Smash Mountain Weekend


“Van” and I are taking a break from busy work schedules to attend Smash Mountain in the Poconos.

It’s a weekend retreat sex, massage and dance party at the Rainbow gay resort.

Will it be fun or a bust? Will the crowd be too young or too old? Snooty or down to earth?

I’ll let you know.

10 thoughts on “Smash Mountain Weekend

  1. Have a great time regardless, young or
    Old , from what we’ve seen and witnessed you and Van are hot anyway
    Keep us posted Immauel.

  2. I’m stumbling all over myself, how many questions have I already deleted? Guess I will just have to wait… how many guests? from where? will this be your chance to find some of your “bucket list/fantasy men”? (Didn’t you post something about Asian guys?)… oops… is this “premature” questioning? couldn’t wait.

  3. Dude, you coulda given a brutha da head’s up that y’all were gonna go. I woulda SO went if I knew!
    I hope you fuck till yo dick is SORE! 😁😊😜😝 Have fuck! I mean FUN, have FUN…-sheepish grin- 😜

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