Smash Mountain Weekend (Part 2)


The Rainbow Resort main building. It snowed the day we came and the scenery was beautiful.

By the time “Van” and I got  to the Saturday night sex party at the Smash Mountain Brother’s Getaway in Pennsylvania’s Poconos Mountain the sex show with porn stars Rio and Markell was almost over.

The two lay on a king-sized bed in a room at the Rainbow Resort, their tight, tattooed bodies illuminated by a cellphone flashlight.


Porn stars Rio (left) and Markell.

They tongue kissed each other and licked each other’s nipples and jacked dicks.

Then Rio flipped Markell on his stomach and ate his slender brown ass as a crowd of guys stood round watching and jacking their dicks.

But their sexcapade seemed half-hearted. To be honest they looked a little tired.

Over the past two days they had been offering massages to some of the 70 or so guys attending the Brothers’ Retreat.

That’s a lot of back rubbing.

“They were really nice,” said Van, who got a massage from Markell while I was busy playing a couple of rounds of Spades in the hotel lobby.

So Van and I walked around the two rooms of the sex party instead of watching them.

But it was too crowded and couples had already been fucking on the beds for a few hours, so who wanted to lay in that?

Luckily we ran into a friend of mine from the D.C. area named “Tobin.”

Tobin is a tall, slender, dark-skinned verse guy with a high bubble butt, long legs and a huge dick.


Tobin tops Van.

Van and I played with him for awhile standing in the dim room, licking nipples and jacking. But Tobin had mentioned several times  during the weekend he wanted to get with Van and me alone so what better time?

“Hey come back to our room up the hill to play,” I offered. And Tobin agreed.


I fuck Tobin while he fucked Van.

Twenty minutes later we were back in our room at the Cherry Lodge. I started by eating out Van’s ass while Tobin looked on appreciatively and jacked his long dick while laying back in the bed.

Then I spread Van’s long legs and fucked him missionary style, pounding slow and then hard and fast. Then I ate his ass some more and fucked him again.

It was so pleasurable for the both us our moans filled the room.

Then Tobin took a turn and fucked Van. And I climbed in behind Tobin and started fucking him, pounding him and Van beneath him into the mattress.

Later Tobin said he wanted to see me eat Van’s ass out some more because it turned him on so Van and I 69’ed while Tobin beat his dick some more.

We ended with me standing up in bed and jacking thick nutt onto Tobin’s face and Van’s stomach.

Then Tobin dabbed some of my nutt onto Van’s tongue while I ate Van’s ass while he jacked. And Van blew a nice nutt.

“That’s the first time I ate your nutt,” Van said later.

“How was it, bitter,” I asked.

“Nah kinda sweet.”


Tobin and Van relaxing.

We talked with Tobin awhile and we offered to let him. sleep with us but he was staying at another hotel and wanted to hit the sex party for a few more hours and take the shuttle back to his room.

The Rainbow Resort is a little shabby and dated. The water pressure got low or turned off altogether when everyone in our lodge showered at the same time.

But it was a great weekend. We caught up with friends from Georgia , New Jersey, and Florida and made new friends from as far away as London.

We danced at the resort club, sang karaoke for the first time at the basement bar (Van sang Luther Vandross “Take Me Out” and I did the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”), soaked in the hot tub, and had great conversations with others about being black gay men.

And Van and I got some time to go off alone sometimes,  relax and grow closer.

25 thoughts on “Smash Mountain Weekend (Part 2)

    • Jmz to be honest Van and I went with open minds and had fun. We decided to go just to say we did it. But we won’t do it again. The sex parties were crowded into two hotels rooms with only one bed each. Can you imagine 70 guys crammed into two hotel rooms? There were some younger guys standing around profiling at the dance club and sex parties which is tiresome. And the resort, although it was welcoming and had the nicest staff, really needs to be updated. However I went there with an ex a few years ago and knew what to expect.

      • Yeah I probably would have been ready to leave if that was the case, and knowing my dude he wouldn’t have been down, I love to watch a little though….can’t help it I’m a freak LOL.

  1. It seems like you folks had fun by the truckload, did you not?? Apparently Manny, you and your darling Van have a great thing going,whatever you are doing appears to be working like a charm. Hope it stays that way and that your bond grows ever tighter.
    Much love from the Motherland

  2. I wish I could too. But keep wishing, its been said that it is only mountains that do not meet. Hopefully, one time on God’s green Earth,I will have the pleasurable honour of making your acquaintance

  3. You have my email Immanuel, please drop me a line there and lets see how this would pan out, OK? In the meantime, I have WhatsApp on my phone and thats halfway there..

  4. Thanks for sharing this information Immanuel! I was very curious about how your experience was at Smash Mountain Weekend. As I approach my 40th birthday, there are still some things on my “bucket list” that I want to try and going to an event like this was one of them. Also Immanuel, I want to let you know that I love reading your blog and thanks so much for providing this social medium for us gay males!

  5. Sounds good to me. Traveling in the winter is a BIG turn off for me, so that snow fall is just not what’s up. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be there next year.
    Knowing y’all, it looked like the event TURNED OUT well πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    That sex scene sounds like y’all shoulda been the main attraction thruout the weekend πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks for the insight. I haven’t been to a circuit-like event since Sizzle 2009, so I desire to get back in the saddle.
    I’ll let you know when I’m in da DMV Immanuel πŸ˜‰

  6. Cal please let me when you are in the area. Yes the snow and ice made the 3 hour 30 minte trip up a bit nerve-wracking but we did it. And I asked Van whether he wanted to show out at the party but there was no way he was laying on those very used beds. LOL. Thanks, for reading!

  7. Damn son… I remember the first time I ever saw two guys having sex in-person, like 2 years ago at an adult video arcade. Even then it took me by surprise; I was like “well, damn”! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ . Let alone just walk up and down a hallway and seeing orgy after orgy, that sounds kinda hot! I’ve never really been into Rio or Markell, though. Glad y’all had fun, at least. If y’all ever kick it around Michigan, send a nigga an invite!
    Oh, and checkout my new YouTube channel!

    • Cogito love your YouTube channel. You have a fan! Best of luck to you. And you,are so handsome looking like a chocolate drop smile. To be honest I didn’t know Rio and Markell before although I have probably saw them on video. They were walking around the resort and going right past me without me noticing. I mean they look very boy next door without clothes. And if I come to Michigan I will holler!

  8. Sound like you guys had a pretty good time. You describe your stay there so vividly. Nice pics too…. I had the privilege to meet two porn stars that I watched a lot over the year on video. Hot rod and peanut on different occasions. Hot rod is very skinny in person and stutters. Peanut was shorter than I imagined. Had a memorable time with both…….

  9. I delt with a couple porn actors but no stars. I guess the one is a star now. I didn’t no they were into porn at the time that I met him. One guy couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize him. I realized who he was while watching a porn. I just left it on pause and was like oh shit another one smh. I would like to go to a gay resort but not a white one. A black or mixed one.

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