How do I tell Family and Friends?


My partner “Van” has met and hung out with my mother and stepfather and my daughter and her boyfriend and even my church members.

And they have been mad cool and accepting.

“I feel more welcome with him than I did with that ex-wife of yours,” my stepfather said.

That was a huge compliment, considering it came from a from a 71-year old, Black Air Force vet sports fanatic who you would have thought would be most homophobic.

Peeps can surprise you.

During Thanksgiving Van even met my best buddy since high school “Sherrod”and his girlfriend. I think they figured out what was up but I never had “the talk” with them.

We just hung out and drank wine by an open pit fire and talked shit.

But at one point Sherrod said snidely. “Well I guess this is the real reason you left your wife.”

I just laughed it off and ignored him.

But I can’t keep laughing it off and ignoring it.

I am pretty well liked among my family and straight social circle so I get asked to hang out alot.

Dinners. Happy Hours. Holiday get-togethers. What have you.

I have been going alone but eventually folks have to meet him. I can’t keep excluding him from a big part of life.

But how to do it? Many of these folks knew my ex-wife. I mean these are my cousins and aunts and uncles and buds I have had since 5th grade.

Do I have to go into a long explanation with them? Or just bring Van and plunge in?

My late buddy “Kenyon” was totally open. His family ands knew his two female ex-wives and his male lovers.

But I’m not as crazy brave as he was.

Can anyone give me some advice?