Commuter Train Flirting

I ride the MARC train from Baltimore to work in DC Monday through Friday.

And every day I see him. A handsome, brown-skinned,  young blue collar dude dressed in a dark blue jumper with reflective stripes.

His lips are perfect. His eyes are deep wells of warm brown. His body slender.

I wonder does he work on the road, in a warehouse or as a custodian. He always gets off the train in a suburban office park halfway between D.C. and Baltimore.

Several times during the trip we lock eyes and stare at each other. He always seems to sit facing me. We break the stare and then a few minutes later repeat the pas de deux.

Sometimes he leans back, spreads his legs and swings one leg from side to side.

I know what he is doing. I used to masturbate that way back in high school, using the friction of the fabric against my dick to get a hard on.

Is he cruising me? Or is this just my gay imagination? We never speak or even nod hello so I will likely never know.

(I took a photo of his feet while he was swinging that leg.)


25 thoughts on “Commuter Train Flirting

  1. One morning u get on the train and sit across from him with headphones and a book. Don’t even acknowledge him adjust your dick on the leg and start to rock. I guarantee he’ll lose his mind

  2. Just give him a “what’s up?” next time. It’s pretty clear that if you are locking eyes a few times a week then there is a connection. Also! Masturbating by swinging your leg back and forth??? That is a new one.
    Damn. Part of me (guess which) wishes we were still talking about your ass, haha! Take care!

  3. Ahh….Where do I begin?
    First of all how long you been riding this train with this nicca?

    Next I need to know who gets on the train first? I know he gets off first, no pun intended, but I will get to that in a moment…but who physically gets on the train first?

    Why haven’t we spoken to this man yet? I mean you said you see him everyday…like haven’t seen you since Friday Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh here is another day on Thursday, O.M.G is this another day on Friday…like everyday and neither one of you say so much as a “sup” I mean you had all football season to pull out the sport section on the train, and give him a casual, “What about that RG3, baby?” or some other sport reference. Now I have never been that good with the sports talk, but I’m sure you are, maybe.

    Now I can get pass a little bit you not speaking, but the head nod…Shame on you Immanuel. The non committal head nod, not given, what’s up with that? That’s the easiest opening there is. Do you know how much dick I have gotten, from the “Yo Wassup?” head nod? And I’m usually in a separate car, at a stoplight. And y’all are on the same train, sitting across from each other, staring at each other, and no one is giving the head nod? The Devil Is A Lie! The head nod could be magical, in the right circumstance. The simple head nod, is first of all just courtesy. The Double head nod is even better. That’s when you give a head nod, they give you a head nod, then you give another, and then they reciprocate you another. For me that means your place or mine, but you need them to give you the second one. If no second one, then you take it slow.

    This comment has been long enough so I can’t even go in on that leg swing thing. I don’t know what you are talking about. When I swing my leg it is usually out of boredom or nervousness; but if you are saying he is masturbating in front of you, if that isn’t a “How you doin?” I don’t know what is?

    • LOL! I’m on the train heading home laughing out loud reading your comment. I always get on first and he always gets on last and walks down to me and sits facing my direction. So I should know what the fuck’s up. Right????
      Okay Monday (I got to morning errands) I’m nodding. That dude is too fucking cute! I have to see.

      • You only answered one of my million questions, because you know this is foolishness. Now I’m not saying he is down…don’t get me wrong, but you have so many and had so many chances to see what’s up with this guy. For all intents and purposes this is your “train buddy.” This is the guy you are suppose to talk about pop culture, the news, sports, your bad ass chilgen.
        Now I think he might be down, what other reason to always sit across from you, playing the staring game.
        Here’s the thing he is not going to speak to you first because of what he wears and what you wear. Think about that….

      • Ohhhhh…i get it. Damn I’m dense. I’m a professional and he is blue collar! Middle aged versus young buck. I will talk next time. He does seem friendly. I will take a face pic and email it to you.

  4. TAFKA speaks the truth! Damn. I just learned something. The double nod. Shit. And the man is driving a car while we are riding trains. I salute you both.

  5. And yeah . . . those blue collars guys know all the other blue collar guys, and all the sweet ladies they work with, and the chicks they work with–who are off duty but still in your damn train car–and whoever the fuck else that is some busybody. This guy is waiting for you to make the move.

  6. Immanuel,you and I both know that your intuition is screaming to you something about this blue collar brother.
    You know you want to chat him up and maybe get acquainted and there is no telling where that might lead. Why are you being such a wuss??
    Nothing ventured,nothing gained and anyway, who said it has to be anything sexual???

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog man. I can’t get enough of yours.

    Go for it Immanuel. He’s definitely giving you all the signs. Train play is so much fun. That non verbal communication is so intense and hot. Plus, doing it in front of people who are clueless to what’s REALLY going on makes it even better. I LOVE THE TRAIN! Get that ass man! LOL!

  8. This story has me wanting more. Has he returned to sitting next to you? Do you think you did something that may have turned him away?

    If he returns, don’t be too aggressive. Remember, it is the train and he is probably concerned that someone he knows may be near at the wrong time.

    • Bryce I think i didn’t respond the way he wanted so he thought I didn’t play and moved on. I have been taking a different train sometimes but don’t see him as much. I will let you know if we ever get a connection.

  9. To me it’s simple. Don’t be afraid. Talk. Talk about somethihg innocuous to break the ice. Exchange numbers/emails to talk more. And you chastised your friend a while ago for looking for dick/ass online at a party of yours. Talk to the man. He won’t shoot you!

    And it has been several weeks since your post. Anything new?

    • Dean hey!

      I did strike up a conversation with commuter train guy. He might be all blue collar and tough looking but he is very friendly and gives great eye-to-eye. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen him. I’ve been taking the train at different times but even when I board at his usual time he hasn’t been there. If I see him again I will just say, “Hey man, where you been?” That should open things back up.

      I did talk to my friend who was rude at the party and he explained he is extremely shy, which I found weird because I’ve seen him at several sex parties taking all sorts of stranger dick. He said when I have my next game party he will behave better and participate although he does not know how to play cards. We will teach him.

  10. MAN, I LOVE YOUR BLOG, I HAVE READ JUST ABOUT ALL YOUR STORIES….I’M ON ADAM4ADAM AND OTHER SEX SITE’S AND THERE’S TOO MANY DESPERATE PPL OUT THERE…JUST WANT TO FUCK…DON’T WANT TO COVERSATE, MEET & GREET, GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER FOR A WHILE BEFORE SEX….I JUST FEDUP…I BE BORED ALL THE TIME….I PERSONALLY LIKE TO CUDDLE, MASSAGE, GRIND TOGETHER….ALL THESE GUYS WANT IS DICK OR SOME ASS…..I’M NOT EVER GOING TO UPLOAD MY DICK OR ASS PICTURES, THE ONLY WAY THEY WILL SEE ANY PARTS OF ME….IS WHEN WE HOOKUP…..I USE TO SEND MY DICK AND ASS PICTURES AND I WAS STALKED, BITING,HARRASSED….SO MIGHT BET IS TO JUST FLIRT FOR AWHILE…I’M. REALLY IN GUY’S THAT IS. 40TO65…I CAN’T STAND GUY’S MY AGE….TOO MUCH DRAMA…AND B.S….I’M FROM CHICAGO AND THE ONE’S I’M INTERESTED IN ARE DIEING OFF….SO I GUESS I WILL JJUST STAY SINGLE FOR AWHILE….I BEEN IN ALOT OF RELATIONSYTS. Lasted six months all four of them….everything thing was fun while it lasted…until boredom rested in….smh….too many thirsty niccas….with that been said…for now on I’ll be looking forward to other tops that like to bottom or versatile for the first time….IT’S more adventurous to explore more of them more….Emmanuel give me. Some solutions, by the way i might not been so clear in what i was TRYING type….read between the lines…hopefully I’ll here from you soon…..thanks from your top wanna be your bottom in the near future….😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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