International Lover

Almost all the men I play with are Black. I’ve been thinking about expanding my options and trying men of other races.

And of course I would love to get with an Asian guy (remember my top fantasies?).

Little did I know how quickly that would happen.

“Armin” is a sexy, 23-year-old Filipino/Dominican man who came to one of our sex parties and befriended my partner “Van” and me.

He has a thing for older black men and wanted to set up something private. So a few Saturdays ago Van arranged for us to get together.

Edgar looked and performed a lot like the Latin bottom in his picture. Photo courtesy of

Edgar looked and performed a lot like the Latin bottom in his picture. Photo courtesy of

But in order to liven up the mix I invited “Edgar,” this muscular Argentinian bottom with a thing for Black men who had been hitting me up for weeks online, and “Teddy,” a handsome, dark-chocolate verse guy who is a friend of Van and me.

Armin worried about taking big dick so I started off things by eating him out to loosen him up. He is a smaller guy, only about 5′ 6″, but has a bubble ass and a thick, big dick.

He laid at the foot of the bed moaning. That is, until Teddy put his dick in his mouth and shut him up.

Then Van, Teddy and I took turns fucking Edgar and Armin. Doggy style, missionary style, butterfly style.

I have to admit it was kinda hot to see and experience three tall dark-skinned black men dominate men who craved black dick. The mix of skin tones, from yellow, to smooth chocolate to olive, was intoxicating.

But it was also nice to see the barriers drop — we were five men from vastly different backgrounds and from different part of the world just doing enjoying each other.

I think I want to do that again.

Q: Readers, are you open to playing with or dating men from other races?

26 thoughts on “International Lover

  1. Idk I really love my brothas. I have experienced sex with a white guy who had some good azz.. We still talk occasionally and I had an African guy it wasn’t all I thought it WOOD be ,you know that all African men are Mandingo
    And he looked like that, but wow looks can be deceiving . I still love them smooth. Az Idris Elba swagger thug men

  2. absolutely. For me its more about attraction overall than it is color of skin. I suspect that if you focus on what you typically find attractive in a man (e.g. ass, dick, face, body, etc), you would realize that color is just one facet of a physical being and anything can be attractive in the right setting.

    • Scott you are right. The problem with white men is they often approach black men as phallic objects. It’s all about getting a “big black cock.” This can be a huge turn off. Some white men also have a sense of racial entitlement that may be acted upon unconsciously. Just this a married white man hit on me. His pickup line was that he was traveling through Baltimore. No hi. No how are you. Just this assumption that I was going to drop everything so he could get black dick

  3. This is a comment from a friend of mine in Maryland who regularly reads my blog:
    You just posted another good blog with the name of “International Lover.” I can answer your question by saying “Yes, I have played with men of other races.” During my 26 year military career, I have lived in and visited many countries. With that being said, I can say that I’ve played with: Black, Greek, Filipino, Italian, German, Lithuanian, Asian (i.e. from India),African, Caribbean, and Latin men. I’ve found distinctly different sexual qualities among all of these men.
    I feel that black and Italian men were tied for the best because the vast majority maintained their masculinity during love-making. They both were passionate and generally cared about making me feel good also.

    White men give good sex but they usually want to be subordinate to blacks. They usually want to let the black man do everything.

    Greek men were caught on this macho trip which caused them to be too unconcerned about anybody but themselves.

    Latin men seemed to be power bottoms and couldn’t get enough dick.

    Filipino, German, Lithuanian and Asian men seemed to be too overly passive. They never made the first move.

    African men never made the first move, but gave good sex because of their nice bodies. They usually seemed ashamed of themselves after sex because they were either married, or deeply into the church.

    Oh, I forgot to mention Turkish and Arab guys whom I met while stationed in Germany. Turks are too macho and always want to top. Turks and Arabs feel it is a badge of honor to “break a man’s gaze” by forcing them to submit to the bottom role. I recall the time I was physically struggling with a 5′ 7″ Turkish guy in Germany. I won and took the role as top. Arab men are the same. Turks and Arabs believe that the son of Ali will be born by a man. For that reason, they want to be the father by having anal sex with men.

    British men seemed too conservative and reserved, even though several of them were hung like horses (e.g. 9.5″ uncut and thick). I could not get sexually aroused because of these characteristics.

    French men acted like “their shit didn’t stink.” I couldn’t do anything with them either.

    Swiss men were 90% similar to Germans but they had a independent spirit that made them very interesting. I would kick it with them. I think they would give good sex.

  4. i agree with your military friend from Maryland about Italian men…one of the first men I was ever with was Italian….he was all man and boy did he come…..I love power bottoms….but he is right about Latino men…with the bodies some asian and german men have… I would have no problem with them bottoming…. I have been with asian( south korean man and a vietnamese/african american mixed man) a latino military man…who gave me an STD….an Italian landscaper…..and a redheaded Caucasian… among others…..If I ever have another man in my life…. I would prefer him to be Asian or Puerto-Rican… asian men and Puerto-Ricans are like African American men with with a spanish accent….they seem to be the most comfortable Latin men with African Americans…sorry for all the details

  5. I started off only seeing white guys exclusively. I was on the down low and I figured if I only fooled around with white guys my business would not get out in the street…I went to Atlanta alone on a business trip and decided that would be the perfect time to try black. I went to a bar called bulldog. I met a nice brother there and we eventually ended up in my room for the night… It was like moving up from the jayvee to the varsity. No comparison. When I got back to Maryland, I was transformed. Black is where it’s at. Totally different. I think the brotherhood thing is the key. More feelings and emotion… Every now and thing I go back to white when I want to be pampered and the center of attention. Lol

    • Nice comment Marcus. Black men are under such attack socially and try to maintain such a hard image it’s nice to let the barriers down sexually. That’s part of the reason being with other Black men is hot for me.

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  7. Omg I want to get with an asian guy so bad. I love my brothas to death, but something about that race if men is just calling my name lol

  8. I am definately open to it. Its just a matter of where to find them.Like do these guys like to be approached by black men or would they rather approach you? I would love to experience an arab, italian , and german guy. Btw Immanuel, can you get your friend to elaborate more on the who “son of ali” thing. That is interesting.

  9. Glad to see you had yet another fantasy fulfilled Immanuel. My first piece of ass was Latino, to answer your question. Then white. Then God-He-knows what the other colors are/have been mixed with ;0) #HAPPY2O15!

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