I’m Going Back to Cali

L.A. skyline

Heading back to California tomorrow on business.

The bag is packed. Meetings are set up. And the laptop and cellphone are charging.

I travel West every few months and I’ve had a few adventures there, both hot and not so hot.

To read about my hot threesome there almost two years ago click here. And click here to read the story of  “Juan,” a Mexican guy I met in Los Angeles.

This time my partner “Morgan” is going with me. Maybe we will get into something freaky. Or maybe just chill with friends.

We’ll see!

The Un-Gay Gay Man

Openly gay basketball player DeMarco Majors of the Rock Dogs. I bet “Corey” would hang out with him.

The day “Corey” knew he was gay was the day he went to visit his buddy Will.

Will was a forward on the high school basketball team and had a high, bubble ass perched on a pair of legs that looked so long they seemed to go on forever.

Will answered the door in his tightie whities.

“Hey Corey, wassup man? I was watching TV in my room. Come on up.”

Will turned and bounded up the stairs. Muscles danced in his legs. The hemispheres of his ass looked like two brown grapefruit straining the white cotton of his briefs.

Corey just stared, fixated. He had an epiphany. All of a sudden everything made sense. He liked man ass.

Corey may like men but he is the most un-gay gay man I have met. You won’t find him in the clubs, the bars, the White Party, the Black Party, or at the Human Rights Campaign Benefit Gala.

A drag show? Corey would cut off his dick before stepping in one.

Instead on most Saturdays you can find Corey at the gym or in front of his TV set, catching college basketball if it’s spring and college football if it’s fall. He is a political junkie and a hardcore Obama supporter, although not for all the reasons you might think.

“Immanuel, did you see Obama’s ass when he was playing basketball? Damnnnnn! That dude has a high little tight ass. I would fuck that.”

I asked Corey why he doesn’t hang out in the gay scene.

“Immanuel, you are just coming out. I’ve been out for years. I’ve done that shit already.”

But when I press him he opens up. He doesn’t like effeminate gay men and it seems Washington clubs — the Mill, the Fireplace, Aqua etc. — are filled with them.

“I went to the Mill a few months ago because it was one of my friend’s birthdays so he begged me to go,” Corey said. “I went in there and it was just a bunch a girls or the guys looked fucked up. I don’t like anybody I can tell is gay.”

Corey isn’t lying. He does prefer his men masculine. A matter of fact he makes regular trips to Miami and New York because he claims the men there tend to be more masculine than back home. I remember he was hooking up with a D.C. cop but dropped him when the guy started “bitching out,” or showing feminine tendencies when they were alone.

Corey said many gay men seemed to be obsessed with Lady Gaga, and Madonna and fashion. He just can’t relate to that.

“I’m into politics and sports,” he explained. “We don’t have anything to talk about.”

Corey denies he is homophobic. He just says he is a man first and being gay is just further down the list of things that make up his identity.

“But Corey, if it wasn’t for the effeminate gay guys out there, the guys who can’t hide their sexuality, coming out and fighting for rights where would we be?”

“That’s not my fight,” Corey answered. “That is their struggles.”