I Got a Million Problems but a Bottom Ain’t One

“Dontae” is a handsome, dark-skinned bottom from New York City who resettled in Baltimore.

About 30 years old he looks like a model. A matter of fact, I think Dontae did model briefly.

Dontae is into getting a team of tops, preferably Daddies, to tag team his ass. Hour after hour after hour. When the tops get tired of fucking he will pull out a dildo and keep going.

His dick, which is not that large considering his height and build, hardly ever gets hard. He barely moans or registers pleasure. His eyes get this faraway look like he’s somewhere else.

Occasionally he will sniff some poppers. Why he uses poppers I don’t understand — his ass is already loose and wet.

A few weeks ago another top (a friend of Dontae’s) and a verse top and Dontae came over. But I made an error — I invited another bottom over, too. And that bottom proved more popular with the guys than Dontae, who still got his fair share of dick that night.

Dontae sent this photo of his ass.

Dontae sent this photo of his ass.

Dontae was not having not being the center of attention. He stalked away from the action and went to the bathroom. When I went to check on him he was sitting on the toilet with his smartphone on Jack’d, texting and calling, trying to find his next dick fix.

The top who Dontae invited over, “Sean,” caught a ride home with the second bottom. Sean said Dontae deleted his phone number from his cellphone because when he texted him the next day Dontae texted back, “Who is this?”

“I met Dontae at sex party on Sunday and me and a few  guys fucked him and then he pulled out a dildo and fucked himself in front of us,” Sean said. “Then I hooked up with him the next day and fucked him some more. Then we hooked up at your house on Thursday. Like damn, how much dick does he want?”

That’s a good question Sean. But honestly I can’t answer it.

Today Dontae texted me, saying he wanted one more “hard long-winded freak” with me on this beautiful Palm Sunday. I have had enough of him. He is sexy as hell but boring. All he does is suck your dick a minute and put his ass up in the air.

Should I tell him about himself or ignore him? Dontae outside of the bedroom really seems to be a nice guy.

I called my good buddy “Rex” for advice. I explained the Dontae situation to him and he agreed that bottoms lately are getting tired as hell. In fact, Rex said he will even hook up with “tops” who end up wanting to get his thick dick instead of offering theirs.

“They are racing me to the bottom,” he said.

I quit rolling with “football player” because he is the same way. Hardly any foreplay, sucking dick or caressing. Just puts his big burly ass up in the air to get fucked by a big dick.

“Yeah, sex with a lot of bottoms is so one-sided,” Rex commiserated.

Rex suggested I call Dontae and give him some advice although I was hesitant at first because I don’t want to judge peeps for how they roll sexually. Rex said since I wasn’t getting pleasure from Dontae during our sexual transactions I should let him know why.

So I called him and explained to Dontae that sex doesn’t always have to be a fucking endurance contest. That he needs to expand his repertoire and experiment with getting pleasure in other ways.

He was very nice and agreeable on the phone — no arguing. But I could tell that since I wasn’t calling him to get him over to my place to fuck, Dontae was in a hurry to get me off the phone so he could get a top willing to do so.

I have written about my issues with bottoms before. Read the 2010 entry “B is for Boring Bottoms” and “Power Bottoms or Hungry Bottoms” from 2012.





11 thoughts on “I Got a Million Problems but a Bottom Ain’t One

  1. Ugh. Boring is right. Hate that shit. If I don’t know a bottom well, I will tell him that my dick is going to get as big as he gets it, you want it big and hard up in you, then get it that way. Guys that just offer their asses up to get nailed for an hour should buy a fucking machine.

      • No not air!!!!!. Smh. I can understand wanting to get ur shit off but its so many other ways besides ruining the lining in ur ass. U need that!!! But Immanuel u know that its a deeper problem going on with ur friend. Getting fucked is his crack. He keep chasing that first high that he wont ever get again. We all have our addictions so i won’t judge.


      • SpeakTruth: Once again you live up to your name. Yes, sex to him is an addiction. Oh, and apparently he is a meth head too, although that may be gossip.

  2. I am a bottom and I love to suck a man I am seeing to a full on climax no matter how long it takes. Just give me that suger daddy [;)

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