hoesaintloyalThe gay world is messy. I try to stay above it. But as any faithful reader of this blog can attest sometimes I get messy, too.

But on Friday I won an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor in a Messy Drama.” Whew, it surprised even me. But first I have to give you the background.

In the last six months or so of my relationship with my ex “Morgan” the sex just wasn’t there. He barely touched me and always made excuses for his low libido.

It was his medication, or I was nagging him too much, or he was having erectile dysfunction.Yet I saw signs he was masturbating or possibly playing on the side. Dirty, cum-crusted tissues under the desk in his office and bottles of lube. A hard drive full of gigabytes of porn. A sex toy left out by accident that I discovered when I came home  from work.

So I decided, after a year of being faithful, to step out and get some sex on the side. Because I was horny and frustrated all the time and the man I really loved and wanted was leaving me high and dry and not wanting to fix the problem, let alone talk about it.

And one of the guys I hooked up with was “Omar,” this handsome, well-built, middle-aged accountant who was also cheating on his man. Omar is a Creole from Louisiana with brown skin, a nice body, a big dick for visuals and a decent ass for fucking.

Omar's body. I won't show the face to avoid further drama.

Omar’s body. I won’t show the face to avoid further drama.

One day when I was off from work I invited him over to the house I shared with Morgan, took him up to the third floor and fucked him on the floor. The sex was not all that spectacular.

And I have not fucked Omar again in the more than two-and-a-half years since that happened although we text each other every few months, mostly to flirt or just catch up.

On Friday evening I got a text from Omar saying something upsetting had happened to him that day.

“What happened?” I texted back.

And I got this story. Omar had met Morgan online and the two had decided to hook up. So Omar went to his house. According to Omar, Morgan met him at the door and was so turned on or just plain horny that he got naked in a minute flat.

But Omar wasn’t feeling Morgan and didn’t want to go through with sex. He turned Morgan down and Morgan asked him why.

Instead of just saying he wasn’t physically attracted to him, Omar told Morgan he felt uncomfortable because he had sex in the same house before with a guy he thought was in a relationship with Morgan.

Yep, Hoes ain’t loyal. Omar threw me under the bus.

“Oh no, why did you put me out like that lol,” I texted.

“I got scared. I’m so sorry,” Omar responded.

“That was not cool at all. So you ended up hurting him twice. By rejecting him then saying you were with me.”

“You are right…now I really feel bad,” Omar texted.

Omar said Morgan got pushy and started drilling him with questions, in person and later by cellphone text. Did I fuck Omar or had Omar been fucking me? Did Omar attend any sex parties (I guess Morgan was referring to ones I and Van are are having that are clearly advertised on Adam4Adam for anyone to see).

Omar didn’t respond to the question about what he and I did sexually and told Morgan he didn’t even like going to sex parties.

Omar said he feared if he outright had rejected Morgan the situation would have gotten worse. I didn’t believe him.

“Like he would have gotten violent or something. Please”

“Not what I meant,” Omar answered.

“Next time just say you aren’t feeling a person and walk out. You weren’t a prisoner there.

“Ok. I’m sorry. I know you (are) over it but I wanted to say it again.”

I just couldn’t believe it. Omar is fifty-something years old and couldn’t just walk out of a potentially bad hookup?

“I’m not exactly over it…we are all human. But I don’t think we should communicate again. Take care.”