10 thoughts on “Bottomless

  1. More power to ‘Van’ and others. I do not feel comfortable going to bed nude. Even after sex, and the guy is in the bed, I will get up and put on some underwear.

      • I took care of the fire issue… My mom always said to get dressed if we were home just in case of fire or sleep in pj’s. I have a coat boots jeans and my wallet in the coat at the ready in case of fire knock on wood lol. If mommy knew I slept nude or did not get dressed on a lazy day, oh man I can hear her mouth right now lol

      • And I am 40 lol. She still calls to make sure I got on my longjohns or if with her pulls my pants leg to make sure I have them on lol

  2. Depends on the situation, I
    Mean how close I am to the person,
    One night stands yeah I’m putting my shorts back on, when I’m with my baby the one I know we are in some type of real relationship , then maybe I’ll sleep in the nude because I’ll usually wake up wanting to get it in the morning.. Love that morning wood y’all.

  3. The man is hot. And naked in your bed? Would not mind knowing that is waiting for me. At. All. Makes snuggling up that much sexier.

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