The Body Nazis

“Andy” asked to come to one of my and Van’s sex parties and I said, “Sure, no problem.”

“Do you have a door policy?,” he texted.


“I mean do you only let in muscular or in-shape guys?”

“No man,” I texted back. “Van and I let in all types because there is something for everybody.”

Andy showed up. He was a tall, slightly heavy, dark-skinned bottom. About 220 pounds. His underwear was not particularly sexy and his looks were average.

But homeboy turned the party out. Within 20 minutes Andy was on his knees sucking dick and he gave the best blow-job I have had in awhile (you know I had to sample). He even pulled out some oil and gave guys massages, which turned him on I heard.

“Man I think I’m falling in love,” one of my friend’s said while Andy was on his knees eating and slurping on his uncut, red dick like a fried chicken leg from Popeyes. “Can I marry you?”

Andy sent Van and I a kind thank-you note on Adam4Adam a week after the party, thanking us for letting him in. He said at many parties the “Body Nazis”  at the door turn him away because he doesn’t have the “look.” He is not muscular, or handsome, or light skinned, or have six-pack abs or a nine-inch peter.

Sometimes I really feel for heavier gay men who are judged more for their appearance. Photo courtesy of

Sometimes I really feel for heavier gay men who are judged more for their appearance. Photo courtesy of

Now that I am having sex parties I am running into this Body Nazi attitude a lot, but from guests. The things people say — and I mean mature, middle aged black gay men — astound me with their insensitivity, meanness, selfishness, and egotism.

For instance there is a bottom who moved here from the South for a job. He is brown-skinned and handsome but not really all that.

But when I invited him to the party he insisted all the guests be tall, in-shape, with good size dicks or he wasn’t coming. I replied, “Well, thanks for asking but I guess we won’t be seeing you.”

“Good, I don’t want to hang around a bunch of fat, nasty, stinky niggers anyway.”

I was stunned. I fucked this dude one time and he was forever sweating me to come back. I took what he said personally because he insulted some of my friends who come to my parties without even meeting them. Some of them are heavy or have bellies. But trust and believe they can throw some good sex.

“So I’m fat and nasty now?” I responded.

“Nah baby, sorry. I want another one-on-one with you. Just us two in bed for a few hours.”

I will NEVER fuck him again.

Van and my parties are becoming popular — I mean folks call and text to say thanks for hosting such a welcoming and nice party. One of them was this muscular versatile dude who I heard busted a nutt six times in one night! And he was getting fucked by dudes who were no way near as buff as him, so obviously he wasn’t a Body Nazi.

I have to be absolutely honest. I do not like morbidly obese men. Give me a sexy football player dude weighing about two fifty and a little belly and we can roll. Still this Body Nazism among gay men troubles me. I mean it’s so superficial. There is more to a man than his looks or dick size.

But everywhere you look — in gay newspapers, magazines, pornography etc., blogs etc. this same image is pushed at us. A 20-something gay man with no body fat and abs and a nice package in his underwear. Very few people aged 25 and older look like that! It’s a fantasy.

Most of the men I roll with are grown and fully established in their careers. Don’t you think by now they would realize that and stop judging people for the way God made them?