Random Pics from My Life (And the Stories Behind Them) Part 2

Here are some more pics I have hidden on my smartphone and the stories behind them.


This dude hit me up online. He had a beautiful body but we never met. A few weeks ago I saw him on the Metro. I don't even think he recognized me.


A guy in upstate New York sent me this photo. I thought it was artfully done. He disagreed. "It's hard to take a good selfie. I'm going to have one of my straight girlfriends take some of me." I didn't know straight girls did that.


This bottom sent me this photo. I thought the pose was kinda neat.


This dude wanted to 3sum with my boyfriend "Van" and me. We set it up but he never showed. So we just had fun together.


This is a flier from this sex party that used to happen in Baltimore. It went out of business probably because the guy charged $20 to get in and few came. But Van and I loved the art on his advertisements.


This dude hit me up. We never met so he might be a catfish. But I still think this is ine of the most beautiful asses I have seen.


This African dude keeps hitting me up. But the shape of his ass don't look right.


This is a Latin dude I fucked once. He bottomed but had a dick on him. This proved to me black guys ain't the only ones swanging.


This white dude hit me up claiming he had a thing for black dudes. Honestly I would have rather fucked that hot black dude who was banging him


This mixed race dude tried to entice me by sending me all these photos of him getting fucked left and right. The photos were hot. But we never me.


Van modeled some sexy underwear for me. Hot!


This guy hit me up. His body was hot. But his junky house was a turnoff

6 thoughts on “Random Pics from My Life (And the Stories Behind Them) Part 2

  1. Dude, good pictorial of your life’s sexcapades. Try coming to a popular sex party in Midtown Manhattan: Anywhere from $15-$25, depending on the “specials” they are running πŸ˜’πŸ˜ I don’t go often, esp. during this #FROZEN winter we just had (they seem to not be able to regulate the heat well. My dick don’t work well in the cold😩). The bruthas seem to turn out thoπŸ˜‰
    That Latino dude just made the stereotypes even more true- Latinos πŸ’– dick. And ain’t a DAMN thing wrong with that! 😁
    I want to fuck the Hispanic maintenance man so badly, even if it means flippin’ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„

  2. Immanuel, Immanuel….. All the fun you have!! I envy your life bruh, honestly I do. To be at the stage you are in life and have all this fine tail thrown at you, that is really something, hunny!

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