Boyz n the Bar

Back out in Los Angeles for business and partner Morgan tagged along.

Friday night rolled in and the hotel room walls were closing in so we decided to go out and get some fresh air. So we went to Micky’s, a gay go-go boy bar and dance club in the heart of L.A.’s very gay friendly West Hollywood.

Here are some guys we dropped a few dollars on:

Micky’s sign on Santa Monica Blvd. in WeHo.

This cute black dude was dancing so hard his underwear got soaking wet. How do we know? Morgan slipped his hand down there when he tipped him a dollar.

Black dude couldn’t dance very well but who gave a damn. His body made up for it.

The Asian guy was very cute. And straight girls who go to gay bars are much more forward than the gay patrons. This chick tried to put her tongue down the dancer’s throat.

Do you think dude’s dick was big? You should have seen that ass!

You know I had to take another shot of that.

Morgan and I made some friends. Vodka and cranberry juice makes everybody friendly.

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