There are a lot more Jason Collins out there

Jason Collins. Magazine cover courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Jason Collins. Magazine cover courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

I’m elated NBA free agent Jason Collins has come out publicly as gay.

Finally there is another gay role model out there who is black, successful, athletic, and has already succeeded in the competitive world of sports. If he never gets picked up by another team he has proved gay men can jump.

The reaction has been largely positive — even President Obama and the First Lady have  congratulated Collins.

But not surprisingly it is members of Collins’ own race who have been the most assholish and homophobic — including ESPN’s Chris Broussard (read the Maybe it’s just me blog for the details) and Mike Wallace of the Miami Dolphins (read the Inside Jamari Fox blog for more on that).

For all these folks throwing hate, get over it. God made some folks gay and others not. And there are a lot of gay athletes in professional sports.

How do I know? Some of my friends are hooking up with them.

Just last weekend a platonic friend from Washington, D.C., “Vaughn,” came up to spend some time with me in Baltimore and check out the gay life here.

Before we hit Buns nightclub to catch some good house music Vaughn, a brown-skinned, 40-something Daddy from Kentucky with a handsome face, bulging biceps, and country accent, told me he had a secret to tell.

“Immanuel, a few months ago a young guy who I hook up with regular said he had a bottom buddy who wanted to threesome so I said okay.”

Like me Vaughn is a divorced man with kids who has come out relatively recently. So I know he is still sowing his wild oats.

“Okay Vaughn what’s so unusual about a threesome?”

“Listen, I’m going to get to that,” Vaughn said, grinning slyly.

“When I got there another young dark-skinned guy was already waiting,” he continued. “He wasn’t that nice looking — in fact he looked kinda weird and had on these baggy sweats.”

“But when he took off his clothes — damn! It was all muscles and he had a fat bubble butt and a huge dick.”

“His friend fucked him, and then I fucked him, and we took turns. Man, he had some good ass. Tight and wet.”

“Okay, Vaughn, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and got some good ass,” I said. “I know you prefer those young boys.”

“Well, Immanuel, the bottom guy left about the same time I did and he pulled up his car next to me at a stoplight and looked over me like he wanted to talk some more but I had things to do so I drove on.”

“Do you know a couple of days later I was watching the Washington Redskins play Philadelphia and there he was on the sidelines! It was the same guy! I got his jersey number and Googled just to make sure.”

“I called my regular back and he confirmed who it was. He said he arranges dick for him.”

I smiled and joked with Vaughn that he should have gotten the player’s number because dude really is kinda hot. But the story wasn’t really so surprising. I have heard similar ones.

For instance, a Jamaican guy I know goes to very private sex parties in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. thrown by this former football player. Guy won’t say who it is but I believe his story because he is very discreet and not one to gossip.

Another buddy of mine about 10 years ago dated a married NFL football player, who loved to play golf. They would go on golfing trips together as a cover but believe me a golf ball wasn’t the only thing getting pushed into holes.

My buddy met this football player at a golf resort in Florida one weekend, they went up to the hotel room, and fucked liked rabbits (they are both verse). Then they got a case of the post-fuck munchies and went out to eat.

It was a good thing they did. The football player’s wife showed up unexpectedly at the front desk and staff called the baller to let him know she was in the area and requesting room access.

The football player was able to spirit my buddy and his luggage to another room, regain his composure, and send his wife to get a massage or something until he could clean up the evidence and arrange to meet her later.

I can imagine this is what Mr. Football said to the Missus.

“Hey baby, what a surprise you are here. Where was I? Well me and the boys were out on the links all day. But hey, now that you are here let’s make this a romantic weekend. Where you want to have dinner?”

14 thoughts on “There are a lot more Jason Collins out there

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  2. Well gee whiz! There is certainly a sexual underground that many people are unaware of. Most surprisingly are the people you meet on the underground. Reading the stories that you write, Immanuel, intrigue me. When I grow the balls, I think I’m gonna check out some of the parties they throw a few hours away from me in Detroit… Stay tuned 🙂


  3. There are closeted men everywhere, and pro sports is no different. Hopefully, with Mr. Collins making his bold and courageous move, others will follow. The environment for men who have sex with men in the pros is slowly changing. Great post on a topic that is often ignored.

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