Stop being so shitty

Okay this post is going to have nasty subject matter. If it makes you uncomfortable, please don’t read it.

And for Heaven’s sake don’t eat while reading this post.

“Virgil” is a middle-aged bottom that lives in this area. He was married but is recently divorced. But believe me he has been getting dick for years.

So you would think dude would learn how to clean himself. You know, there are several products you can buy at CVS and Walgreens to help you do that.

Virgil apparently didn’t get the message.

A few years ago I was at a sex party at a friend’s apartment. Virgil got fucked pretty hard — I was watching. And he shit on the floor. I mean, a small pile.

Youtube viewers react to women having sex with excrement, a practice called scat. Photo courtesy of LA Weekly.

Youtube viewers react to women having sex with excrement, a practice called scat. I can relate to how they feel. Photo courtesy of LA Weekly.

The room filled with that smell and the host stopped the proceedings, turned up the lights and cleaned up with bleach and water.

“What nasty muthafucka did this?”

I knew Virgil did the dirty deed but he didn’t fess up. You know that nasty ass kept right on fucking. I walked over and told the host and Virgil was taken off the guest list.

Fast forward to last week. Virgil has been hitting me up online for months begging for some dicks so I had a few guys over to play and decided it would be nice to throw another bottom in the mix. Besides it had been five years since that party — Virgil is a newly out gay man so must surely have had more time to brush up on homosexual hygiene.

Wrong. After fucking him awhile I noticed that old familiar smell. I stopped and went to the bathroom and washed up.

Later I noticed something that looked like chocolate milk dripping from Virgil’s ass. Ewwww.

I had to do laundry as soon as he left. I mean towels and sheets. Several other guests commented.

Yesterday Virgil hit me up again, asking when he could get some. I told him he would have to learn how to clean his ass or he was not welcome in my house.

You know what he said? “Cool.”

No apology. No “Oh man I didn’t know.” No “I will clean up thoroughly for next time.”

Which now makes me wonder whether he gets off on being shitty. I know there are guys into scat, or involving feces into sex play. Maybe Virgil needs to join one of those clubs.


22 thoughts on “Stop being so shitty

  1. I am literally “Laughing My Ass Off”!!! Man I love your blog, you “keep it soooo real”!!! I’m also forwarding a copy of your blog to a friend, a jump off that has the same problem…..hope he gets it….. Literally!!!!!

  2. Is this for real? This Virgil guy need not have nothing to do with bottoming. In my opinion, stuff like this extends to his personal life…perhaps nonchalant about protective sex, personal hygiene etc. I know cleaning up for sex can take quite sometime but it’s paramount! Also, if he was going to be with aggressive Tops for deep penetrative sex, he needs to stay on a liquid diet for atleast 12hrs, and use the toilet before cleaning up and showering. Hope he is reading and learning lol!

  3. First ass I fucked she (MtoF) did clean, but I went deep like I hit the pussy. Did not expect lava. God bless Magnums (adds a whole new meaning to “safe sex”)

  4. I’m actually working on a post right now about sexual hygiene and grooming. One neat lil’ trick is to add a few drops of Vanilla Extract into whatever you’re using to clean yourself out. It leaves a great scent and literally flavors your ass.

    But I digress. If it were me, that nigga would’ve been shown to the door immediately. He’s too damn grown for that. Yuck. To each, his own. OWN being the operative word.


  5. What’s up Immanuel. . Im new to the blog and love ur stories so im probably going to be commenting on alot of old shit. Lol. But i met this verse who was new to the game. He was younger than me and the first time i smashed he shitted like he was backed up for days and didnt have an embareased look at all. I didnt know him that well so i said to myself he new so let me school him on cleaning his self. I can tell it went in one ear and out the other. Lol. So the second time i let him smash me. Of course it was no scat because i know better. But i wanted him to see how clean i was so hE will see that i use the same advice i gave him. So we started getting cool and i had a card game at my crib and we was getting fucked up. So afyer the game it was me him and a top. So we all fucking around and the foreplay is hot. And we in a real faint light. So the top start fuking my boy and i start to smell shit. I got up and turned on the big light and the top stomach and pelvis was coverd in soft shit. It stank so bad that it made me embarrassed for him. But again he showed no embarrassment on his face. The top ran in the bathroom and got in the shower what seemed like hours. I was ready to ask him for money twords the water bill lol. But anyway i still remained his friend and the next time he came over i had the enema myself. And showed him how to use it and made him go in the bathroom and told him to keep filling it with warm water untill water was just coming out his hole. He was in there for so long. At lease 45 mins. And he came out fustrated as hell. He said only woman dush and he felt weird blah blah blah. So i fucked him that night and guess wht. He shitted all over me. Now im pissed. I cussed his ass out. I said i told u to keep going till it was clear. He told me that it never got clear and he did it like 10 times. Im thinking like wtf. I told him if he wanted anymore dick he had to change his diet because u got shit backed up literally in ur back. He told me he aint changing anything and shit come out ur ass so naturally if u get fucked u gonna shit and who ever want him have to deal with it. So till this day he probably taking his daily shit on people and think its normal. Smh


  6. Wow lol i commend the young kat for hangin in so long with his ‘bottom’, that wouldnt have been me, afterwhile, shittybottom would be kicked to the curb..smh, painting picassos..smh

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