Silly Young Faggot. Tricks are for Kids.

“Chocolate Drop” is a 30-year-old from the Caribbean who has been hitting me up for a week or so.

Sexy, tight, little dark body but a little on the feminine side.

I fucked him well and then he started talking. And the real him came out quickly.

It seems Chocolate Drop loved to get drunk and high on “molly” and fuck all night.

“I’m young. I’m supposed to have fun and get high. Right?”

He had been living with a roommate for three weeks but they were fighting badly and he needed to move…quickly.

In fact, the roommate had got his iPad and went through his email and spiked his soft drink with transmission fluid.

He had to call in the cops and filed a restraining order

I looked outside.  “Chocolate Drop” had pulled up in a late model burgundy BMW sports utility vehicle.

Don’t those joints cost $55,000? Why would he need a roommate?

“Immanuel you have a nice house,” he said, looking around. 

I knew what was coming.

“Immanuel are you looking for a roommate?  Can I move in.”

I sigh. Another fabulous young meth-head faggot looking to live off somebody.

I bet his latest sugar Daddy was his “roommate” who probably bought him the BMW. And was trying to get rid of his trifling ass, although that Boi pussy was good

Oh and for the record I never for a moment believed the poisoning story. That sounded too soap opery.

“Nah not looking for a roommate and the guest room is for when my daughter visits,” I answer.

Deep down I’m also thinking my boyfriend “Van” would kill me if I moved that fabulous freeloader in, although he might like him back for a threesome.

I get him out the door as quickly as possible and Chocolate Drop switched off into the sunset. But not before I got a few shots of him naked and riding my dick.

Here they go: