Trey and the Hollywood Actor

Darryl Stephens, who starred in the series "Noah's Arc," is one of only a handful of openly gay black male actors in Hollywood. My buddy Trey says if all the gay black men in the entertainment industry came out of the closet a lot of fans would have heart attacks.

Darryl Stephens, who starred in the series “Noah’s Arc,” is one of only a handful of openly gay black male actors in Hollywood. My buddy Trey says if all the gay black men in the entertainment industry came out of the closet a lot of fans would have heart attacks.

“Trey” is a 40-something professional I know who is in the hospitality industry. Heย  frequently travels for business. He gave me this account about how he met a well-known African American actor who is down-low and how there are more gay black men than you think in the entertainment industry.

Trey was on business in Los Angeles eight years ago when he decided to go on a gay chat line and got hit up on by “Jarvis,” a medium height, well built man with pecan brown skin, liquid brown eyes and a dazzling smile.

“I doubt we can meet in Los Angeles,” Trey said. “I’m leaving tomorrow morning for New York City for work.”

“Oh, what a coincidence,” said Jarvis, who had a tenor voice as smooth as butter. “I’m going to New York for a job in a day or two. We can meet there.”

So they agreed to meet in Manhattan the following week. When Jarvis walked into the hotel lobby Trey thought he looked familiar. And then it hit him.

Jarvis was an actor in his 40’s who in film had played alongside some of the most popular black actors and comedians in Hollywood, including Loretta Devine, Ice Cube and Katt Williams.

He was also a guest star on several popular detective and police TV series.

“Trey, you have got to be kidding me? He’s gay?,” I said after he told me the actor’s real name. “He’s handsome and all but I would have never thought.”

“Yep, he is gay or at least very bisexual,” Trey answered. “We started dating and he showered me with gifts and money and flew me out to Los Angeles all the time. I was smart about it. Half of the money he gave me I put in the bank.”

Trey is a light-skinned man from Trinidad. He is not particularly handsome but has a great personality and is slight of build with a bubble ass. He is also masculine with a deep voice with a slight but appealing Trinidadian tinge to it.

But to top it off Trey is a beast bottom in the bedroom. So I could see someone trying to lock that down.

The sex was spectacular and the Trey and Jarvis seemed to enjoy each others’ company. But after a year or so the relationship abruptly ended.

“He told me he had hired a live-in maid so next time I came out to L.A. she would be at his house.”

“So I flew out and called him and this woman answered,” Trey continued. “And I asked, ‘Who is this?'”

“And she got testy and said, ‘Who the hell are you? I am Jarvis’ fiancee.'”

Trey said he got very angry. He knew athletes and actors on the down-low often had male lovers in cities they frequented but he thought he had developed a close relationship with Jarvis.

Jarvis had never mentioned he was dating a woman, much less planning to marry one.

“So I told her what was up,” Trey said. “Jarvis called me later and was upset as shit, asking why I pushed him out of the closet like that. But I told him he was wrong for not telling me about her.”

There was a question I had to ask.

“But Trey he was asking you to L.A. to stay in the same house with his fiancee. Do you think he might have wanted to get down with both of you? Maybe at the same time?”

“He might have wanted that but that was not the way to do it surprising me like that,” Trey said. “At any rate they got married the next year.”

Many of the stories Trey told me mirrored accounts I read in "Hiding in Hip Hop," a book about down-low men in the entertainment industry written by Terrance Dean.

Many of the stories Trey told me mirrored accounts I read in “Hiding in Hip Hop,” a book about down-low men in the entertainment industry written by Terrance Dean.

Trey was introduced to the celebrity down-low world through other friends. He has rattled off names of some actors and music artists he knows are gay or bisexual because he has gone to exclusive parties in the Hamptons and other places where these guys congregate.

The code when you are invited to these events is you don’t talk about what happens or you get locked out forever.

“These parties were like regular house parties but these estates are so big and there were many rooms so you would walk around and come across guys having sex,” Trey said. “Once I went into the bathroom and there was this (well known black model) on his knees sucking a white man’s dick.”

He rattled off names of many down-low celebrities I recognized. A rap music mogul, a comedian and actor, and three rappers, including one who is well known for throwing homophobic rants both in his music and in public.

Some of the stories Trey told me would make great gossip fodder on TMZ, including one about this married rapper who has been popular from way back in the day.

“He had a male lover on the side,” Trey said. “And he moved him onto his estate. The wife got so upset she moved into the guest house. But she stayed married to him. Eventually the lover had to go.”

Trey said women who are married to these men probably know they play with males on the side. But they ignore it because they are getting the money and prestige.

Trey is visiting Baltimore this weekend. I can’t wait to introduce him to Van and hang out with him so I can hear more stories.

31 thoughts on “Trey and the Hollywood Actor

  1. Love that you are writing ass off, man. Been busy as shit but always have time to read your writing. Well done! Hell, I have comments for all these posts but end up reading and bolting on to whatever else needs to get done. Anyway, here goes on the last 3. This was great. Guessing the longtime married rapper is Lady’s Love Cool Jay. Doesn’t matter either way
    Van riding your dick = hot as hell.
    Desperate down low dudes. Man. About there is to say about that is for as fucked up as it is, there are a lot of them out there, and nobody sucks like a married sucks dick. Good dick is like the air they’ve been waiting to breathe. Be well.

    • As far as the rapper. I plead the 5th! I’m not trying to turn this blog into Bossip LOL.
      Thanks for the compliment on the video with Van. When he cums like that i feel it all through my dick. Understand?
      And yep the married dudes I know, most of them, have sex like rabbits. They are so pent up.

  2. I’ve read Terrance Deans book
    Hiding in Hip Hop and its was deep!
    I believe it, we are everywhere. Lol! I figured out who were a few DL Rappers and I ain’t saying hell if Gaydar is accurate you already know anyway! Haha

  3. Good story Manny and as usual very well written. Short comment- I heard on a talk show the other day that in about 50 years labels such as homosexual, bi-sexual and heterosexual will be obsolete. I noticed on court tv when a gay couple are disputing, no one seems to care about their sexual orientation. With gay marriages on the rise I can honestly see the who’s out thing not being a issue in the future. Take care bruh.

  4. Hey Immanuel, I am loving the pace you have adopted this year with the regular updates to this blog. Great stuff as always and I will admit your prose always adds much needed sparkle to my days
    Manny dear, please keep writing.
    This tea that Trey spilt must have been quite something, I guess. You have to keep Trey around to give us, mere mortals, a glimpse, a sneak peek into that rarefied high society scene… Please promise to do so.
    Much Love…..

  5. Yoo a” DL in hip hop” spin off would be dope man, get more stories Immanuel !! lol. But Ive always wanted to know, how can us regular people get into these industry “parties”? If you can find that out.

  6. I think the saddest part is discovering how many of the celebrity men are strictly bottoms. Nothing against bottoms it just most of the time when we fantasize about celebrities, it’s a flip-flop. I agree with marcus. Not only will labels be obsolete but hopefully strict tops and strict bottoms will be a thing of the past. Everybody will be verse or at least verse/top and verse/bottom.

    • Yep I see that coming as people get more comfortable with the fact sexuality is fluid. Gay people also need to stop adopting comparative heterosexual roles in their relationships like bottom equal female and top equals male. Gay sexuality is too varied to fit in heterosexual boxes.

  7. Hey Immanuel. I read that Sheryl Swoopes is now engaged to a man. She had a baby by a dude back in the day and then she started dating women. I guess the future is going to be whomever you fall in love with. I find this subject very interesting. I look at Sheryl as a true bisexual. Her son should be a teenager about now. Have a good weekend.

  8. As someone who has exclusively dated bisexual men, not by choice, I believe men are far more varied in their sexual persuasions than often given credit for. My last ex, love of my life, left me to go back into the closet so he could go into the entertainment industry. I have no doubt that he will eventually end up at one of these Hampton parties.

  9. The actor did not have to buy the cow, he got the dick and booty for free. Then he went and up and married the person actually wanted. How grown men manage to play themselves across the life cycle is laughable.

    • He didn’t play himself. He thought the actor was serious about a relationship and sincere. When you open yourself to love you take a risk. Unfortunately the actor lied to him and was dishonest. My friend picked himself up after that and kept going. And mind you, he could have continued messing with the actor after the man got married. But he refused to play that game. I admire him for that.

  10. The “white marriages”, as they are so affectionately called (esp. among Southerners). I have never questioned the purpose of marriage before being introduced to this concept. I wonder why you would want to be married to someone who you know does something that may or may not rest well with you.
    Is it to secure a particular social status, as marriage was (seemingly) intended for originally? Is it because you are oh so in love? A woman can ALWAYS tell stuff Immanuel. Their intuition is one of their God-given abilities, besides childbearing, that separates us from them. She ALWAYS knows. Your ex-wife knew, but prolly tolerated u until further notice. Our Mamas knew, but kept it to themselves, esp. if their child wasn’t a proverbial “sissy”.
    All these accounts you give thru your journal(blog), esp. the desperately D.L. ones: their partner knows SOMETHING is up.
    The behaviour is just tolerated, for whatever reason.
    I for one can’t be in the love triangle kinda deal. It’s too much play on the emotions for one man to take. That’s why I forever support a one night stand or a relationship like what you and “Van” have. It is open for more exploration, less restrictions and hurt based on false hopes, dreams and promises.
    And just more FUN, I think. The shit we do as humans make me question: “Why Did I Get Married”, 1 & 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As for theboyking10: luck, and a WHOLE lotta networking. As I was rereading this blog, I hit up a friend that’s supposed to be in NY for the summer. This will be my ticket into The Hamptons. Maybe I’ll have some “Tales From The Crypt” myself Immanuel, all gore and grim aside ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ‘

  11. Pingback: Ronald and NFL Player | Confessions of a Down-Low Brother: The Sequel

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