Mercury Retrograde

Photo courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

I am a Gemini. And the planet Mercury rules Gemini.

And Mercury was in retrograde from Election Day to Nov. 26. When Mercury is retrograde it appears to move backward in the morning and evening skies instead of going forward.

Retrograde periods, which happen three or four times a year, can be bad for Geminis. We are usually superb communicators but that gets fouled up when Mercury goes retrograde. We lose things. Make mistakes with money. Things we plan to do get delayed or spoiled.

It’s a time we Geminis need to lay low and keep our mouths shut. It’s a time when God tries to teach us something and we should release old hurts and disappointments and start with a clean slate.

I almost broke up with Morgan during this time.

I won’t go into the details but we had been at each other’s throats. He was getting on my nerves and I know I was jumping up and down and stomping on his.

I bought an investment property in Baltimore in mid November. I was supposed to settle Halloween Day but things got tied up and Hurricane Sandy arrived and the deal sat for weeks. I was not surprised — delays like that happen to Geminis when Mercury moves backward in the sky.

I was so frustrated with Morgan one day that I said, “Look, I will just move to Baltimore and commute to D.C. to work.”

“I knew you were buying that house to leave me,” he said.

I  glance up and really look at him, maybe for the first time in weeks. How can a man look so angry but pitiful at the same time. My heart melts a little. What am I about to do?

“Look Morgan Mercury is in retrograde until Nov. 26. This is not a good time to communicate. Let’s wait and think awhile and talk again.”

Nov. 26 came and went. The frustration and restlessness I had been feeling eased, if just a bit.

“Look, Immanuel, I don’t want to lose you,” Morgan says one day. “You are a good man. It took me long time to find you and there is nothing else out there.”

I really didn’t want to lose Morgan either. He has his ways but deep down inside I know he has my back. He is as solid as a rock.

So we make a deal. I need my own spot to decorate how I want. To plant a garden. To have a place for my kids to come. To have some apart time.

And we will split time between his place in D.C. and my place in Baltimore.

The deal satisfies me. I exhale and start breathing deeply again.



Office Wife

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We go out to lunch together almost every day and make sure to stop by each other’s cubicles to chat.

She compliments me on my still slim physique and my stylish way of dressing.

And I have to admit she is hot.

Half Puerto Rican. Half Dominican.

She is Africa meets the New World. Skin the color of coffee and cream. Womanly hips. Meat on her bones, but not too much.

Yeah, you know she knows how to make a mean pot of beans and rice. And  I bet her kisses are sweet as dulce de leche.

My co-worker is divorced with three kids and I have teenagers too so we have  a lot to talk about. Our exes and our crazy teen kids.

“You need to take me to your class reunion with you,” she says half jokingly but I know she would dance with me all night if she could.

“You know how to salsa? You gotta teach me that dance,” I say to her.

I know we will never hang out after work. I am gay and have a man at home.  I am not out at work.

But sometimes I look at her and wonder what if?