Commuter Train Flirting

I ride the MARC train from Baltimore to work in DC Monday through Friday.

And every day I see him. A handsome, brown-skinned,  young blue collar dude dressed in a dark blue jumper with reflective stripes.

His lips are perfect. His eyes are deep wells of warm brown. His body slender.

I wonder does he work on the road, in a warehouse or as a custodian. He always gets off the train in a suburban office park halfway between D.C. and Baltimore.

Several times during the trip we lock eyes and stare at each other. He always seems to sit facing me. We break the stare and then a few minutes later repeat the pas de deux.

Sometimes he leans back, spreads his legs and swings one leg from side to side.

I know what he is doing. I used to masturbate that way back in high school, using the friction of the fabric against my dick to get a hard on.

Is he cruising me? Or is this just my gay imagination? We never speak or even nod hello so I will likely never know.

(I took a photo of his feet while he was swinging that leg.)