college.

So I had to ask. “Are a lot of wrestlers gay?”

He thought for a moment and smiled. “Yeah, a lot.”

“So tell me how did you start doing men?”

“Okay Immanuel, I will tell you.”

Asa’s family is Nigerian and wrestling had always been a big deal for them.

When he was in high school he met another guy from Nigeria on his wrestling team. They had a lot in common since they both came from immigrant families from the Motherland.

So “Wale” and Asa began hanging out a lot.

One day they had a half day off from school and decided to hang at Asa’s house since his parents were at work and his siblings out playing in the park.

They started off playing video games.

“Hey, let’s practice some of our wrestling moves,” Wale suggested.

“Okay, cool.”

So they got o the floor and got into position and started grappling with each other. Eventually Wale, who was taller and more wiry than Asa, put Asa in a full Nelson position he couldn’t escape from.

But instead of releasing him, Wale pulled his face closer and kissed Asa on his lips and neck. Soon they were doing some serious foreplay — I mean they got to third base and we’re rounding home.

And before his brother came home from the playground and his parents got home from work Asa had fucked Wale with his thick uncut dick and Wale had dug into Asa’s ass with his long, dark pipe.

“I got caught up but I felt so guilty afterward,” said Asa, who grew up in a conservative, traditional Christian family. “I felt like I was going straight to hell.”

Asa said for days he felt like he had a giant “G” for gay marked on his forehead in scarlet ink for all the world to see. Like the act of committing gay sex alone had somehow branded him and everyone could see he got down with men.

His classmates. The guy at the McDonald’s counter. Even his kid sister.

But he kept having sex with Wale because it just felt so right and eventually he got over his guilt. By the time he was on his college wrestling team he had gone buck wild.

I interrupted his story.

“So, was Wale the only wrestler you fucked around with?”

“Yeah, Immanuel but when I was in high school and in college I wrestled with a lot of dudes who would rub against me and get hard and proposition me. But I have a thing for black dudes and Wale was who I was attracted to.”

“I am almost 30 years old now and we are still good friends. He is an out gay man now.”

Q: Readers, did you get introduced to gay sex while being a high school or college athlete?


23 thoughts on “The Wrestler

  1. I really got introduced to Gay Sex in middle school actually. I was about 13 at the time. It was with a male Classmate that Just gave me butterflies at the time. I really couldn’t fathom the feeling, but as I grew older, I learned that I was Gay.

  2. I wish. I was playing video games with my buddy (who’s straight now). We were 13 at the time. We started playing truth or dare. Dared each other to strip. And the dares turned sexual. We messed around into our twenties. He has alot of guilt though. The funny thing is that when I look back on my teen/young adult years, I missed ALOT of cues. Especially from grown men. I’m 30 now and no longer live in a city and these small town boys will have you thinking everybody is straight. I can’t read the signs like I used to.

    • Mac I missed a lot of cues too. I had a gym teacher I will call “Mr. Mack.” I ran track in middle school but was also the track assistant so I hung with Mr. Mack alot. He would tease me constantly and always want me around him. When I did tumbles he would ask me to do certain moves over and over, like he wanted to see my body in a certain way. And when I was at dances and dancing with girls doing provocative dances he would just stare. I ran into him as an adult at Marshalls. His hair turned silver but he is still fine and built like hell. If only I knew now what I knew then…

      • I can relate. Although my buddy and I would play around as teens, I officially was “turned out” by my college basketball coach. He confided in me that he could “see it in my son, I know he’s gonna get down”. Things I still remember. Sigh. It still bothers me that as masculine as I appear to be, there’s always some busy body watching to clock. Then pounce! Or worse. Question. Lol

  3. Immanuel, you are a good writer and storyteller who has an innate sense of adventure. Even if this retelling is fiction, it is interesting. Write on!

    • Thanks Charlie. Appreciate the comment and for you following me. And no the retelling is not fiction. I only changed the location of the country in Africa and the names of the main players. This is the story as he told me although the quotes I have to rebuild a bit because I can’t remember the exact words, just the jist of it.

  4. Hey Manny. This really hit home. My best friend from boy hood and I use to flirt around all the time but always laughed it off and took it as joking around. We are the same age and we always been best of friends. We were best men in each other’s weddings and got married the same year. I use to be a barber for over 25 year until carpal tunnel kicked in. We was about 30 years old and I remember cutting his hair in my kitchen. He is a light skin dude with a big thick dick with a mushroom head and thick round ass. I was shaping up the front of his hair when he grabbed my semi hard dick through my pants and let it go quickly. I was so turned on. We bursted out laughing and I said man you crazy and everything got quiet. Then after I got done he stood up and went to the mirror and I grabbed one his ass cheeks and squeezed it and said to him you know what they say about payback. We both laughed again and brushed it off. We did this sort of thing all the time but it never went any further. We both wanted to but was scare of the consequences. We use to tell each other details of us having sex with our wives and we would both get rock hard. Our families were very close and our wives best friends too so we both without saying decided not to cross that line but it was fun wrestling and feeling on each other……

    • Before I get to the post, I have to make a comment to Marcus. I have so many questions, not sure where to begin. But it’s one of those things where one question has to be answered, to get to the next question…to much for a comment section. But I will start…are you still married? Are you still bestfriends with this man? And how old are you now?

      Now back to this current post. Immanuel, I often think about getting back into my blog, then you will write a post about something very similar to the thoughts going on in my head; then I’m like no need Immanuel’s got it covered. Just like that post aliitle while back, with you and the friend,shaping up the afro. This post is just the same. I have been in a wrestling video faze right now. Videos of college and high school wrestlers. I love the ones where someone or both get massive hard ons, and everyone including the opponent act like it’s not happening. It all started because I’m totally crushing on this younger guy whose a wrestler. technically he is um…17 but he got a grown man body. Anyway moving on.
      I have always wondered about wrestlers since I was in high school, and this one guy who was so into the sport. I always got the feelng he was gay. Loved to highlight and frost the tips of his hair. Always had a girlfriend, but all during high school they were younger. Either in middle school or freshmen…other thought he was going that way, because it would be easier to manipulate into sex. I thought the opposite. I thought he was going for younger, so he wouldn’t have to have sex, because they weren’t ready. I always thought of it as a beard situation.

      • Yeah Marcus answer the questions from The Blog Artist Formerly Known as YBDL. I’m curious to know too! And I think you should just go do dude now because hell what difference would it make at this point. And The Blog Artist Formerly Known as YBDL maybe I need to email you BEFORE I post a blog to make sure you are not ready to do it (smile). We must be psychically connected or something. And that young wrestler sounds hot but tread carefully!

  5. Hmm how should I begin: I was turned on @ an early age and even though I was with women, my heart would always skip a beat faster when I saw “Him”. I say him because there have been many Brothas that have come and gone before I got up the nerve to even
    Admit I was crazy about them, however I can recall one guy who was straight hood that wanted to come upstairs and play, idk video games Backintheday even though I didn’t realize what sexual tension was at the time, I knew we would have done something hot!

  6. Hey Manny and The Blog,
    Yes I’m still married and my best friend is with his 2nd wife. He divorced his first wife. We are both 50 and we don’t get together as much as we use to. We both live a straight lifestyle. He is a college professor and I’m a federal government employee of 25 years. I use to cut hair on the side from my house…..

    • Marcus, I want to ask more questions, but I feel I will be going into poor taste territory. So I will let it be, but be aware, I’m not satisfied.

      And Immanuel great minds think a like. You just do you. I not going to mess with that boy. He talks to much about his girlfriend for me. I just secretly crushing hard. I just saying…he got that wrestler walk I love, and I have never wanted to moterboat someone’s ass the way I want to his. I don’t even know how with him.

  7. Hot post Manny!! As always,the way you weave a story is so captivating and this one is not any less so. Keep writing boo and I promise to keep reading. Your work is a breath of fresh mountain air to a parched soul.
    Much Love,
    Your Kenyan brutha,

  8. Common thread is that we all knew from early on that we dig guys, and that there was no shortage of shame to accompany these feelings. Curious to hear how Asa and Wales managed to keep their secret all through high school. Do tell Immanuel! Got to be more to this sexy story.

  9. I wish there were some fine ass athletes at my school but I got introduced the wayi think most of my generation does now , through tinder lol

  10. My first real penetration sexual exsperience with a man came after high school was over. I felt the same way he felt like everybody knew I just had gay sex. I felt dirty afterwards and it took me a couple months to do it again and it was with the same guy. I was 18 and he was 30. It ended because he wanted a relationship and I didn’t think guys were in relationships. I thought it was just about sex. He actually took me to my first gay function. It was a gay cook out they use to have on lemon hill every year. That’s when I saw for the first time that there were a lot of masuline gay men.

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