Florida Swinging: Fort Lauderdale’s Finest

There is something sexy about a Black man in uniform. Here is a vintage photo of black policemen from Tyler Texas.

There is something sexy about a Black man in uniform. Here is a vintage photo of black policemen from Tyler Texas.

Monday was my last night in Florida — my flight was the leaving Fort Lauderdale airport at the crack of dawn on Tuesday.

I swear I had so much sex my dick was sore. And I was a little tired but hey I could rest after my vacation.

Plus Randall and I are Gemini’s — eternal teenagers at heart. And what did my Gay Horoscope Guide say about Geminis? Sexually we are always good, game and willing to go.

Randall had an associate in Florida he was dying for me to meet. A top who is a Fort Lauderdale policeman. So he set up a threesome for my last night.

“Teddy” arrived at the condo about 10 p.m. Dark-skinned and muscular — his upper torso had that classic cobra shape.

I could tell he was a policeman. He walked very upright and had an all-business, no nonsense air about him.

He sat next to me on the sofa while Randall got up and put some porn on his laptop. Then Randall came back, knelt on the floor, pulled Teddy’s dick out of his jeans and started sucking away.

It was hot to watch for a few minutes but I had to join in. Soon we were stripped naked in the living room — Randall on the floor sucking our dicks and Teddy and I standing playing with each other’s nipples.

I looked in his eyes. They were actually very friendly and warm. I leaned forward and touched his lips to mind. Surprisingly he kissed me back, flicking his tongue gently against mine.

A little later Teddy sucked my dick and I returned the favor.

The action moved into the bedroom. Randall knelt on the bed and pushed his ass up in the air.

“You go first Immanuel,” Teddy said.

So I condomed up, rubbed lube on my dick and into Randall’s ass, and started fucking. While I did so Teddy caressed me.

“Fuck him with that big dick,” Teddy said.

I banged into Randall doggy style for a while and then stepped aside and let Teddy have his turn.

His dick was not as long as mine but it was thick and curved to the left. He must have been hitting Randall’s walls just right because dude was moaning, punctuating the room with “ummms” and “ahhhs.”

The session ended with Teddy laying on his back with Randall riding him while I lay beside them and watched.

“You like my pussy on your dick, don’t you,” Randall said as he pumped his ass up and down on Teddy’s hips.


In a few minutes Teddy busted a nutt in his condom covered dick while it was stuck up Randall’s ass.

And I stood up in the bed, jacked off, and splattered hot nutt over the both of them.

What a nice way to end my trip to Florida.

Florida Swinging: The Sex Party

The hotel where the sex party was held.

The hotel where the sex party was held.

“Randall, could you hurry up? It’s 11:30 and the party ends at 1 a.m. and it’s going to take us at least a half hour to get there.”

“Okay, okay, I’m getting dressed. But I want to have a little weed first.”

The top from the foursome on my second night in Florida had gotten us invited to a private sex party at a hotel over in Hollywood, Fla. last Sunday night. It was a humid, warm evening and I was dying to get out of the small condo I shared with Randall and do something fun.

We hopped on the road and drove to the spot.  Randall and I must have already developed a reputation in South Florida because the host seemed eager for us to get there. He kept texting, “Are you coming? Are you on the way? How far are you?”

The party took place in a room right by the hotel swimming pool and bar. The lights from the pool bathed the courtyard in a cool, liquid, blue light.

We knocked and the door was opened by the host — a muscular, tatted, dark-skinned brother with long dreadlocks and bubble ass who was a dead ringer for the actor Harold Perrineau from “Oz” and “The Matrix.”

And we walked in and it was on. The room was already filled with about a dozen brothers mostly in their 20s and 30s sucking, and fucking and kissing and licking. I swear everybody looked hot. You could practically smell the pheromones in the air.

Before Randall could take off his clothes somebody grabbed him and started sucking his dick. Then the next thing I knew he was 69’ing on bed with this handsome light-skinned brother with a small waist, broad shoulders and a big dick.

Shit, I hadn’t even taken off my clothes yet. Wait Randall! I gotta catch up!

A little brown-skinned bottom lay on his back on the Queen-sized bed in the room, getting plowed by a slender, dark top with a baseball cap on.

I stood and watched, stroking my dick until it got harder. Someone walked up next to me and started pulling on my dick but I pushed his head down to my nipples and asked him to lick them instead because getting my nipples sucked turns me on every time.

When the top got tired I tapped his shoulder, asked him to step aside, and I put on a condom and started fucking little homey. Then I took a break and fucked him again.

As I thrusted into him the for the second go round I felt someone licking my ass and looked down. Damn, Randall was kneeling on the floor behind me eating me out!

See the dudes in this photo? Well the guys at the Florida sex party were just as hot.

See the dudes in this photo? Well the guys at the Florida sex party were just as hot.

A muscular Jamaican dude with a dick I swear was a foot long was fucking a lighter skinned bottom next to me but I don’t think he could keep up an erection. Shit, it’s hard to keep blood flowing in something that big.

“Hey, you come over here and fuck him,” he said to me.

“Man, what are you the director of the sex party or something,?” I asked kiddingly.

The Jamaican dude laughed, his teeth white and glowing in the dim room. And I laughed too. Sometimes a sex party is about about joking and joshing around, too.

When it was a little past 1 a.m. the host flicked on the lights for a second and told everybody time was up and the party was ending soon so if you were going to bust you better do it. Then he dimmed the lights again.

I was on the bed smooching with the brown-skinned bottom. I discovered he was from Maryland, had been in the military, and was down in Florida taking college courses.

“Hey you want to see me bust a nutt,” I said.

“Sure Daddy.”

So I started jacking my dick a little more quickly and soon busted a creamy nutt all over my pubic hair. I had been close and just holding back so it was easy to let go.

After I washed and dressed I talked to the host. He complimented Randall and I on our nice bodies and my big dick.

“I’m having another party next week, are you going to be down here?”

“Nah man, I’m just on vacation but my buddy is around.”

Randall is in his early 50s and I’m in my late 40s but we keep in pretty good shape and looked just as good or even better than some of the youngsters at the party.

In fact, as we were leaving the light-skinned bottom and brown-skinned bottom asked where we were going but we were too tired to invite them back to the condo for an after party.

When Randall and I got back in the car we congratulated each other and bumped fists. We also agreed it was the best sex party we had been to in months.

And hey, we may be older but we can still hang with the young boys.

Florida Swinging: Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach.

Haulover Beach.

It was Sunday afternoon and I wanted to be alone and just meditate and think. And one of the places I do my best thinking is at the beach.

So I hopped in my tiny red, rented Mazda 2 and headed for Haulover Beach, one of the most famous nude beaches in the world.

I had never gone to the nude beach. Would I  be too shy to strip? Would the experience be weird? Would I chicken out?

I paid $6 to enter the park, parked my car, and went through a tunnel and down a path to the beach. This obviously gay black guy walked in front of me.

“Which side is the gay side?” I asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve come here a few times but I didn’t know there was a gay part.”

I didn’t believe him but I smiled and said thank you anyway. Then I hooked right and headed to the South part of the Beach.

There were people of all races, shapes and sizes walking around nude. Women with beautiful perky breasts and women with big, sagging bajongas. Guys with beer bellies and guys with six-pack abs. Women with big hips and women with haunches as narrow as a boy’s. And dicks of all shapes and sizes.

And it was so…normal.

I went to a more isolated part of the beach and sat  between two straight couples. I sat on the sand awhile on my towel and then said to myself, “Immanuel, you are almost 50 years old. You strip in front of guys and have sex all the time. So what’s the big deal about being nude on a beach.”

So I stood up and pulled off my tank top and then pulled off my shorts and underwear in one swoop. And let my dick swing in the air.

It felt so — free. I noticed a few men and women looking at me but in an appreciative, camaraderie type of way.

I sat down. The sun warmed my back. The wind blew in off the ocean. The waves lapped gently in front of me.

In a few minutes I got up and jumped into the surf. The blue water was surprisingly warm, almost like bath water. It was very salty.

I’m a pretty good swimmer so I went out a little way and rolled on my back and floated, my soft dick and thick pubes exposed to the world. Seagulls flew overhead and the clouds were wispy in the blue sky. The salty water stung my eyes.

And it felt wonderful.

Later I came ashore and sat and looked at the waves and meditated, the cool breeze kissing my face.

My thoughts were jumbled. I thought about all I had been through in the past few years — leaving a marriage, my children, entering the gay world, my first serious gay relationship beginning and ending, and a new start in Baltimore.

I didn’t really get as calm as I wanted but I was able to plan what I wanted to do in months ahead. Improving relations with my kids somehow, getting better at my job, and pursuing a graduate degree.

Earlier that day Randall had sat down and talked to me. He is kinda new agey and follows both Christianity and some traditional African traditions, such as reverence of our ancestors. Each night he would light candles in front of a glass of clear water in order to bring positive spirits I think.

I confessed to him I was feeling jaded and out of sorts lately but he put me back on track.

“Immanuel, you are handsome and intelligent brother and you have a positive aura. You have a lot of love to give — don’t stop doing that,” he said “And when you find the right guy again you will know it.”




Florida Swinging: The Scene

Randall trying on a jock at LeatherWerks. I think he bought that pair.

Randall trying on a jock at LeatherWerks. I think he bought that pair.

“Hey Randall, I’m going to hop in the car and check out the gay strip in Fort Lauderdale. You want to join me? Can I take you out to lunch?”

“Sure, I’m not doing anything,” Randall responded. “Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready.”

If you didn’t read the previous post I took a vacation in South Florida, staying with Randall, my buddy from California who had a summer assignment in the area. Last Saturday, although remnants of a tropical storm off the coast were sending rain showers every five minutes, I decided to hop in the car and explore.

The first stop was Rosie’s Bar & Grill, a great little hang out spot right in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale’s gay district on Wilton Drive. The food was good and it was great seeing such a large crowd of gay folks enjoying themselves.

The outside of LeatherWerks.

The outside of LeatherWerks.

Next we made a stop to LeatherWerks, a shop where you can buy whatever kink turns you on — dildos, latex suits, chains, whips, biker boots, thongs, you name it. Randall had fun trying on stuff.

Then we went down the street to Gay Mart, a clothing and accessories store that caters exclusively to gay men. Randall bought a pair of white shorts while I stuffed my pockets with free Magnum condoms from a cookie jar on the counter.

It was getting to be late afternoon and the rain was getting harder so we walked down the sidewalk to get a Happy Hour cocktail at Georgie’s Alibi, a nice gay bar in the same small shopping plaza as Gay Mart.

Randall and hung out with some Black and Latino guys from the Houses of Ninja, Ebony, Infiniti, Mizrahi, Milan and Blahnik, who were planning a vogue ball for later that year. I was impressed that they put so much into planning — I didn’t know the balls were so well organized.

And it was fun listening to them get on the phone and read the leader of another House who always criticizes the balls but didn’t bother to come to the meeting to plan the next one. They passed the phone around, telling him off.

“He won’t be invited to the next ball,” I think one of them said afterward. “But we are going to chew him up and spit him out before we disinvite.”

The group broke out laughing.

Later that night Randall set up a foursome with this brown-skinned top dude who I swear had a tongue a foot long and lovedto eat ass and suck dick with it and this chunky, dark-skinned bottom with a big booty.

Georgie's Alibi on a busy night.

Georgie’s Alibi on a busy night.

While the top was fucking the bottom doggy style I stood up on the bed, stuck my dick in the top’s mouth, and let him work that tongue. Randall had taken a break to check something on his computer but came back just in time to watch me shoot my nutt into the top’s mouth.

But the mood of the party soon darkened.

“Have you head the news,” the bottom said. “They reached a verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial.”

Earlier that evening I had turned off the TV after the jury asked the judge for directions on manslaughter convictions. I was sure they would nail that wannabe cop with that charge.

But what the bottom said caught me completely off guard.

“They found him innocent of all charges,” the bottom said.

“Goddammit,” I said. “I can’t believe that shit.”

We sat around watching the news coverage. George Zimmerman’s brother appeared on CNN. What he said almost made me puke.

It was bad enough that psychopath stalked and killed a young man, probably after being on the losing end of a fight. But to have Zimmerman’s brother blame Trayvon for his own death was foul and arrogant.

Our guests soon went home.

“Turn off the TV Randall, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to bed.”

Florida Swinging

The beach at Ft. Lauderdale.

The beach at Ft. Lauderdale.

Almost two months ago my friend “Randall” in Los Angeles mentioned he had a gig in Florida

“Why don’t you take a flight down and hang out in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami?,” Randall asked.

I love my job but things have been hectic. And I’ve been busy setting up a household in Baltimore, painting, and fixing up and digging up a garden. I need a change of scenery and a chance to unwind, preferably on a beach.

“Okay, Randall I will book the flight,” I said.

“Cool, don’t worry about a hotel because I’m set up in a condo,” Randall said.

“Okay, but I’m renting my own car so I can get around.”

I haven’t been to Miami in almost 20 years but from looking around on Gaycities.com and there seems to be a lot to do. I’ll tell you all about it.

Randall and I have had some fun times. You can read about a hot encounter I had with him and another guy a few years ago in L.A.

Training a bottom

Sometimes you have to tell folks to kiss your ass to get respect.

Sometimes you have to tell folks to kiss your ass to get respect.

I threw some good dick and he wanted to come back for more. A cute, late 30-something, tall, brown-skinned bottom who reminds me of a young Billy Dee Williams without the processed hair.

But he said something that pissed me off.

“I may want to see you tonight but if I do come it could be late,” he texted.

I had to put him in check.

“I’m a mellow guy but I have rules,” I texted back.

And I explained: Don’t obligate my time. I am not just a hard dick waiting for you to come by and sit on me.

I do other things besides sex, like volunteer, hang out with friends, go to the movies, and to the gym.

If you want to have sex don’t give me this “maybe I can come” bullshit. Be a man, block off of some availability times and make definite plans.

Because I’m not some lonely heart sitting at home waiting for Prince Charming Bottom.

He got the drift.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I offended you. I will check my time and definitely give you an exact time we can meet again. I was just excited about coming back.”

I think we are going to get along.