How Tommie and David have stayed together for almost 50 Years

This is Tommie today. Told you he was hot.

This is Tommie today. Told you he was hot.

Tommie was just a 17-year-old black kid growing up in Galveston, Texas when he met David in a cruisy public bathroom near the beach one summer day in 1968.

David, who was white and 33 years old, was home visiting his parents. Tommie and David were so struck with each they were rarely separated during David’s two-week visit.

“You can meet good people in some of the lowest places,” Tommie said with a chuckle.

After Tommie graduated high school he ended up attending college in Washington, D.C. where he could be with David. They have been together for 46 years and were officially married last July in Rockville in Maryland, one of a dozen or so states where gay marriage is legal. They split their time between Maryland and Texas.

What is the secret to their long relationship?

Tommie said as the 1970s came their relationship developed into an open one. They  played sexually with others together and apart.

In fact, back in the day David would rent a beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware, which is still a very gay-friendly resort town, and have orgies by the beach.Tommie was also bisexual and was fucking women and playing with men.

Tommie says gay men should not model their relationships on straight couples and straight society, which stresses monogamy. Men are sexual, and gay partners should give each other the freedom to express it.

And the straight monogamous model isn’t working and probably never has, he said. Just watch an episode of “Jerry Springer” or “Maury,” Tommy said.

Every gay couple Tommie knows who tried to enforce monogamy on each other ended up breaking up over jealousy or cheating, he said. Tommie said most of these relationships would have probably survived if the partners had negotiated open relationships.

David is confined to a wheelchair and is almost 80 but still enjoys watching Tommie get fucked. And believe me Tommie is very attractive for a 63-year-old.

“David and I knew we loved sex and we knew we loved each other,” Tommie said. “And we never confused love and sex.”

I interviewed Tommie by phone. Tommie and David are the real first names of the couple but they did not wish to use their last names.

The Curse of the Big Dick

“Eli” has a big dick. A mean a fat, uncut python that swings between his slender legs like a pendulum of flesh.

For weeks he hit me up. But I wasn’t feeling it. First of all he is 25 years old. I have kids a little younger than he. And then there is that other little thing — his profile says he is a top.

But he was insistent. So insistent that he showed up one Saturday evening while my partner “Van” and I were about to watch Inyanla: Fix My Life on OWN. You know, that episode about that trifling dude with 34 kids by 17 women.

“Hey Eli, why did you show up,” I asked. “I gave you the address but I didn’t expect you to just come over.”

“I was in the area and was just dropping by.”

So we talked to him awhile. He is in college and aspiring to be a lawyer, but working retail at the mall to make ends meet. Still at home with his family in Ellicott City, a sleepy suburban hamlet to the west of Baltimore.

Eli's dick. Told you it was big.

Eli’s dick. Told you it was big.

I thought he wanted to tag team Van with me but surprise, surprise. Van and I ended up fucking him for almost two hours in every position you could name. Doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, spooning. It was like he couldn’t get enough of our dicks.

“Oooh, y’all are going to really get me liking dick,” he moaned.

Van is versatile and prefers fucking guys smaller and younger than he is. So I knew Eli, who is slender and has pecan brown skin and eyelashes so long they curl, was his type.

After everyone blew that nutt we sat around relaxing. I think we even fed him. And Eli explained why he was so dick hungry.

“I have a big dick so when I have sex with guys they automatically want to get fucked,” he said. “But sometimes I want to get done. So that’s why I let you fuck me like that.”

I could sympathize. When you swing a big dick everybody just wants to ride it. Heck, sometimes tops want to do something different, too.

The Boy from Brazil

“Antonio” emigrated to the United States from Brazil 15 years ago and dipped into the straight swinging scene.

He got turned on tag teaming pussy with another man. But soon he curious about why taking a dick made some women go crazy so he wanted to sample dick himself.

That led to Antonio turning into a full-fledged bottom, despite the fact he had little time to satisfy his crave because he is married.

But one day he wife was out of town and he invited this Dominican guy named “Tony” and me over to bang out his exotic ass. I took a few pics of Tony doing him.

Here you go:






7 Pickup Lines Guys Use on Online Hookup Sites that Turn Me Off

Dudes can say some dumb shit when trying to pick up ass or dick online. Photo courtesy of

Dudes can say some dumb shit when trying to pick up ass or dick online. Photo courtesy of

1. “What are you into?”

What I answer when they ask this: “My profile says top! Did you read it? Tops like to fuck ass. Duh!”

2. “Come fuck this phat ass!” (Usually uttered by 5’4″, 300-pound bottoms)

What I’m thinking when they write this: “I don’t feel like climbing up on that Mt. Everest of fat. Damn!”

3. “I’m here on business and in my hotel room and bored and really horny.”

What I’m thinking when they write this: “So I’m supposed to just drop everything and run over because you are visiting Baltimore and need entertainment?”

4. “White bottom here.” (Usually written by older, out-of-shape white men)

What I’m thinking when I read this: “Like just because you are white I’m supposed to run over there and fuck you?”

5. “That’s a big dick there! Can I have it?”

What I’m thinking when I read  this: “Uhhh, that’s obvious. I said it was 9.5 inches in the profile. Can you say something more original? And just because you want a big dick doesn’t mean you are going to get mine.”

See this black guy laughing. That's how I look reading the bullshit guys post. Photo courtesy of

See this black guy laughing. That’s how I look reading the bullshit guys post. Photo courtesy of

6. “I want that dick raw.”

What I’m thinking when I read this: “Hell naw! I’m not trying to order syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes with a side order of piping hot gonorrhea.”

7. “I’m a married guy just looking for a regular fuck buddy.”

What I’m thinking when I read that: “So I’m supposed to sit around and wait for when your DL ass is free to get some dick! Keep that shit moving and go to a bathhouse.”



Q: Readers, are there pick-up lines you hate?

Silly Young Faggot. Tricks are for Kids.

“Chocolate Drop” is a 30-year-old from the Caribbean who has been hitting me up for a week or so.

Sexy, tight, little dark body but a little on the feminine side.

I fucked him well and then he started talking. And the real him came out quickly.

It seems Chocolate Drop loved to get drunk and high on “molly” and fuck all night.

“I’m young. I’m supposed to have fun and get high. Right?”

He had been living with a roommate for three weeks but they were fighting badly and he needed to move…quickly.

In fact, the roommate had got his iPad and went through his email and spiked his soft drink with transmission fluid.

He had to call in the cops and filed a restraining order

I looked outside.  “Chocolate Drop” had pulled up in a late model burgundy BMW sports utility vehicle.

Don’t those joints cost $55,000? Why would he need a roommate?

“Immanuel you have a nice house,” he said, looking around. 

I knew what was coming.

“Immanuel are you looking for a roommate?  Can I move in.”

I sigh. Another fabulous young meth-head faggot looking to live off somebody.

I bet his latest sugar Daddy was his “roommate” who probably bought him the BMW. And was trying to get rid of his trifling ass, although that Boi pussy was good

Oh and for the record I never for a moment believed the poisoning story. That sounded too soap opery.

“Nah not looking for a roommate and the guest room is for when my daughter visits,” I answer.

Deep down I’m also thinking my boyfriend “Van” would kill me if I moved that fabulous freeloader in, although he might like him back for a threesome.

I get him out the door as quickly as possible and Chocolate Drop switched off into the sunset. But not before I got a few shots of him naked and riding my dick.

Here they go: