All in the Family

My buddy “Elliott” lives in a small town in rural Delaware. Most everybody knows everybody. So it’s hard for a gay man to find somebody to play with.

So Elliott was delighted when one day he went on Adam4Adam and found this hot, 37-year-old black guy living nearby named “Dominic.”

“I liked his profile on Adam and I hit him up,” Elliott said. “I didn’t know who he was. He didn’t have a picture and I didn’t have one either.”

First they found out they attended the same church. Then they met and discovered …they were first cousins once removed!

“My father and his grandmother are brothers and sisters,” Elliott said.

Did that stop them? Nope. Elliott and Dominic turned into partners in crime.

“We get hotel rooms in Rehobeth for the weekend on occasions — from Friday to Sunday,” Elliott texted me. “We invite white guys to the room and tag team them. LOL.”

Elliott, who is in his late 40s, admires his younger cousin because he is such a freak.

Dominic sports a cock ring, pierced nipples, a piercing between his asshole and his nutts, and a collection of sex toys that includes a fleshlight and fuckable man’s torso made of rubber.

Dominic, who prefers to fuck fuck white guys, can also fuck, cum, stay hard, and keep fucking, Elliott said.

A muscle butt white bottom Elliott and Dominic tag-teamed.

A muscle butt white bottom Elliott and Dominic tag-teamed.

“My cousin and I tag teamed this white bottom (in the photo above),” he said. “He was almost in tears. Moaning and groaning and trying to get away.”

But when they threesome Elliott and Dominic don’t touch each other. Well, except that one time when their dicks touched with they double penetrated this white bottom.

Because hey they are close cousins, but not that close.

Q: Readers, have you ever run into a family member when trying to hook up?