Training a bottom

Sometimes you have to tell folks to kiss your ass to get respect.

Sometimes you have to tell folks to kiss your ass to get respect.

I threw some good dick and he wanted to come back for more. A cute, late 30-something, tall, brown-skinned bottom who reminds me of a young Billy Dee Williams without the processed hair.

But he said something that pissed me off.

“I may want to see you tonight but if I do come it could be late,” he texted.

I had to put him in check.

“I’m a mellow guy but I have rules,” I texted back.

And I explained: Don’t obligate my time. I am not just a hard dick waiting for you to come by and sit on me.

I do other things besides sex, like volunteer, hang out with friends, go to the movies, and to the gym.

If you want to have sex don’t give me this “maybe I can come” bullshit. Be a man, block off of some availability times and make definite plans.

Because I’m not some lonely heart sitting at home waiting for Prince Charming Bottom.

He got the drift.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I offended you. I will check my time and definitely give you an exact time we can meet again. I was just excited about coming back.”

I think we are going to get along.

2 thoughts on “Training a bottom

  1. Lol Immanuel you be poppin’ off! But I feel you though. Sometimes niggas think they’re doing you a favor or something. If dude has the time to come through and kick it, cool. If not, that’s cool too. Just be straight up though, ya know?

    • Cogito you are so right. We gay men can be very self centered including yours truly. I really make an effort to be honest and up front and not easte folks’ time.

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