The Boy from Brazil

“Antonio” emigrated to the United States from Brazil 15 years ago and dipped into the straight swinging scene.

He got turned on tag teaming pussy with another man. But soon he curious about why taking a dick made some women go crazy so he wanted to sample dick himself.

That led to Antonio turning into a full-fledged bottom, despite the fact he had little time to satisfy his crave because he is married.

But one day he wife was out of town and he invited this Dominican guy named “Tony” and me over to bang out his exotic ass. I took a few pics of Tony doing him.

Here you go:






16 thoughts on “The Boy from Brazil

  1. Immanuel, man oh man, ain’t you the lucky one?? You always seem to have fine ass thrown at you and going by what you say, the recipients are all the hungrier for it. Daddy, oh how I envy you!!

  2. Speaking of safe sex, while on vacation, I went to a bathhouse in Tampa. 90% of the guys were barebacking. I could not believe it. No glove, no love!!

  3. I too, LOVE your exhibitionism,Daddy and I pine for it in all your anticipated posts!! Dont let nobody tell you otherwise!!

  4. “Tony” could get it, no doubt. Immanuel, you know we already fucked ten ways to Sunday, so we all good where you are concerned #AllInMyHead 😉
    Even at these sex parties, the guys I top HARDLY double check to make sure I am gloved before I hit. I’m just at a lost about where people’s mindset is… SMDH #NoSePuede

  5. How do u go from liking pussy to wanting to try dick in your ass!!!!! This is what he always wanted he just needed the right situation.

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