Why You Gotta Lie?

A few years ago I used to fuck this down-low dude named Reggie.

Hot, sexy Daddy in his 50s who worked out like a fiend at the gym and had the body to show for it.

“I’m married man. Just slipping out from my wife from time to time for some dick,” he would say.

He would get a hotel room and I would fuck his handsome brains out. Dude could take some dick.

“Yessir, yessir that dick feels good,” he would moan, spreading his legs to let me in deeper.

And after we sexed he would tell me more about himself.

He was a retired airline pilot. He and his wife had brilliant twin sons — one was an engineer and the other a lawyer or something. He and his wife lived in a beautiful, palatial home in the suburbs.

This is “Reggie.” I will be nice and not show his face.

Reggie had everything under control. His wife had no clue and he did his thing on the sly.

Now that I am no longer down-low and living in the gay world I am meeting more men in this life.

And I befriended this guy who lived near Reggie.

“Did you ever meet this married DL dude around here named Reggie,” I asked him. “I think he has a house right up the street from you.”

“Yeah, I know him. But Reggie ain’t married, Immanuel. Shit that nigger is an out gay man.”

And I found out the real deal about Reggie. He had been an airline steward serving soft drinks, peanuts and doing safety drills for Southwest airlines. He didn’t even have an amateur pilot’s license.

He had lived with his lover, who died about two years ago after a long illness. But before Reggie’s partner died Reggie took breaks to go get dick. I was just one of his jumpoffs.

He was never married and never had children. He didn’t live in a McMansion but in a small townhouse that his lover had bought but left Reggie in his will.

The  lies bothered me because I really liked Reggie. Shit, I would have fucked his hot ass anyway. So why the subterfuge?

So I emailed him.

“You know you didn’t have to lie man,” I wrote.

He didn’t apologize. He didn’t explain.

All he wrote back was, “You are right, it wasn’t necessary.

17 thoughts on “Why You Gotta Lie?

  1. Wake up man, gay men are all about lies even when it’s not necessary. They lie about their HIV status just to get some raw ass and don’t give a fuck if they infect their mates…to lying about their age when their mates may actually prefer him older which is his real age…lies lies lies…see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoGFgSiWzoc

  2. I’ve always been told that men will be men. Lying wasn’t necessary and usually never is. He was wrong for that and at the very least should have apologized. However, I have a question for you Sir. If he was suppose be “DL” (or at least that’s what you were told) why did you inquire about him by name to someone who lives near him. What if this guy didn’t know Reggie was into men? Just wondering……

  3. *sf*: Thanks for the video! I watched it on the bus on the way home from work.

    Jay: My friend who knows “Reggie” I call the Mentor. Mentor was married as well but is now divorced. So he was married and playing the same time Reggie was out and about.

    That’s why I asked. I just guessed two DL black gay men of the same age and living in the same neighborhood would have met.

    You can read more about Mentor here: https://dlconfessionssequel.com/2010/06/01/my-mentor/

  4. Liars are losers, and I think we all know that. That said, we’ve all been there, so some slack has to be cut for others, I would think. My guy was not up front with his wife when we got together, and I’m guessing you weren’t up front with yours either once you went DL. Lame, true, but unfortunately trying to get what we want at whatever cost is human nature, I think.

    • worst_1_yet: You are right. Can’t argue with you on that. I’m guilty of lying too but on another scale. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone eh?

  5. Yep, yep. Great writing, always a great story. The condoms at Costco scene is priceless.

    And I’d still love to dick the man this story is about deep and deeper. Would you do him again?

    • That guy has hit us to come play again so it will probably happen. But I’m getting Magnums. Do you know Morgan returned them but got cash back? He owes me for half!

  6. ha ha. Sounds like your man knows how the value of a dollar! Did they subtract the price of those that you used? 😀

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  8. Men lie … hell me to. But I’m no where near as bad as the men I deal with b/c if confronted I will always tell the truth or the truth will come out eventually (subconsciously) b/c at the end of the day I’m a man of integrity so I redeem myself.

  9. Thanks for these blogs help during
    Those questionable periods in my quest
    For more serious commitment for my lover/friend. The roller coaster ride!

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