Sanchez’s Ass

Remember Sanchez, my jerk off partner?

I couldn’t stop thinking about how phat his ass is.

So I texted him today.

“Sanchez Could you do me a favor? Could you send me a pic of your ass. It’s incredible.”

Sanchez didn’t hesitate or say anything. He sent it right away.

Sanchez's booty

Sanchez’s booty


I had to thank him. So I texted back:

“Dude your body is beautiful. ‘You can do side bends and sit-ups but please don’t lose that butt'” …Sir Mix A lot…Baby Got Back…1992

“I don’t think I can if I tried,” he texted back.



Nothing like waking up to…

some coffee, bacon and eggs and some snap, crackle ass.

This 28-year-old dude visiting from Atlanta hit me up online. He woke early and was horny as hell.

“Come over and get this dick before I leave for work,” I said.

We had a nice session. He claimed he had not had sex for four months and he busted a heavy load while jacking off after we fucked for a half hour.

Here are some pics:






Yeah, my girlfriend knows


Lance's girlfriend knows he likes dick but is down with the situation. Photo courtesy of Rastafarianism & Jamaican Culture website.

Lance’s girlfriend knows he likes dick but is down with the situation. Photo courtesy of Rastafarianism & Jamaican Culture website.

“Lance” is a short haul truck driver, with a route that includes southern Pennsylvania, Delaware,  and Maryland.

His job allows the brown-skinned, divorced father of two to get dick on the regular. In truck stops, in the cab of his semi, or in the houses of guys he hooks up with.

Lance, who was always curious about dick but got his first taste in the military, is an insatiable bottom. He loves to get fucked for hours and even brings rope with him in his overnight bag so guys can tie him up and have their way with him.

By doing that I think he is really pushing the envelope. Who is to say he won’t meet a mass murderer during his travels who will tie him up and knock him off. Lance doesn’t seem to care about danger as long as there is a promise of a stiff dick.

“I’m a flat out freak and I love it,” he says.

But Lance doesn’t fix the profile of a typical down-low brother because, well, he isn’t down-low. His current girlfriend, a wife chick from rural Pennsylvania, knows all about his yen for bottoming.

In fact, she encourages him to go out and satisfy his cravings, as long he comes home and gives her all the details, including how big was the dick, how the black man looked and how did the dick feel feel.

Evidently this must get her excited — he claims they still have an active sex life.

When he told me an a few friends his story I wasn’t surprised. I’ve quickly come to learn it takes all types to make the world go round.


The Jerk Off Game

Photo courtesy of the FuckThatTwink blog.

Photo courtesy of the FuckThatTwink blog.

Being a top can be hard work. All that thrusting, and pumping and grinding.

That’s why I’m glad I have a friend like “Sanchez.”

Sanchez is only into jacking off, but he makes it so much fun who is even thinking about fucking?

“Hey Immanuel, I’m going to bring some weed over. Let’s get high and see what happens,” he texted last Sunday evening.

“Cool, but bring a porno DVD if you want to watch that because I don’t have any,” I texted back.

Sanchez is an even mix of Dominican and African American. Brown skinned with close-cut hair and goatee. About five feet 8. And slightly muscular with a BIG FAT BOOTY!!! (Sorry I had to capitalize that and use exclamation points but Sanchez’s booty makes a brother want to shout.)

But Sanchez does not give up the ass, I think because he only does that in a relationship. But jackoff sessions with him are intense.

We sit on the TV room sofa fully clothed and smoke a blunt, passing it back in forth until the stub burns our fingers. A Brazilian gay porno is playing in front of us — a scene with a tall, slender top with a huge dick fucking a willing bottom. The actors moan and groan to each other in Portuguese, which I don’t understand, but who cares because it still sounds hot.

I pull out my dick, squirt Swiss Navy lube along the shaft, and start jacking off.

Sanchez reaches over and starts stroking it too. “Damn, that’s nice,” he says.

Then he takes off his nylon jogging shorts, taking time to bend over slightly and give me a view of that BIG FAT BOOTY!!!

I reach out and touch it, slapping his biscuit brown cheeks lightly with my hand.

Then Sanchez sits next to on the sofa, lubes up and starts jacking too. His dick is shorter than mine, thick and curved.

Occasionally he reaches over and jerks mine, or I reach over and jerk his. Or we play with or lick each other’s nipples. But there is no dick sucking and certainly no fucking.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Sanchez has his rules. And if I follow them one day I will win the prize. That’s what makes the play so hot.

“One day Immanuel, I’m going to give you this ass,” he says, his voice low and sly.

Sanchez reaches down between his legs with one hand and fingers his puckered asshole. The lube on his hand makes it slick.

“I haven’t had dick in a long time but when I get ready I’m going to let you put the head in…slowly. Then I can get used to that big black dick and you can really fuck men.”

All his hot talk and the DVD get me even more hot and bothered. I lay back, imagining what it will feel like the day Sanchez will let me fuck that BIG FAT DOMINICAN/AFRICAN AMERICAN BOOTY!!!! (Sorry, I had to capitalize).

But I promise him I will be good and patient because it will be worth the wait. The anticipation and my imagination get the better of me. I can’t fuck him but I can do something else.

I kneel in front of him on the hardwood floor, prop one of Sanchez’s feet on one ottoman and the other on another ottoman. His legs are now propped up and spread far apart and that booty is open and vulnerable and almost mine for the taking. I dive in and start tonguing and licking that asshole, spitting on it to make it slicker.

He doesn’t stop me although I am getting close to breaking the rule. “Oooh, damn that feels good,” he moans.

I have one fat ass cheek in one hand and one ass check in the other. His ass tastes delicious.

In a few minutes I stop. Sit back beside him. It’s time for the game to end. It’s getting late. I jerk till I cum, my body jerking and convulsing. Then I lean over and lick Sanchez’s purplish brown right nipple until he cums too.

“That was alright man,” Sanchez says. “I’ll call you in about a week to see what’s up.”

“Hey, you are welcome anytime,” I say.

And my jerk off buddy heads out the door and I head upstairs and to my bed, satisfied and drained.