Yeah, I’d do him…

If you could go to bed with any celebrity, gay or straight, who would it be?

Here’s my list:

Andra Fuller (actor, L.A. Complex)

Idris Elba (actor, Prometheus)

Dwyane Wade (basketball player, Miami Heat)

Jensen Atwood (actor, Noah’s Arc)

Van Jones (attorney, civil rights activist and environmental advocate)

Keith Charles (actor, Six Feet Under)

Wesley Jonathan (actor, Roll Bounce)

Maxwell (singer)

13 thoughts on “Yeah, I’d do him…

  1. I would add Wilson Cruz, Christian Vincent..both from Noah’s Arc..Henry Simmons from NYPD Blue and Victor Cruz from the New York Giants

    • Robert, my partner Morgan is a Wilson Cruz fanatic. Christian Vincent…was feeling him probably because his character was so arrogant but he is cute. Henry Simmons? Not bad. Victor Cruz…nice boy next door look.

  2. You definitely have some of my top fantasies on your list. In addition, I’d have to have add following: Jimmy Smits, Mario Van Peebles, Sam Champion (GMA Weatherman), Scott Pelly (CBS Evening News), James Pickens, Jr (Grey’s Anatomy), Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement), Gregory Keith (Trey on Noah’s ARC), Tony Gonzalez and Ray Edwards (ATL Falcons), Batista, Randy Horton (WWE), Dhani Jones, and the list goes on.

  3. Idris Elba could get it like Sam-I-Am. On a box. With a fox. On top of rocks. In a car. In a train. On a boat. On a plane…

    Hell, I’ll settle for a Burger King bathroom…


  4. I still say to this day that Idris has to be the sexiest man ever to play a drug dealer. I don’t any personally but I if ever met one as handsome and fine as he I’ll definitely have to call on Jesus to keep me near the cross and out of harms way baby…………….Dayum!

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