Power Bottoms or Hungry Bottoms?

I once read an advertisement from a young 20-something top that went something like this:

“If you consider yourself a power bottom don’t hit me up. I like to fuck but after an hour that’s enough. I’m not plastic. Go get yourself a dildo.”

Porn actor Calvin Hudson, who may also go by the name Maxwell, straddles the fence between being a power bottom and a hungry bottom. In scenes with a single top he is an adept, skilled bottom…

That a virile young top would turn down some ass surprised me.

However, that ad got me thinking about power bottoms and another term I have heard in the gay world – hungry or thirsty bottoms. Are they the same thing?

So I talked to my partner Morgan and several friends, including “Andre” and “Rex.”

Andre and Rex said they didn’t see a difference between the terms — they both describe bottoms who can’t get enough dick. I tend to agree with them.

“No difference — it’s all in how you market yourself,” Rex said. “Is there a difference between a hungry bottom or a power bottom? No! Insatiable is the word. Hard to satisfy.”

But other friends disagreed with us. Morgan said a power bottom is a guy who is good at taking dick. In fact, Morgan likes power bottoms because they are ideal for long-winded tops and you know they can take your dick, even if it’s large.

However, a hungry bottom is a man so desperate for a penis he will take on any Tom, Dick or Harry no matter how attractive or ugly they may be although the bigger the dick the better.

“Thirsty (hungry) bottoms can’t seem to take no for an answer,” one of my friends in Baltimore texted. “I’ve had a thirsty bottom  that has been hitting me up for two years even though I constantly say no.”

“He changes his screen name and has several accounts. Somehow they think you won’t remember you turned them down.”

…but Calvin also makes films where he takes on all comers like a typical hungry bottom.

Another buddy down in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. said power bottoms love dick and can take it but are more selective.

A hungry bottom will fuck anything, even if there is a risk hooking up with the top could endanger them or be a health risk.

In other words there is an air of desperation around hungry bottoms you won’t see in power bottoms.

“Hungry bottoms take chances that a power bottom may or may not take,” he said.

Personally I’ve encountered a lot of hungry bottoms. They bore the hell out of me because many aren’t good at foreplay. Some of my friends noted many don’t cum or even get hard. And many have asses so loose your dick barely hits the sides.

So like that young top when a guy described himself as a hungry bottom I went running in the other direction.

My First Gay Pride Parade (A Pictorial)

On Saturday Morgan and I got out of the house and attended the D.C. Gay Pride Parade which wound through the tree-lined streets of the city along P Street from Dupont Circle down to 14th Street.

It was my first Gay Pride Parade and I have to admit it was fun. The colors, the sights, the eye-candy. And the weather was picture perfect.

I took a lot of pictures. Enjoy.

Bikini briefs.

Lesbians Gone Wild!

Biker Lesbians

Thai gays representing.

A BBF Mermaid.

Drag Queens from Crystal City, Va.

A float

A Shower Float. Now that was hot.

Go Obama 2012! We got your back!


Sorry this shot is blurry. My hand was shaking. If you saw that ass your hand would have been shaking, too.

The Leather Men from D.C. Eagle.

Young folks representing.

Pretty in pink.

Is that Pippi Longstockings?


Got beef?

A gay marching band, complete with flag boys and majorettes. Now that was a sight.

Hey fem dudes don’t turn me on but this boi was rocking the heels.

Yours truly Immanuel. I got a lot of beads that day. By the end of the day I was looking like a Gay Mr. T.

Yeah, I’d do him…

If you could go to bed with any celebrity, gay or straight, who would it be?

Here’s my list:

Andra Fuller (actor, L.A. Complex)

Idris Elba (actor, Prometheus)

Dwyane Wade (basketball player, Miami Heat)

Jensen Atwood (actor, Noah’s Arc)

Van Jones (attorney, civil rights activist and environmental advocate)

Keith Charles (actor, Six Feet Under)

Wesley Jonathan (actor, Roll Bounce)

Maxwell (singer)

Sex, Puerto Rican Style

Okay, we were in Puerto Rico surrounded by hot men. And it was vacation, so why not hang loose a bit? So I went online our second night there and in a few hours had set up a threesome.

“Hey Morgan, wake up, we have company coming,” I said.

“Huh, what?,” he said, rubbing his eyes. It was around midnight and he had dozed off. The breezes coming in off the Condado Lagoon were so nice I had turned off the air and propped open the balcony door to let the balmy air flow in.

“Look, I set up a threesome. He is on the way over. So let’s just relax and have fun.”

Morgan looked at me a moment. He usually acts very cool and sober but I could tell he wanted to get freaky, too.

“Okay, let me wash up.”

“Jose” arrived about 30 minutes later and knocked at our hotel door. He was a dark Afro-Cuban, about 30 years old, with fine features and kinky hair. Like many men in Puerto Rico, he was shorter than six feet.

We chatted awhile in the dim room.

“Okay, why don’t you get comfortable,” I said.

Jose dived on Morgan’s long, uncut dick. Then he moved over to me, slobbing my dick down as Morgan and I lay on the bed side by side. Every once in awhile Morgan would reach over and play with my erect nipples, flicking them lightly with his long fingers.Eventually Morgan moved behind Jose, feeling his asshole.

“You want to go first?,” he asked me.

“No, enjoy yourself,” I said.

So Morgan slipped on a condom, lubed up his shaft and Jose’s ass and started fucking him from behind, doggy style.

Jose moaned softly and lowered his head into the mattress as if in pain. I could relate — Morgan’s dick is not small.

Morgan fucked him awhile and then it was my turn. But my dick is about an inch longer and Jose couldn’t take it for more than a few minutes. Which really sucked because we were just getting started.

“Oooh, you two are too big,” he said. “Can I just suck you off?”

And then he lay between us on the bed and went back and forth sucking us. But after awhile he started focusing more on Morgan’s uncut dick, lapping and licking and sucking on it like he didn’t want to stop.

But Morgan glanced over at me and I could tell he was bored and wanted Jose to go home.

“Hey Jose, I’m sorry man but it’s getting late,” I said, breaking Jose out of his dick-sucking reverie.

“Oh, yeah, sure. Thanks for having me by.”

After he left Morgan and I talked about the experience.

“He was a little heavier than I expected and he was sweating,” Morgan said.

“Yeah, he didn’t put a body shot in the email but his face was handsome,” I said. “The guys down here eat a lot of beans and rice and you can tell by their bellies. But I thought he was your type. You said you like darker Puerto Ricans.”

“Yeah, he was handsome,” Morgan said.

“But he sure couldn’t take dick,” I said.

“Yeah, he certainly couldn’t.”

So we  kissed each other goodnight, turned over and went to sleep.

It was hot to watch my dude getting pleasured by another man but the experience was just so-so. So what is that old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again?”

On our last morning in Puerto Rico I set up a session with “Manuel,” a slender, 20-something college student. He took a bus across town and arrived at the hotel all sweaty.

“Come up and take a shower,” I said.

I have to admit, Manuel was far hotter than Orlando a few nights before. His nipples were pierced and his curly hair was cut close on the top and sides with a ridge of long hair running down the back of is scalp.

After he got out of the shower Morgan and I were laying in bed ready. We talked for awhile and then got at it.

Manuel’s photo.

He might have been in his 20s but the Manuel was an expert dick sucker. He used his mouth and hands to get us hard. Then the fucking started. And we soon discovered this little kid with the innocent face could take dick too.

Morgan fucked him doggy style. Then I fucked him doggy style. Then Manuel straddled Morgan while he lay on his back and rode Morgan’s long dick, up and down and up and down like a pogo stick.

Then Manuel moved on top of me and rode me. Morgan stood up and put his dick in Manuel’s mouth while he grinded down on my dick. Looking up and seeing your dude’s dick getting sucked while the bottom’s ass is clamped around your dick is an experience I think everybody should try once.

Morgan came while fucking Manuel missionary style, Manuel’s knees bent up to his ears. Then while Morgan cleaned up in the bathroom I jumped on Manuel and started pumping away. Morgan must have come back in the room because I felt him caressing my ass as I tore into Manuel.

But time was growing short. We had to check out of the hotel and get to the airport in few hours.

So I pulled off the condom and jerked off as Morgan kissed me and played with my nipples. My nutt squirted in the air while Manuel looked on appreciatively.

Another shot of Manuel.

Since we had to run I gave Manuel $20 to go grab a bite to eat and ride the bus back to the college campus. I gave him the money while we were walking to the elevator.

“Hey, the hotel staff could be looking on the security camera,” he said. “They might think I’m an escort.”

“Manuel, that sex you just gave us was worth a lot more than $20,” I said.

Manuel travels to the states sometimes and said he wants Morgan and I to show him around D.C. if he comes up. I told him he is always welcome to come up. He gave me these pictures of himself to post (he didn’t want to show his face but believe me he is handsome).

Gay Life in Puerto Rico (A Pictorial)

Guys at Condado’s Gay Beach.

We stayed in the Condado section of San Juan, which back in the day used to be the gay mecca of Puerto Rico.

It still does have a sizable gay population, and there is a small gay beach in front of the Atlantic Beach Hotel and gay-friendly Oceano lounge. But the go-go gay days of the 80s and 90s are over.

Condado is becoming increasingly gentrified, condo-ized and family friendly as Puerto Rico seeks to attract more tourism dollars to pay down its huge debt and recover from the Great Recession (Unemployment is still twice the level of the mainland United States at 16 percent).

The Atlantic Beach Hotel, which used to cater almost exclusively to gays, was purchased by a straight owner who locals said is very homophobic. Puerto Rico opened its own Eagle leather bar but the placed closed down for lack of interest. San Juan’s only bathhouse closed about a year ago after churches protested (Despite its tolerance for LGBT people Puerto Rico can still be a very Catholic and conservative place.)

And the biggest gay clubs are inland from the beach in slummier neighborhoods where it is not unusual to see transsexual prostitutes plying their wares. In fact one of the ladies, this heavy-set brown-skinned black transsexual in a too-tight mini skirt that showed off her bubble ass, hit on Morgan and me when we were walking back to the hotel.

“You’re gorgeous,” she purred in Puerto-Rican accented English.

“You are beautiful too,” I said, and kept walking.

Puerto Rico’s Flag

Still there are vestiges of more gay times. Right in the middle of Condado there is the Kinky Condom Shop that sells nothing but condoms, lubes and sex gear. It was even open on Sunday.

And Morgan and I still found plenty to do. Inferno Puerto Rico, a black gay and lesbian group that hosts trips to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, were having an event at our hotel, the Conrad Condado. Morgan and I hit the pool party. Take it from me, the lesbians were looking hotter than the boys from Atlanta.

We hung out at Circo Bar, where there was a drag show in honor of the late great Donna Summer on the Sunday night before. The house music was thumping but I hate to say it but Puerto Ricans don’t seem to dance as well as the guys back home at the Mill on Saturday night. They just stand around in circles with their friends and bop a little bit when the beat gets good.

On Monday Memorial Day, probably my favorite day, we hung out at the gay beach and just checked out the boys. Here are some photos.

Guys hanging out at the Oceano Lounge, which sits in front of the Gay beach.

A middle-aged Daddy shows off his stuff at the gay beach on Condado.

Some more eye candy from the Gay beach.

This dude kept playing with his dick but still wasn’t getting any play on the beach.

Group of friends talking on the beach.

On the gay beach in Puerto Rico.

Drag show in honor of Donna Summer at Circo Club. Yeah, this drag queen was pretty hard on the eyes but she put on a good show. In fact, I later learned she runs a well respected dance class and is like a Godmother to many Puerto Rican gays.

Hey to be honest I wasn’t looking at the drag queen. Check out that hottie to the right! But why do Puerto dudes have to arch their eyebrows?

More from the Donna Summer Drag Show at the Circo.

Drag show at the Circo.

Okay, one last one from the drag show.

Friction in Paradise

View of Condado Lagoon from our hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Memorial Day vacation to sunny Puerto Rico did not start off on a good note.

Morgan and I had busy weeks at work, trying to get things in order before leaving, and there was a mad scramble on Friday night to pack, hang out with my daughter for a few, and get to the airport at by 5 a.m. Saturday to catch the flight. So we weren’t exactly relaxed when we arrived in San Juan around noon.

Plus, Morgan wanted to use the vacation to sit down and talk about what was right with the relationship and what needed work. Having a Dr. Phil session can put a serious damper on vacation, no matter if you have a view of Condado Lagoon from your balcony.

“I’ve noticed you have been a bit stressed and overwhelmed lately, considering what is going on with your son,” he said. “I think you really need this vacation to relax and for us to talk.”

Then he listed habits I had that were driving him crazy. Like complaining about my ex, not locking doors, not covering food in the refrigerator, leaving kitchen cabinet doors open, loading the dishwasher the wrong way, and changing subjects so frequently during conversations he had a hard time keeping up with the fragmented pace(shit, I’m a Gemini. We talk a mile a minute. If you can’t follow that’s your problem).

The beach at Condado.

Morgan did have some valid points. But I had some beefs, too.

Morgan can be holier-than-thou at times, which can be irritating. He loves to eat out but dining with him can be torture because he can take forever to make a selection, asks the waiters lots of questions, and can be Mr. Food Critic.

“You know the pork chops at the restaurant are too dry and I’m not feeling this mafongo dish,” he said after we ate at one place. “But this is the best flan I have ever had.”

And that isn’t all.

“I do most of the cleaning and the laundry and you seem unappreciative,” I said.

“Remember, you volunteered to do the clothes because you think you do a better job,” Morgan responded. “And we share the cooking and I do all of the grocery shopping because you told me you hate grocery shopping.”

“True, but you are the one with the Costco card,” I shot back.

“And you know we could have sex more often…you know I have a strong libido.”

“Well when you get all bitchy and sarcastic acting that turns me off sexually,” Morgan said.

Ouch. Damn. I know I’m gay but shit, did negro have to say I was bitchy?

I went in the bathroom to get away. I just sat on the toilet thinking. Damn, relationships are hard whether you are gay, straight or cross-eyed. You have to work on these motherfuckers. And Morgan and I are like the Odd Couple — I’m Oscar and he’s Felix.

Was I ready for the long haul with Morgan? Could putting the dishes in the dishwasher with the dirty side facing away from the water jet make or break us?

I prayed a little, took a deep breathe, and walked back out. Morgan’s lanky ass was laying across the bed, puttering away on his latest toy, an iPad. We had only been in Puerto Rico a day but his creamy skin was already tanning up beautifully.

“Morgan, are you sure you want to continue this relationship?,” I asked. “Maybe you need to find somebody more to your liking. I will be alright. I was taking care of myself before I met you and can do it again.”

Later, Morgan walked up to me and told me why he loves me. He said I am articulate, smart, handsome and support my family, things he admires. And his life with me is better, despite some of the craziness I bring.

Despite the soothing words I was still tense. But we decided to call a truce, try to change our behavior in some places to make each other happier, and enjoy our vacation.

And you know the next day things got a little better.