The Wrestler

Army wrestler Caylor Williams. No I don't know whether or not he is gay but the photo was hot. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army.

Army wrestler Caylor Williams. No I don’t know whether he is gay but the photo is hot. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army.

My buddy “Asa” started wrestling when he was five years old and continued all the way up through college.

So I had to ask. “Are a lot of wrestlers gay?”

He thought for a moment and smiled. “Yeah, a lot.”

“So tell me how did you start doing men?”

“Okay Immanuel, I will tell you.”

Asa’s family is Nigerian and wrestling had always been a big deal for them.

When he was in high school he met another guy from Nigeria on his wrestling team. They had a lot in common since they both came from immigrant families from the Motherland.

So “Wale” and Asa began hanging out a lot.

One day they had a half day off from school and decided to hang at Asa’s house since his parents were at work and his siblings out playing in the park.

They started off playing video games.

“Hey, let’s practice some of our wrestling moves,” Wale suggested.

“Okay, cool.”

So they got o the floor and got into position and started grappling with each other. Eventually Wale, who was taller and more wiry than Asa, put Asa in a full Nelson position he couldn’t escape from.

But instead of releasing him, Wale pulled his face closer and kissed Asa on his lips and neck. Soon they were doing some serious foreplay — I mean they got to third base and we’re rounding home.

And before his brother came home from the playground and his parents got home from work Asa had fucked Wale with his thick uncut dick and Wale had dug into Asa’s ass with his long, dark pipe.

“I got caught up but I felt so guilty afterward,” said Asa, who grew up in a conservative, traditional Christian family. “I felt like I was going straight to hell.”

Asa said for days he felt like he had a giant “G” for gay marked on his forehead in scarlet ink for all the world to see. Like the act of committing gay sex alone had somehow branded him and everyone could see he got down with men.

His classmates. The guy at the McDonald’s counter. Even his kid sister.

But he kept having sex with Wale because it just felt so right and eventually he got over his guilt. By the time he was on his college wrestling team he had gone buck wild.

I interrupted his story.

“So, was Wale the only wrestler you fucked around with?”

“Yeah, Immanuel but when I was in high school and in college I wrestled with a lot of dudes who would rub against me and get hard and proposition me. But I have a thing for black dudes and Wale was who I was attracted to.”

“I am almost 30 years old now and we are still good friends. He is an out gay man now.”

Q: Readers, did you get introduced to gay sex while being a high school or college athlete?